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  1. I am in search of dry cured cottage cheese. I have never used it before but have some recipes that require it.

    Push comes to shove Im sure I can get it at Whole Foods next time I go to Henderson but we don't go often b/c its an hour in a half drive.

    Is there a substitute for this item?

    It is from one of the SCD cookbooks I have. I am not completely on that type of diet but the diet goes along good with the way I do eat and my other food problems.

    I have tried looking dry curd cottage cheese up but can't really find any information on it.

    Any input greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!!

  2. If you/he can do corn then Corn Tortillas are really helpfull (when I used them a lot I got the White Corn not Yellow). They work better if you heat them up some (I used a small pan on the stove) then make you lunch with them if you don't they tend to crack/break. I did cheese, meat, different seeds or nuts and carrots (those matchstick ones in the bag). I just fold it like a taco instead of a wrap and put it in a plastic container. Can do peanut butter/jelly pretty much anything you'd do on bread.

    *Hormel Natural Choice -- Packaged deli meat labeled gluten free

    *Castle Wood Reserve deli meat is also labled gluten free (I have only seen it at Sam's Club)

    *John Soules Foods has bagged meat (chicken, beef) that is labeled gluten free (Seen at WalMart and Sam's Club). I've warmed it up and put in salads or with rice and cheese.

    *Canned Chicken (I get the Sam's Club brand) I use cottage cheese though instead of mayo

    *Rice (Uncle Ben's has some that are labeled gluten free and Minute Rice) -- can make ahead of time and eat cold with something else

    *Pudding Cups

    *String Cheese

    I know you said no salads... but I didn't really care for them that much but you learn to like the things that you "can" eat :D A salad dressing I found that I like is Lite House brand Homestyle Ranch. I add carrots, seeds/nuts, meat even rice pretty much anything that mixes in so its not "just" salad... even corn chips (I use mission) I break some up in the salad sometimes if I need something else in it.

    Dinner Leftovers are ALWAYS good =)

    A lot are good cold so no need to use the microwave. An easy dinner that I found recently is Lasagna using De Boles noodles they make a Lasagna Noodle that you don't have to cook ahead of time just make it up and it cooks in the oven. I made one last week and it was good cold or heated up.

    Good Luck

  3. So sorry about the experience. Hope you get to feeling better soon and can enjoy some of your trip before it is done.

    It makes you wonder sometimes what the person is thinking when they suggest somewhere that is surrounded by gluten and they are even related to you.

    Personally I don't know what I would have done since you were gone on a trip... I know if it were a situation local to home I would have probably stayed home or gone for a short period of time and see how it went (I always eat ahead of time and bring something small in my bag).

    Ha even going to Sam's Club with my husband and parents they always feel bad getting a hot dog or pizza and I tell them its fine... One of the last times I had to sit at the table next to them b/c the smell was really strong and I started to feel sick which was odd for me.

    Hope you were able to enjoy the rest of your trip.

  4. Hi.

    I went by the last place that I could get Grapeseed Oil from in town on the way back to work and they carry:

    Napa Valley Naturals


    Has anyone used this before?


    Edit: I just got my copy of The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook by Elana Amsterdam and am excited to try it out this weekend. I guess I can just use Butter instead (since Grapeseed Oil is what she is replacing butter wtih)


  5. Hi.

    I live in a smaller town so not too many stores to pick from.

    Has anyone tired and or know if the following are gluten free or how well they work for cooking/baking?

    Grapeseed Oil that I could find in town:

    La Tourangelle


    I am thinking about ordering online or waiting about 2 more weeks till I will be in CA visiting family to get Spectrum Grapeseed Oil.

    Any input on what brand you use is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks =)

  6. My Target store added a gluten free section this week! It's small, only an endcap display, but they have Bob's Red Mill stuff, some cereal and snack bars, bread mixes, all at Target prices. Woopee!

    That is really cool! I hope ours starts having gluten free products soon.

    My parents live in CA and went to the new Target in Brea by the Mall and they were saying that they saw Betty Crocker Mixes and some other things there.

  7. You can check out the scd recipe thread on here and also try elana's pantry, she has great sounding recipes made with almond flour and fewer ingredients in some recipes...hope this helps!


    Yes, check out the almond flour recipes. Also, there are other grains out there that may work for you if you can handle them... buckwheat, teff and others. Carol Fenster has a bunch of flourless cake recipes too; try googling that and see what you come up with!

    Good luck!

    Thank you for the posts about the book. The book looks really neat and the price was good compared to other books.

    I bought teff the other week but got the whole grain by accident so have to grind it to flour and try it. Never tried Buckwheat will have to try that soon.

    love that site and this site: http://glutenfreeeasily.com/

    The pizza crust with cream cheese was truly tasty.

    WOW the pizza looks really good and very easy to make. I am printing off the recipe to try very soon. Thank you so much! I saved the site to look through more later.

    Can you no have rice flour either? There are three different kinds: white, brown and sweet (or glutinous, as it is sometimes rather anomalously known).

    My main flours I have are Sourghum, White Rice Flour and Brown Rice Flour. I haven't tried the Sweet Rice Flour yet just because I live in a smaller town and cannot find it anywhere and haven't driven to Las Vegas yet to get it at Whole Foods (hopefully they have it). I was just in CA visiting family and looked at Henry's for it but nope.

    Sweet Potato Starch... very interesting. I will have to keep an eye out for it. I know we do not have any stores like that near me but will look for it. Thanks

    Thanks again for the posts. I will take a look at the SCD thread on here.

  8. Hi.

    I was just wondering if anyone knew or had pointers on baking without starches?

    I can't have tapioca starch/flour (similar side effects like gluten) and arrowroot seem to not agree with me.

    I cut out Nightshades due to reactions so that eliminated Potato Starch

    Yellow Corn bothers me and Corn in general makes me bloat and too much = problems (sorry TMI).

    Originally I was doing Potato Starch and Corn Starch but now with eliminating Potatoes I am just left with Corn Starch.

    I made some waffles the other weekend and tested out subbing all the starches with corn and that was a no no it tasted normal BUT... did not react very well to it.

    What do people do that cannot have or do starches? Do you just sub with more flour?

    Any input is greatly appreciated

    Thank you!!

  9. I've used teff flour before to make injera bread for Ethiopian dishes, but never whole grain teff. I was at my health food store looking for teff flour one time and they only had the whole grain, and she suggested grinding it myself. Sounds like a lot of work, but it's worth a try!

    Thank you!

    I have never done that before... Do you use a food processor or ___?

    Thanks again

    meraza -- I'll look that up

  10. Hi.

    Well I saw the below recipe and thought that looks really good.

    I have never used/heard of teff flour before so when I went to our local health food store and saw Teff I automatically bought it not thinking....


    I bought Whole Grain Teff rather then Teff Flour... ahh who would have thought <_<

    Now I need to use the Whole Grain Teff for something...

    Has anyone used this ingredient before?

    What do you do with it??

    I went to Bob's Red Mill and took off the recipe to make a hot cereal and looked at the couple other recipes they have but I still don't know what to do with it.

    Please Help (ahh I paid $7 something for this and don't want to toss it because it expired before I figure something out).

    Thank you!!!!

  11. I get Eden Organic Pumpkin Seeds. I found them at a local health food store.

    Ingredients: Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Eden Sea Salt

    Made on equipment that handles tree nuts and sesame seed. The Equipment note is what is on my bag not sure what a current bag says.



    Recently I have switched from pumpkin seeds over to sunflower kernels but I use them in salads and corn tortilla wraps and other cooking. My husband and I were eating the pumpkin seeds a lot that I gave in and bought a case at a.m.a.z.o.n since the health food store went up on them and they were a little pricey.

    Good Luck

  12. I have been using Uncle Ben's Natural Brown Rice for a while now (says gluten free on the box)..

    Recently my husband and I have started using the Minute Rice Single servings that you can put in the microwave for a minute (little white cup). They come in Brown Rice, Wild Rice, White and Chicken Flavor (they say gluen free on the back). They come in really handy with busy schedules rather then waiting 20-30 minutes for the box rice. We still use the box rice but when we are in a hurry or stuck at work for lunch the single serving Minute Rices are great!

    Edit: Oh... There is a $1 off coupon inside the box where if you buy two you get the $1 off... The cashier should let you tear one off of the ones you are buying to use it. It is on the top inside so if you peak in you can see it.

  13. Does anyone know of a Mustard that is Gluten Free AND Nightshade Free?

    I recently went Nightshade Free and haven't used mustard in a while so went to use it and thought I'd check out the ingredients for nightshades..... there it was Paprika in the ingredients.

    From my understanding Paprika is a nightshade (if Im not right on this please let me know thanks...)

    I make wraps with Corn Tortillas and I used honey mustard or mustard to help hold the lettuce and other things in it. Tried a little ranch the other day and it was okay but trying to figure out different condiments now that I can use.

    My husband who is not gluten free decided to go Nightshade Free with me which was nice of him.

    I know about the Nomato line and thought about trying to make my own but wasn't sure about things you can get in the grocery store... Thanks

    Any help or input greatly appreciated.


  14. Could you bring something with you say a gluten free bar then just slip outside for a couple of minutes and eat it then go back in where everyone else is? I am just thinking this way in case you are a at a club or somewhere like that where you don't feel comfortable eating food you brought in front of others......

    I would think if you are at a friends house and they know about your gluten free eating that it would be okay to eat in front of others... maybe make something and put it on a dish so its like you are just eating normally with everyone else.

    When my husband and I go out of town for part of the day I bring a small cooler bag with some carrots, corn chips (mission brand), maybe a wraps (corn tortilla with something in it), etc this way if I get hungry I don't have to worry about fast food places or if I can find something. If he gets hungry he can just get whatever he wants errr ha.

    Good luck =)

  15. Thank you everyone for the replies and great suggestions.

    The Italian one sounds neat but my husband isn't really into that type of seasoning. Maybe I will try it sometime on my own (I like that type of flavor).

    I was nervous about Cumin b/c I have never used or tried it before. I have a closed one at my house that I bought a while ago for a recipe that called for it.... I just opened it tonight to smell it and my gosh it smells good ha! Sounds funny but I thought it was going to be icky smelling or something not good, but it smells similar to chili powder but stronger so this will be neat.

    I think I will look at Garlic Salt or Lemon Salt (saw the McCormick ones the other day) and try that like suggested instead of regular salt.

    We are going to try this out this weekend. Thank you everyone again. I am definitly looking forward to this now and don't feel as nervous.

    Happy Baking =)

  16. I need a substitute for Chili Powder.

    Nightshade Free Please.

    Trying to make a Taco Seasoning.

    Someone had mentioned Cumin, Salt and Pepper.

    I am not familiar with Cumin. Is it a type of spice that is strong and you want to watch out for how much you use?

    We mainly just use Chili Powder and Tomato Sauce BUT wtih going Nightshade Free we are trying to find a simple sub for this.

    It would be used with a pound of Ground Turkey (our first try too wtih Ground Turkey ahhh so use to Ground Beef)....

    Any thoughts/input on Cumin or another route for Nightshade Free (no tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplant or Potaoes) Taco Seasoning.....

    Thank you!!

  17. For Taco meat you can use ground Cumin (actually what gives chili powder it's flavor, chili's git it it's kick), salt and pepper. After browning the ground beef, drain fat and seasoning and add some water and simmer uncovered for about 5 min. The amount of seasoning and water will depend on the amount of beef. I use about 1/2 cup of water to a pound.

    I don't have a nightshade problem and I do eat tomatoes but I'm not a real big fan of them. I don't have a recipe for red spagetti sauce. I do pesto most times.

    As for Pizza, I will use Pesto or I make taco pizza where I use refried beans and taco meat for the base

    My husband and I are wanting to make tacos tonight....

    Does anyone know how much Cumin is appropriate with its flavor (we are use to chili powder) for about a pound of ground turkey? I was thinking of doing the mix mentioned above Cumin, Salt and Pepper but I have never used Cumin before (I bought some for a different recipe but haven't made it yet).

    Any input on using Cumin?