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    In spite of the complications of being gluten intolerant, I love to cook and bake. I see this allergy as more of a challenge than an obstruction or I'm just too stubborn to surrender and admit defeat! I love sewing and am also studying nutrition with a goal to become either a nutritionist or a pastry chef; whichever comes first. I also love to write, sew, play video games, and spend time with my boyfriend whom I love very much.
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  1. Have you visited your doctor about this? You may need to have stool samples taken to see if you have picked up food poisoning and to check out other things that might cause this. It could be another intolerance rearing it's head but it could also be something else. Please call the doctor tommorrow and let them know what is going on.

    I'm going to see if he's a avaliable tomorrow to get it checked out. I discussed everything with my brother in law today and he said it may even be my gallbladder because he went through a similar thing. Plus, I googled it and a lot of the symptoms match my problems, especially with the regurgitation of undigested food.

  2. So after going gluten free, my symptoms had cleared up for the most part. Then I found out that I was lactose intolerant, so I went off dairy and I've been pretty stable. Recently, everything seemed to change. It started a week ago that everything went down hill. I started to have this constant urge to urinate and have a bowel movement. I used to go once a day pretty well and I was fine. Now, I not only go once a day, but I go almost everytime after I eat or feel my gut gurgle or start snapping at me with pain. I get pain, constantly, on my right and left side right near my hop joints. I can feel it if I press my fingers in just a little where it hurts like a bruise. When I do go to the bathroom, I notice that a lot of my food isn't digested so I'm loosing all my nutrients and because I urinate so often, I don't drink enough - but when I do urinate, I go as if I drank gallons of liquid.

    I don't know what's wrong with me and I just want it to stop because I'm feeling very weak and very tired. I know I'm not getting enough vitamins and minerals due to my excretions but I don't know what to do. Sometimes it takes me long to digest food as well.

    I'm torn between a lot of 'maybe its this' and 'what ifs'. If anyone, someone can suggest something, I'd really really appreciate it. Thank you.

  3. Does anyone else feel bubbles or pops in their gut? It's like..when eating poprocks, that fizzing and sizzling snapping feel..

    I know that's not too bright or clear of a description but sometimes when I put my hand on my lower stomach, where there's much abdominal tenderness, it feels as if there's bubbles snapping against my skin from inside. I can't even blame soda because I rarely ever drink it and this occurs daily. My fiance even freaks out a little when he feels it happen.

    Any advice or insights?

  4. Hi, Skinnyasparagus,

    Elevated gluten-specific IgA is considered a positive diagnosis for celiac--you are not a lunatic!!!!!

    And, as explained above, the reason all your recent tests were negative is that they were testing (again) for antibodies to gluten. If you have been gluten-free since January, you absolutely should not be making antibodies for gluten. SO these test results do not mean that you don't have celiac. They mean that you have been really good about the gluten-free diet!

    (They also mean that your doctor is an idiot, if he thinks it means that you don't have celiac--NOBODY, celiac or non-celiac, produces antibodies to a substance they are not exposed to!)

    A friend of mine thought that she was eating dairy-free because she was very careful to buy rice cheese and soy cheese substitutes--they tasted terrible and they all said, "lactose-free!" in big, proud letters.

    What she didn't realize (for several months!) was that those substitutes contained casein. Not all of the ones available contain casein, but every single one at the health food section of our grocery store (Giant Eagle) contained casein (which she figured out when she got a magnifying glass and looked at the ingredients and saw "casein.")


    Welcome aboard!

    Needless to say, she was really annoyed!

    Ah! I know! I hate that rice cheese. I can't have soy either in large dosages so the soy cheese, on a standard, isn't good. Then I noticed the "dairy free" rice cheeses that melt like rubber still have trace lactose and milk enzymes. What the heck, you know? But the one issue I have is just that I know I saw high IgAs but I can't get a hold of my primary bloodtest since my first physician office was in Philadelphia, PA and I'm now in Concord, VA.

    But at least I have some consolodation, thanks everyone. I know it was obvious but sometimes you get frustrated when you become the guinea pig.

  5. sbj - I am deciding to go through with the colonoscopy since I came this far and might as well go the remainder of the way, even if it isn't related to diagnosing celiac's disease. If it isn't celiac's, maybe something else can be found.

    Fiddle-Faddle - I do also look out for the casein, not just lactose. In my mental thinking of lactose I automatically sync it with casein. I know its incorrect but that's how I connect it when I explain it to other people.

    Momma Goose - I know way back when I first started testing, my bloodwork came back with really elevated IgAs. This time, everything was really low. They only gave me an ultrasound at the time, which didn't show anything..because they normally are quite inaccurate. I didn't have any major testing done because at the time I had a very poor skilled doctor who thought I was a lunatic, which explains my paranoia about thinking I'm crazy..which I know for a fact pain is real.

    I'm going to go a test when I have time this weekend to eat a half of a slice of bread to see my reaction. If I feel immediate pain like I did the first time when I went gluten free (I made a sandwich for my grandmother, didn't wash my hands, and ate my own which was gluten-free - seconds later I was wraithing in pain on the floor) then I know for fact that I have at least a gluten intolerance. It's not that I WANT celiac's disease, I just want to know what's wrong with me.

  6. I had an endoscopy a few weeks ago and an additional blood test. I received my results today and everything is negative. The doctor wishes to proceed with a colonoscopy but I don't know.

    If everything is negative, does that mean I don't have celiac's disease or the sprue? I've been living gluten free for 9 months now and I just feel as if everything's a joke. Everything was better from what it has been. I have more energy, I feel more active, but..are my reactions mental? I still get stomach pains, I still feel snaps in my stomach that I know aren't mental, I break out in minor hives every once in a while, I get D and C, heartburn, and I'm unable to maintain my weight.

    I'm lactose free so I know its not dairy.

    If its not celiac's disease, what is it? What will a colonoscopy prove? Should I proceed with it or just let it go and stick to what I know I feel is right? I just don't know if so many negatives mean that I can still have celiac's disease, even if the doctor can't find anything.

    I've done all levels of blood testing and an endoscopy with biopsies of the stomach and small. No bacteria was found either.

    I guess..I just need help and advice. Am I crazy? Am I mental? What should I do now?

  7. I take all natural pure phyllisum husks as a fiber source. On days of constipation I take an extra one. They also make it in a powdered form but I prefer the gelatin capsules. For me, they work incredibly well and better than metamusil ever did. Prunes are great but don't always work and sometimes the extra sugar constipates you even more. They sell phyllisum husks at Whole Foods and GNC - but make sure its gluten-free because some companies produce them on machinery that manufactures wheat, soy, and nuts as well.

    Hope this helps!

  8. As I was sitting here thinking, a question came to mind. Before I posted this, I attempted some researching but I didn't come up with answers. I know my grandmother told me that from a child I had colic and colic is a digestive issue for infants that does eventually go away; however, I was wondering if colic was a sign of future celiac's diease. Or possibly it has something to do with the genes in relation to celiac's disease?

    I don't know much about colic but considering the symptoms are quite similar, I thought there might be a possible connection.

    Looking forward to insights and suggestions!

  9. I hated giving up potatoes...and tomatoes were even harder for me....but I did...and I am better for it. :)

    Dont forget SOY. I would take that out for awhile too. Do what you can of course.

    If you cut out all of those things, you will be on my diet...which isnt bad. I made grain free pound cake this morning. Yummy!!

    Check out the SCD diet.

    Meh, I eat a bare minimum of soy so that's not a problem to cut it out entirely. I glanced at the SCD diet which is restrictive for me but not entirely possible. I drink almond milk not soy milk. All my dairy is nonfat/low fat/ or without additives like vanilla flavored whatever. I eat nonfat yogurt with fruit - yum. However, I'm honestly thinking its dairy so I'm nicking that in the butt. I did have off and on days of tolerating dairy, so, I'm thinking maybe my intolerance just accelerated.

    Potatoes..yeesh. It says no potatoes or yams...do sweet potatoes still count since they aren't from the nightshade family? Well! I do like rutabaga. That can be potato like..but I'll start with those two..and then work from there. If I must I will but if I don't have to I won't. I'm European..I love my potatoes..

  10. I would eliminate all of the usual suspects (on top of gluten) for a week and see: Dairy, Soy, Corn, Eggs, Peanuts, Yeast, Legumes-beans, Nightshades and Citrus

    Eat a simple diet of: plain meats with spices, salt, veggies, fruit and nuts if you tolerate them.

    If all better, then reintroduce those suspects one at a time. Wait a few days between challenges as some reactions can be delayed up to 72 hours.

    Good luck!

    If I do that, that's going to limit me severely since I hardly eat meat. I'm just off of a strict vegetarian diet and I'm still clinging to it dearly. So if I eliminate the nightshade family that excludes potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants - which I eat a lot of. Well not more so eggplants than potatoes and tomatoes. Potatoes I eat nearly every day but yesterday I ate a sweet potato instead which if I'm correct is part of the Morning Glory family, which is different all together. Tomatoes I didn't eat yesterday..neither legumes but I eat legumes on most days since that's my primary protein source and never had a reaction; same with tomatoes.

    I haven't had citrus in a very very long while so I don't think that's the cause. Eggs I had yesterday too but I've eaten eggs on days when I was symptom free. Never had a problem with peanuts and I rarely, rarely eat them. Yeast isn't a problem since I tested myself on that one. Same with soy but that's a whole other subject since I can't consume large amounts as I carry a gene that reacts to it.

    So the suspicious subjects are: Potatoes, corn, and dairy. God I hope its not potatoes, but, yams and sweets are always good. I'll cut out the corn and dairy as a start and go from there. Since I eat potatoes nearly regularly, I don't think I've reacted because there were days when I simply had a baked potato forn lunch with a salad and I was fine. I really think its corn or dairy.

  11. I've been gluten free for over six months and I have my good days and I have my bad days. Most days, I'm pretty energetic and feel absolutely wonderful but recently I've been feeling pretty crappy - descriptive and literally. I've had diarrhea symptoms off and on for the past couple weeks and I can't figure out the source. I know there isn't any gluten because most of the food I've been eating is cooked in my house where there isn't any gluten present in an open exposed contaminating possible location. Last night really took the cake. I made an awesome dinner without any traces of gluten, yet, I started to puff up like a balloon, get cramps, lightheaded, and diarrhea.

    The only conclusions I could come up with are either a possible lactose intolerance or corn intolerance because I ate corn with dinner and I had, literally, 1 tbsp of feta cheese. I don't know if its corn because I had some popcorn after my stomach settled and I was okay but I've been eating a lot of corn lately and dairy too but the dairy has been in small amounts.

    This morning I didn't have any dairy but I did have some gluten-free cornflakes with blueberries and almond milk and my stomach is the same..puffy crampy..etc. But those symptoms aren't a common corn allergic reaction since that's usually in skin reactions - or is it?

    It gets so frustrating at times! Grr! Please someone shine light on my predicament because I do love my dairy and my corn but I rather go without than suffer from continual abdominal distress.

  12. Itchy skin can be from a number of different causes including dry skin related to soap use or food intolerances . (dairy, egg, nightshades etc)

    Cloudy urine is seen when there is:

    Phosphaturia, pyuria, chyluria, lipiduria,


    Diet high in purine-rich foods (hyperuricosuria)


    Phosphaturia = Phosphates / inorganic salts in urine

    Pyruria = pus / white blood cells in urine(urinary tract infection)

    Chyluria = chyle in the urine (from lymph system) , rare condition, can be also be seen in pregnancy and after chidlbirth

    Lipiduria = fat molecules in the urine / seen in nephrotic syndrome

    Hyperoxaluria = presence of oxalate crystals in the urine. Usually dietary...A high intake of oxalate-rich foods (eg, chocolate, nuts, spinach) and a diet rich in animal protein can result in hyperoxaluria. Low dietary calcium intake can also result in hyperoxaluria via decreased intestinal binding of oxalate and the resulting increased absorption. Ascorbic acid can be converted in oxalate, resulting in increased urinary oxalate levels.

    Hyperuricosuria = uric acid or urates in the urine. Seen in Gout and diets high in purine. Purine rich foods include: Beer, other alcoholic beverages. Anchovies, sardines in oil, fish roes, herring. Yeast. Organ meat (liver, kidneys, sweetbreads) Legumes (dried beans, peas) Meat extracts, consomme, gravies. Mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, cauliflower.

    If you are concerned about cloudy urine, the see your doctor.


    Well, considering I don't eat meat, drink beer, eat chocolate, and vast amounts of the foods you mentioned, I kinda ruled out the hyperoxaluria and hyperuricosuria. How can I be tested for nephrotic syndrome? I googled it and it does sound possible because recently I've noticed my legs seem really puffy. I thought it might be a Vitamin E deficiency, which also causes edema, but I do often go to the bathroom a lot. Out of a week, my urine may be cloudy two or three days.

    I probably should get another urine analysis and another blood test, especially for the vitamin E, since I've been feeling really crappy 24/7. This also may be due to a UTI anyway.

  13. A word to the wise from the voice of experience here:

    Cloudy urine is usually a sign of a bladder infection. Call your doctor and make an appointment ASAP to get it checked out. Do not wait because if it is a bladder infection it can travel up to the kidneys and then you have even worse problems. Tell them you have cloudy urine and they will get you in to at least leave a sample quite quickly. If you can't do that, visit the nearest urgent care facility. Do not assume that because you have no pain while urinating that you do not have an infection.

    I've been told that some people get recurring ones and others more or less never get them. I have not had one since I began including a daily glass of cranberry juice - which the doctor will probably recommend for you, too.

    This really needs to be dealt with or ruled out immediately. As I said, a word to the wise from the voice of experience.

    Would it still be a bladder infection even though it doesn't occur all the time?

  14. I sought through the forums in hopes to find some answers about this but I didn't come across any that supplied me with an answer.

    I don't know if it has to do with being contaminated or not but my urine occasionally gets really cloudy and its usually when I feel really sick/contaminated. At first I thought it was because I get dehydrated but a few times I saw cloudy urine when I drank a lot that day and its usually just plain flavored water as in with a little lemon or something along those lines.

    Is it because I get contaminated? I eat as gluten-free as I can in my household; entirely avoiding gluten/contaminants is very difficult.

    And the other thing is, is it normal for me to be so itchy? I break out on occasion but in general I'm always itchy! It drives me nuts! I don't know if that's a form of DH because its not a major breakout.

    I'd really appreciate some help and advice, thanks a bunch.

  15. Doctors can be real idiots when it comes to celiac, and we suffer for it. Please don't let them poison you for a few months to prove something you already know. I know if a doctor ever tries it with me I will be bringing in a letter from my lawyer stating that they will be held responsible for any monetary loss and for compensation for pain and suffering. If they won't sign it I won't challenge, period. Whoops sorry got into a bit of a rant there myself.

    Your last line may be the reason why you are suffering. Celiac involves an autoimmune reaction, that reaction can be started by even the tiniest amount of a gluten containing substance. The autoimmune response starts the second that gluten comes into contact with mucous membrane, that membrane can be in the mouth, gut, nose, eyes, vaginal tissues etc. Your system doesn't care where the gluten enters your system it just knows it is there and will react. That is the reason why we need to eliminate it from our toiletries and shampoos, makeup and even things like cat litter and pet foods (they eat and then lick themselves and us).

    You have come to one of the best places to ferret out hidden gluten sources that doctors just don't think to mention.

    Also many of us have developed a reaction to the protein in dairy products and soy. You may want to try and elimate them, one at a time starting with the dairy.

    Also do not trust any med or supplement that is not specifically labeled gluten free. Check all meds, the generics need to be checked with the maker every time you refill as they can change binders at will. The FDA in all their 'wisdom' don't have any label or allergin regs when it comes to drugs so they are one of the riskiest substances we come into contact with. Shame on the FDA for that one.

    I hope you are able to figure out what is getting you soon and that you are soon feeling better than ever.

    I'd like to thank you sincerely for what you said there. I just came home from my physician's office to look at the results from my ultrasound. My response was a stupid grin after flipping through papers with, "Oh everything seems normal. It could have been just a virus irritating your liver. I mean we could do it again if you want but it appears all normal."

    Normal? I get cramps, diarrhea, bloody stool when I get constipated and put in a lot of effort, gas bubbles that nearly send me ground sprawling, I regurgitate after I eat half of the time even with my digestive enzymes, hives when I get contaminated, trouble keeping on weight, and bloody blisters on my tongue. Yeah, it's ALLLLLLL normal.

    But ravenwoodglass, thank you for saying words to remind me that I am not crazy and that the physicians are quite ignorant and incompetent when it comes to celiac's disease.

    End of my rant.

  16. I started to take it because it is good for energy as it is high in B vitamins. It also contains a lot of other nutrients, but I can't find the paper that comes with it so I can't say for sure what. I found it not only increased my energy levels but also my appetite. I also don't know if it is a coincidence but my hair hasn't been so thick since years before I went gluten-free. It isn't for folks that are allergic to bees, that made me nervous at first since I wasn't sure, I was allergic to so much before my diagnosis, although my gluten-free living did away with 95% if my allergies. You take it between meals mixed with a bit of honey, I use organic wildflower honey. I wasn't sure I would be able to stomach it but once I got past the thought that I was eating bee vomit and got to the results I have continued :D

    Hmm..I know I've seen it in the store many times but I wasn't certain about its purpose and if it could assist me in my condition. My hair has significantly thinned ever since I went gluten free..and constantly dying it doesn't help. That, however, I've stopped for the mean time. I wasn't allergic to much prior to being diagnosed but I am allergic to penicillin; don't know if I should be concerned about it or not.

    I'll do more research on it prior to purchasing it but getting more energy is always a welcoming feature. I've never been so tired before going gluten-free..it's really a pain since I hardly can get more than one "chore" done a day; thicker hair would be nice for both my boyfriend and myself since that nut loves playing with it.

    Lol, I'd also love to tell someone I'm taking bee vomit. That's actually rather amusing! Thanks for the info.

  17. Before going with a digestive enzyme have you eliminated dairy? All dairy including casien? Many lactose free products will still have casien. That is a common cause of bloating and gas. If you drink soda's drop them out of your diet, that will help also.

    If you can keep a food diary that may help you pinpoint what is causing the gas and bloating, it is generally a reaction to foods that our bodys don't tolerate.

    I do take digestive enzymes myself, my pancreas took a good wap from an adverse drug reaction and has never been the same since. I take them when I eat meat because otherwise I don't really digest it. It doesn't cause me any pain but since if I can identify my food when it leaves I figure I am not getting anything out of it I decided to try them. I use Super Enzymes by NOW. They have no sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, milk, egg or preservatives. They do seem to help a lot and I have been able to gain some weight since I added them and Royal Jelly to my diet.

    What does Royal Jelly do?

  18. do any of you have a digestive enzyme that you would suggest... hopefully one easy to find at Whole Foods or Vitamin Cottage? Have you found that they help with the bloating and gas?

    You can find a truck load of digestive enzymes at Whole Foods varying from super expensive to average-priced. Also depending on what your mainline sensitivity is, is what you should look for in the ingredients. I think Amylase is what digests starches; Lactase for dairy if you're lactose-intolerant. There are also other enzymes in the pills that supposively assist in the digestion of food but be wary that some contain oat flour. Oat flour/bran can hurt you if you're in your beginning stages.

    For effectiveness..I can't really tell. I still have pain, bloating, gas, etc. and I take one with every meal. I also alternate brands to keep their effectiveness working..if it is. Sometimes, though, I end up regurgitating them which I'm sure doesn't help.

    It's best to look and try out what works the best for you in cost and effectiveness.

  19. Okay it sorta happened again today. By sort of, meaning there was blood again but not a lot. My stomach still keeps bubbling with pain and I'm having my usual contamination reactions. I'll wait to see if it does occur again tomorrow, since they aren't opened today, and just walk in telling them its an emergency.

    I have been going to the bathroom a lot lately, which happens when I get contaminated so hemorrhoids are possible.

    Thanks guys, I know I can count on you.

  20. So I think I got contaminated the other day since I've been experiencing major gas, pressure, bloating, pain, and the other typical things. This morning, however, I started getting cramps - bad - and I went to the bathroom thinking I had to go but it was mostly gas and I passed a clot of blood or something that looked like a clot of blood.

    My mom says its probably intestinal strain from being contaminated but..its still freaking me out a little. Should I not worry about it or go see a doctor? I have an appointment schedules already for the 25th of this month to see my ultrasound scan results so I can ask questions then. In the mean time, however, should I be severely concerned?

    I'd appreciate all of your advice as always. <3

  21. I was extremely impressed at the results I received at Red Lobster since everyone on the forum seemed so bias in opinions. When I informed the waitress of my intolerance to anything wheat, gluten, or bread related items, she went into the back and called out the manager. He came out armed with all the labels of the spices and indicated some of those which didn't contain gluten. One of those was the Cajun spice mix which is ironic since I *love* spicy food. Honestly, all it contains is garlic powder, paprika, chili powder, and black pepper.

    So I simply ordered the flounder with cajun spices which was slightly crispy so I think it was pan seared or something along those lines. With my fish, I ordered a double side of broccoli that was steamed and a salad. For the broccoli I put some lemon juice, salt and pepper on top - yum!

    Now for the salad, when the waitress brought it out she said, "I opened a new bag of salad and used clean tongs that didn't touch any croutons what so ever. That's okay, right?" I stared at her and wanted to kiss her. For a dressing, I ordered vinegar and oil and seasoned it lightly with salt and pepper.

    So, as you can imagine, I had no reaction at all even though I had a near heart attack at Subway earlier with a bread crumb; that only gave me a few patches of hives and a little bit of discomfort.

    But for me Red Lobster is A+ in my book until proven otherwise.

  22. I did find soy cheese or rice cheese to work quite well as a substitute.

    I also went for my ultrasound today; I'm not sure when I'll get the results since it really depends on when my doctor decides to call.

    Since the last time I posted, I guess I've been doing okay with minimizing the amount of dairy I consume with the products I've mentioned above. I just keep getting pain now on the lower half of my gut but I figure that to be cross contamination since my house isn't entirely gluten-free.

    I don't know what else it could be..

  23. The other day I went to Trader Joe's to buy some products as I normally don't shop there. I felt like taking a hike so I ventured off to see what I could find and did acquire some good stuff. One product I obtained was their organic gluten free grits and since I was dying for grits (since I went gluten-free I haven't had any)!

    Well I ate some yesterday morning and after breakfast, I was suffering from all my gluten contamination symptoms: cramping, bloating, pains, etc. I looked at the ingredients but nothing caught my attention. It simply stated: grits, water, and I THINK it said sodium hydroxide aka lye. It's been a while since I last saw the package.

    I don't know how this could have occurred unless Trader Joe's is hiding something or I had a reaction to the lye. That's the only thing I can think of. Has this happened to anyone else? I know I don't have a corn allergy because I eat a lot of other foods that include corn, i.e. cornmeal, and don't suffer at all!

    While I'm at it, can anyone suggest a safer brand of grits? I really miss them and sometimes cornmeal just doesn't cut it.

    Thank you!

  24. Have you ever been tested for diabetis??? Needing so much water is a sign. You really should get tested, and it does run side by side with celiacs.

    Totally thought of that too in the first place. Not only did I read that it was sorta common with celiacs but it's also in my family bloodline. Luckily I did get it tested and it came out negative.

    The only thing that was bad in it, which I kinda expected, were extremely high liver enzymes - three times what they should be - and active hepatitis B. I read, however, liver inflammation is considered hep B.