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  1. Hi muzz. Glad that you are finding some gluten-free stuff in the stores. At first I didn't think it was all that bad (the diet, I mean), except for the bread! I started making my own. There are some pretty good cookbooks out there. It is a struggle, reading every label. I'm not healing as quickly as I'd hoped, and sometimes I find I'm getting paranoid about food. Anyway, this forum helps, and the fact that there is so much info available is a wonder! Good luck, and quick healing!

    TY :) I think it helps me that food isn't a major priority for me, as long as I can have bread too...lol Hubby bought me a bread machine and I have made and frozen enough bread for me for the next week or so.

  2. I'm looking for any support groups near the panhandle of West Virginia: within travel distance of Martinsburg, or Winchester, Va. If not, perhaps there are some Celiacs, or any food intolerant people who may want to start a group? I don't know anyone here in the same boat I am....so I AM very greatful for this forum!!!! Thanks for all the help.

    HI!! I'm not any help to you group-wise but I too live in WV, about 1 hr from Martinsburg, up near Cumberland Md ;) Welcome and hello!!

  3. :D Just checking in, been gluten-free(with that one slip last weekend ) for 2 weeks, so officially 1 week ;) I'm not finding it too difficult, bought a bread machine and found rice flour, our local Martin's mkt has a gluten-free section, got cookies and other goodies there. I'm not having the belly-aches as bad but the fatigue and so forth con't but I'm going to truck on and give it some time. TY guys for the support, it means alot, I've learned alot from reading past posts.

  4. you won't start to feel better untill you totally cut gluten out. you probably reversed the small amount of healing that you had over the past week. try again. you will notice a difference pretty soon, some of it is pyschological that you are finally on the road to getting better. but it can take up to six months or a year for your tummy to fully heal. don't give up. But, you won't get better eating gluten "light", and having a few pieces of pizza a week.

    TY :) I had figured that was prob the case. Actually, tho, the GI sx for me are the least of it, not alot of diahhrea but alot o bloating and discomfort but I guess I'e "gotten used" to it. My main prob is th eoverwhelming fatigue, (in spite of a hemoglobin of 12.9) and the neuropathy of feet and legs. Some days I can berely function. Is this familiar to anyone here and if so, did relief come with the gluten-free diet? I can totally go gluten-free if I know that it may help, I'm so desperate for relief.

  5. I joined last week, had been gluten-free for 6 days but tonight was out GD 2nd bday and the sight of pizza was too much for me and I broke down and ate 2 pieces. I really hadn't been having too tough of a time with the dietary changes, in fact I was prob eating a bit healthier, subbing a banana or an apple for a few crackers for a snack. Is this a makor setback?

    Also, I need to know..altho I was only gluten-free for 6 days, should I have not experienced SOME kind of difference? Less bloating, stomach discomfort, fatigue? I didn't feel any better at all. Now, I know that the vets will poo-poo this and tell me it take mths and yrs to see a real diff but should I notice ANY diff at all right away or is that wishful thinking ? :)

  6. Hi Muzz, yes Dairy can be a problem for some, but I think it comes back to how well our bodies process sugar in general.

    I would say, if you have a problem with Candida, stay off the Dairy. The more sugar we eat, the more Candida and similar yeasts have to grow in order to cope with it. If the sugar consumption is unchecked, the Candida will eventually overwhelm the other bacteria and cause a huge problem and further devastation within the body.

    The only way to control it is to limit sugar to an occasional treat. Honey is better than sugar as it , at least, contains some nutrients whereas sugar is 'empty' calories and of no use nutritionally.

    Some may find, particularly if their sugar consumption is limited and eventually the gut flora returns to normal, that they can then cope with Lactose (milk sugar).

    We have control over our health. That control is in what we put in our mouth!

    Gluten and Sugar are the two worst foods we can eat. Don't consider yourself deprived by not having them. Consider it a blessing.

    Dairy has never been a problem for me and no Candida here :) As far as sweets, I can take or leave, occ a piece of milk choc and then I'm good for awhile. And I agree about control over our own health, if we don't look out for it, who will? <_<

  7. Muzz, I don't believe you got an answer to this question . . . although my answer will be vague . . .

    Some people don't have a problem with the dairy. Some people have a short term problem with the lactose. Some people have a short term problem with the dairy (can go back on after 6mos - couple of years). Some people have a long term/permanent problem with dairy.

    If I were you, I would start out gluten-free and lactose free (ensure is both of these). If you still have symptoms or symptoms come back, try removing all dairy.

    TY, I'll consider that.

    Of course docs aren't going to cure anything, that would be sorta like the oil companies inventing a gas-free car. :lol: Needless to say, I don't have alot of faith in docs anymore, they all have their own aganda, it seems and it doesn't include seeing a pt as a whole person. sigh....

  8. TY for the info, I don't mean to come off sounding as if I'm making light of it :) This all brand-new, as in 2 days new to me, I don't have dx of celiac disease but I am so desperate to regain my health and this might be the answer. At the very least, it will make me eat better...lol Fortunatley, food is not my passion so it may not be as difficult for me, it's just going to take some getting used to being consious of what I eat .

  9. Of course, the drug co. and the medical community is going to be slow to recognize or to admit to recognizing anthing that they will have no control over and make no money on. <_<

    I read these posts and sit here with my mouth haning open....so many of the ailments and symptoms described fit me to a T. I don't remember ever feeling really well but I did eat "better" when I was younger and raising a family. In recent yrs with just hubby and me hre, I've been a gluten-glutton, I guess, alot more bread, etc and fewer veggies and fruit. Perhaps this has worsened a condition I've had all of my life? No matter, I now know what may be the cultprit behind the misery. I was recently dx with mono, have had neuropathy of feet and legs for several yrs, have very low iron saturations altho my iron level is normal,(doc says that for some reason, my body is unable to use the iron it has in store....uh, hello???) have Reynaud's,tae meds for depression, and oh, shoot just feel like mud! Most of you know, you've been there. I am so anxious to give this a shot! I would give up just about anything to feel good and be healthy ..... :D

  10. Oh gosh, TY all for your wonderful replies! Sorry so late in replying but I assumed that I would get email notification and have been checking it frequently since my original post, I must need to look at my profile and see if there is a place for email notification. (ok, I see it now, right below the posting box....duh... ;) )

    Anywaaaaay :lol: I am so bouyed by the positive responses. Trust me, I have no desire to be put through the testing, I'm more than willing to try the diet....and herein lies the problem : Hi, I'm Muzz and I'm a bread-aholic :D When I can't eat anything else I can always eat bread.. lol And pasta, and...well, u all know. I nibble Saltine crackers when I need to eat and don't feel like it. On the up-side, food is not one of the main pleasures of my life (altho I do love my bread). I eat to live rather than the other way around(unlike my DH...lol ) I'm not a big eater and going gluten-free may not be as big a challenge as it would be for some ppl. I'm a Pediatriac Home Care nurse and wk p/t nights and that's the only time that snacking is a problem. I'm heading off to do some research on a gluten-free diet! At this point, I'm willing to try anything, esp with all of the great feedback I've gotten here. Just knowing that it COULD be the whole problem will make it easier to get used to the way of eating. The thought of feeling better in a few weeks is mind-boggling! I had begun to resign myself to the idea that I would spend the remainder of my life half-living. :(

    Oh, I forgot, just exactly HOW important is the dairy restriction? I depend on my Instant Breakfast every day to start the day and to have something on my tummy for meds. I cannot cannot eat breakfast. I see on the side panel a great display of gluten-free foods( pizza, yeaaaaaaa!! )

    If it's ok, I'll update my progress and try not to be a PITB... lol Again, TY all for your responses!

  11. OK, here goes....I've had severe fatigue for several years, have the bloating and gassiness, altho not much diarrhea, in fact I was constipated for yrs before having my GB removed last yr. I take Nexium for a amall stomach ulcer. Have run the gamut of blood tests, including autoimmune, RA, thyroid, and several blood counts, all o except a slightly low red count. I have a very prolonged bleeding time, PT is normal, don't take apsirin or such, and am borderline anemic. I contracted mono this fall and have have very frequent upper respitory infections and bouts of flu. I also bruise very easily and have joint pain and burning of the hands and feet and chronic back and neck pain. Now, doesn't t that just all sound lovely :rolleyes:

    So, my main question is this: can gluten intolerance be aquired or does one have it since birth and it gets worse with age? I am 53 and other-wise healthy, no diabetes or heart disease. My Mom was diagnosed with CFS yrs ago and has since died at age 69 of leukemia. She had chronic diarrhea and alot of stomach problems.

    I would be tickled pink to find out that a gluten-free diet could relieve my symptoms. I don't have alot of faith in docs, they seem to only look at blood results and not the whole patient. I'd appreciate any feedback on my question. :)