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  1. Thank you for the opportunity to blog about celiac! I have been on a stringent diet for intolerance to all grains, milk & dairy, egg whites, yeast, casein, whey, maltodextrin, modified food starch and MSG since 2000. Dealing with the...
  2. Welda Johnson

    Depressed About Eating A Restricted Diet

    I joined this forum for the first time in 2000 or 2001. Have spent the past 12 years going through the same things as all of you in the posts above, I always think it will get easier, and, certainly, at times it does seem easier, but it...
  3. Welda Johnson

    Newly Diagnosed Baker

    Thirteen years into being gluten and milk & dairy free, I also had to stop all foods except fruits and vegetables because of asthma, gout & rheumatoid arthritis. This morning I took my grandson to a fairly new bakery in Escondido...
  4. Welda Johnson

    Living Normally While Battling Celiac Is Like:

    I can understand how desperate you might have felt during your times of transitioning to a gluten free diet. I've been gluten free since 2000 and also had to eliminate all milk & dairy products, meats, etc., so am now vegan. It used...
  5. Welda Johnson

    What Do You Eat?

    I was telling my grandson yesterday that I had had the Playmate Ice Chest I carry with me for 20 years, and it really makes life easier. I can only eat fruits and vegetables because of serious food allergies, so it is a challenge. I take...
  6. No, I also get the regular, and I thought maybe it was the Jumbo that had the wheat. I live in Escondido, CA, and get them at Trader Joe's. I live 30 miles north of Escondido. Hope you all can find the ones with soy--they are great!
  7. My Lightlife Smart Dogs show the following ingredients: water, soy protein isolate, soybean oil, evaporated cane syrup, pea protein isolate, tapioca starch, salt, potassium chloride, Baker's Yeast Estract, carageenan, dried garlic, natural...
  8. LightLife Smart Dogs--7 grams of protein
  9. I'm from San Diego County, California, and I, too, shop each day, but today broccoli was $1.49 a pound, and lettuce was $1.69 each. Since I can only eat fruits and vegetables, I have an orange juice with fresh pineapple smoothie each day...
  10. Having struggled with these issues since the late 1970s, let me tell you, I have had to become numb to being called "weird," "eccentric," and who knows what else? But by rigidly sticking to my diet, I am no longer frequently in the hospital...
  11. I have Celiac Disease, Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and gout, which IS Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am female, 68, but mostly men suffer from gout, so I was surprised when that diagnosis came in. I've had Asthma since the age of 8 and probably...
  12. I've been gluten-free, milk & dairy free, egg white and yeast free, maltodextrin, msg, casein & whey free since 2000, though the casein dilemma threw me for a loop until I learned that is what was causing some of my problems! There...
  13. Our family is going through this right now. There are 3 health food stores in our town, and we are able to find everything we need. I've been gluten-free, milk & dairy free, and no egg whites, yeast, maltodextrin or msg since 2000...
  14. I am intolerant of all grains, all milk & dairy products (including casein and whey), egg whites, yeast, maltodextrin & modified food starch. So, I am able to eat meat, fruits & vegetables.
  15. Welda Johnson

    Glutened Recovery Time

    I remember standing in the grocery aisle reading the Orville Redenbacher packages and determining that I couldn't have them, though now I don't remember what was in it. Instead, I buy bulk popcorn at the Health Food Store. It's much cheaper...