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  1. Has anyone been using Better Batter flour? I saw a few posts about it in March, mostly people who had just started using it. How do you like it? Anything you made that you really liked? Anything that didn't turn out like you hoped? How much do you go through...do you suggest starting with a small box to try it, or is it so great, that it makes sense to buy a bew boxes to get the discount?

    I've made some recipes with flour blends, but it's usually a big project and I don't have a lot of free time. Now I'm hesitant to try recipes because I don't want to waste my time if it's likely to not turn out. I think I would like the convenience of Better Batter flour for some recipes, and if it would help me get over my fear of making lots of mistakes with gluten free baking.


  2. I love Pamela's pancake mix, but it contains almond meal, and I'd like to find one without nuts. DD 2.5 has celiac, and she does fine with nuts, but our 6 month old will be eating table food in few months, and I don't want to give him anything with nuts for 2-3 years. He doesn't have celiac, but it would just be easier to use something the whole family can use. Any good suggestions? Thanks!

  3. My 2.5 yr old daughter was diagnosed with celiac (by endoscopy, never had DH) about 2 months ago. She's been gluten free since and hasn't had any problems. This afternoon she broke out with a dark pink/red, itchy symmetrical rash on her arms, knees, thighs, and groin areas. She was crying in what seemed like pain, but could have been really bad itching It is mostly gone now, except for a few spots on her wrists and a few patches on the back of her thighs. Could this be DH, or more likely it was an allergic reaction to something else? I can't think of anything new she had today. Thanks

  4. They don't have a list, but more and more of the products sold at Costco are labeled gluten free. If things aren't labeled gluten free, you can email Costco with the product name and number, and they will check to see if it's gluten free. Here are some items that are gluten free at Costco: Kirkland rotissiere chicken, Kirkland "shortcuts" chicken, Kirkland chocolate covered raisins, Kirkland trail mix, Perdue frozen boneless chicken breasts, Riceworks Sweet Chili chips (yum!!), and other brands of chicken charbroilers, chicken sausages.

  5. I'd like to take some food in a cooler aboard the plane for my DD, some for the day of travel, and some for our destination. Do you think I'll be ok to take a pack of cheese slices (about 16 Kraft singles), 10 string cheeses, Perdue shortcuts, and some deli meat through security? I guess I'm most concerned about the cheese since it's most like a "gel" which is restricted on planes. I could have these things delivered to our destination, but I'd rather just take exactly what I know she likes in the quantities that will work well for our trip. Thanks!

  6. DD will eat raisins, but no other dried fruit or any nuts...she's still pretty picky, especialy with different textures, but has gotten much better since starting the gluten-free diet. She does like pretzels, raisins, and Chex (used to use use Health Valley, can use General Mills now--yeah!), so can take a trail mix out of those.

    Thanks so much for all of your suggestions! I didn't even think about asking the flight attendants for more ice if needed. That's a great idea.

    Do you think Kraft American Cheese single would freeze well? I'm thinking if I freeze hem the night before, they will have a better chance of staying cold until we get to the hotel, I'm just wondering if they'll still taste good, have the same texture? She eats them plain without bread, so I don't want anything funky to happen to them if I freeze them.

    Thanks again!

  7. What is the best way to keep things in a cooler cold while flying? I'd like to take sliced cheese, chicken, and deli meats for our 2.5 y.o daughter her to eat the day we travel, as well as extra to have for the rest of our vacation. We bought a Polar Bear cooler--I read on this site that they're great. She doesn't like power bars, peanut butter, so those aren't options, and I'd prefer her not to eat pretzels, chips, and dry cereal all day.

    It will probably be 9-10 hours from when we leave our house until we get into our hotel room (with a fridge). I figure we can't take ice/cold packs due to the liquid restrictions for security. I thought I'd use cold packs while we drive to the airport, then leave them in the car. Once I get through security, I'll ask for ice (I'll bring ziploc bags) from a fast food place in the airport. I'm not sure if that is enough to keep everything cold until we check in. We are flying to Florida, so it will be hot at our destination.

    Any other thoughts, suggestions? Thank you!

  8. Mt 2.5 year old daughter has celiac, so I'd like to make sure my cosmetics are gluten free because I know I touch my face throughout the day. Also wondering about nail polish. I'm hoping to find inexpensive brands that I can find at Target or a drug store. I already switched to a gluten free Burt's lipstick.

    I currently use: Cover Girl foundation and mascara, Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow, OPI nail polish. Does anyone know if they are gluten free? I used the search function, but didn't find anything definitive.

    What brands of the following products do you use that are confirmed gluten free?


    -eye shadow



    -nail polish

  9. I bought a box of Milled Flax Seed by Hodgson Mill about 1-2 months ago, but haven't gotten around to using it. Since then I've seen a few threads recommending to grind your own meal, or to be sure it's a fresh box. It looks like the expiration date on the box is 5/2/09, and it says to refrigerate after opening. It's from our regular grocery store, so I have no idea how often they restock it. Do you think this is ok to use, or should I buy a coffee grinder and mill my own (and hope we like it!)? Thanks

  10. We are going to Disney, and they allow you to take food for dietary/allergy reasons. I know Disney is good with preparing meals for people with dietary restrictions, but my daughter eats a limited variety of food (she's 2.5), and only very small portions at a time, but pretty frequently. We just started the gluten-free diet 4 weeks ago, so we'd prefer to have safe things with us so she can snack on them throughout the day.

  11. Any good suggestions for keeping some of my daughter's food cold while touring all day during the summer? We're going to Florida, will be out all day some days in theme parks where we will mainly need to rely on bringing food for her (she's also picky, so we plan to take yogurt, cheese, deli ham, etc). We can't carry anything too big since we'll be in theme parks most days. I figured we could freeze water bottles and carrots or grapes to keep things cold in a soft sided cooler in the morning, but in 90 degree weather, I figure that will only last until lunchtime. Otherwise, I figure we could ask for bags of ice when we get lunch, but those will melt quickly. Any thoughts on how to keep things cold until dinner time? Thanks!

  12. Cheerios definitely have gluten. I'm sorry you were misinformed. This website is a great resourse. My DD has been gluten free for 4 weeks, and it gets easier every day. You have to read every label...she can't have wheat, rye, barley, or oats (although that is debated by some, but we don't allow oats for now, and might only consider products labeled as gluten free oats in the future). Gluten can also be hidden on the labels, meaning "Natural flavors" or other ingredients could actually have gluten. I don't know how to post links to great lists for you about which ingredients are safe, and unsafe but it's on celiac.com, and I'm sure someone will come along and post the links for you. There are also some companies that will disclose all gluten on labels, so those are the easiest to trust and buy. Otherwise, it's best to call the company if there are any questionable ingredients. Post more specific questions about the type of foods your daughter likes, and I'm sure you'll get replies about foods to buy or try. Good luck with everything!

  13. Pamela's was my second attempt at making bread from a mix.

    First was Gluten Free Pantry Favorite Sandwich Bread...flavor of GFP was ok, a little metalic or an aftertaste, but the look and texture were great. I used a 9x5 silicon loaf pan and it expanded...the loaf was HUGE.

    Now for the Pamela's mix...I baked it in the oven (not a bread machine). Used my stand mixer with the whisk attachment (instructions say not to use a dough hook...should I have used the paddle attachment?). Poured it into the recommended 8x4 pan (I used metal). I let it rest for 60 minutes on the counter while covered with plastic wrap (maybe that is where I went wrong? I did that b/c Gluten Free Pantry's sandwich bread mix recommended that). Baked it for 65 minutes, but covered it with foil the last 10 b/c it was getting really brown. When I took it out, it sounded hollow when I tapped on it. The finished product is...really dry, very oddly shaped (the top is wider than the bottom and lopsided, really tall on one side), and the inside is a little undercooked...flavor is pretty good though (but texture is really not right).

    I like the flavor of Pamela's better, but the texture of GFP was much better. Any suggestions? Should I use a 9x5 pan for Pamela's? The 8x4 pan seemed so small. If so, should I shorten the baking time for the bigger pan? And is metal, glass, or silicon better? Or do you think I made a mistake with the mixing, resting, or baking?

    I welcome any suggestions!! Thanks in advance!

  14. For non-celiac parents of celiac kids, how do you avoid CC from your own food when eating out? For example, if you're eating a hamburger or a roll or something, and your toddler needs help with his/her food or needs hands wiped? At home it's easy, we just get up and wash our hands several times during the meal if/when we eat things with gluten at the same table as our daughter. (2.5 yrs old). I figure it's trickier when eating out...are wipes enough to clean the gluten off our hands? Any tips/suggestions for keeping her safe when we eat out? Thanks!