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  1. Thanks for the reply. What I meant was that information I have seen is that to get an accurate blood test you have to be eating gluten supposedly three to six servings of bread a day to get accurate tests. I can't see doing that. I really think that my low carb diet is helpful and might help others since low carb loses the wheat anyway. I'm a real foodie and invent recipes low carb all the time. Now, I'm already inventing low carb and gluten free. For example, I have this great blueberry dessert that used a low carb milkshake mix for the crust. I ate it weekly, but I now find that the mix has wheat. My fix is to make the same thing with a almond crust. Now, new dessert, great taste, no bloated belly. This is doable. I just hope it's what's wrong. I'm so sick of not having some category to put everything in and so I can fix it.
  2. I am new to this site tonight and am self diagnosed (I guess). I have been on a low carb diet for years and only had specific bloating trouble for the past two to three years. My blood tests are negative, but my bloating which has been bad enough that people think I'm pregnant is seemingly disappearing after going gluten free for a couple of weeks. Does anyone else have any experience with both low carb and gluten free? Low carb is absolutely the only way I can keep the weight off. At my worst, I was 5' 6" at 165+ and now 130 - 135 so long as I stay low carb. I wonder if my low carb diet might be why my blood tests are negative, but I seem better already gluten free. Does anyone have any similar experience or am I still the weirdo? It seems like my low carb diet and gluten free are quite compatible. Fast food is rough low carb anyway There are those nasty hidden glutens like soy sauce that I'm having to deal with, but, mostly, I don't feel very deprived. Maybe low carb might be a way for some that are having troubles going gluten free to feel better since the low carb lifestyle doesn't leave you hungry, etc. and, if you cook, you can have a great diet. Thanks to anyone.
  3. The more I research, the more I find little problems I have that coincide with others. You don't really hear about gluten problems until you think you have one. Insomnia is a problem for me as well, but I haven't found anything that does help. I may try the melatonin. Insomnia, osteoporosis, hypothyroid, itching on elbows and wrists, BLOATING, etc. Where does it end? Gluten sure seems to be a terrible curse from some.
  4. I love your list. Please feel free to add this one. I just got an e-mail from HuyFong regarding their Sambal Olek chili sauce. They said they contacted their vinegar supplier who assured them that the vinegar used is gluten free. They offered me the supplier's number for independent verification.
  5. I also am self-diagnosed after a negative test, but I have in just two (2) weeks been almost completely bloat free. I was so bad that they would ask me when I was due. I hope that the gluten free diet will be the answer for me after going on three years of "we don't know". I only had one doctor (an anesthesiologist in the family) who mentioned Celiac sprue, but I didn't have clue what that was. Actually, I still am not exactly sure. What is this test you can order?
  6. I am also new to the forum today and have similar problems and questions. I have been using it as a resource as well. My problems began December, 2005. I had a complete hysterectomy November, 2005 and right before Christmas began bloating to the point of looking pregnant. They thought I had internal bleeding. However, CT showed no. This continued. Almost a year later, I went into my primary doctor. She said why are you here. I showed her my stomach. She said, "You're pregnant?" Well, not quite. Anyway, she had a ultrasound done and CT done. That showed nothing except gallbladder problem. Sooooooooo, I had the gallbladder out. WONDERFUL..... I didn't realize how sick I was from that, but it didn't make the bloating quit. I had a colonoscopy done. Nothing again. So, I went home resigned to no one knowing what was wrong but ruling out the most egregious problems (colon cancer, cervical cancer (duh)) They told me maybe IBS and put me on meds. They helped some but not consistently. Anyway, I went back to the doc that put me on the IBS meds who truly insulted me telling me that at 43 I had lost muscle tone and maybe needed a tummy tuck. I would love a reason for a tummy tuck, but it sure won't make the little old ladies at the grocery store quit asking me when I'm due. The other problems that I don't know if are associated are diagnosis osteoporosis at 40 (non-smoker), hypothyroid, headaches and itching on my elbow and wrist which, of course, no body wants to hear about. Long story short, I began doing more research and found this website which has been a Godsend. I think I found the culprit. So, I went back to the doc and had the celiac blood screening done (even ate gluten before). They said, no. You don't have it. Well, my question for anyone out there is would my low carb diet (five years at least) possibly be why my blood doesn't show anything other than the following Gliandin Ab IgA - <3 (tTG) AB IgA - <3 Immunoglobulin A, Serum - 41 (Low) Other than the doc saying you don't have it, I get no reason for the numbers. I really don't eat that much gluten due to my diet, but the new low carb flour tortillas, mixes, etc. have been a convenience. My boyfriend, bless him for his support, said let's try the gluten free diet. He even is doing it with me. So far, I think it's working, too. I did have a recent problem after eating some peanut butter that didn't have gluten ingredients, but I think may have been cross contaminated by bread from use from others in the house. Can anyone give me any guidance on what the numbers mean, what I should do next or how long to wait to see if the diet works? I'm at almost a whopping 2 weeks now, but I am pretty committed to finding something, anything, to put a label on this enigma. I can't imagine eating wheat for six weeks before a test since I don't eat bread anyway and don't want the weight I worked so hard to get rid of with the low carb diet to come back. I have, however, already developed a lot of low carb, gluten free recipes that I can share (cheesecake, blueberry tart dessert, etc.) Thank you for any help.
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