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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. i need to know the brands of some really good snack brands!!!!!!!!!!!!! all i eat right now r natural ruffles!!!!!!!!!!!!! i <3 them but they can get old! ~Anna Louise~
  3. Hey everyone!!!!! Ezekiel bread..........the 2 most confusing words ever to someone with celiac. some people say its gluten free.....others not!!!!!! i personally dont know if i have celiac or gluten sensitivity b/c the docter gave us a hard time......for the test you have to have gluten in ur system.......but after we found out gluten made us sick.......we didnt want to eat it for the test and get sick..........so my mom didnt do the test but its obvious she has celiac.......when me and my sisters went to get tested.......the docters refused to test us because my mom didnt have a firm enough diagnosis.......but we think me and 1 of my sisters has the true celiac because gluten sensitivity is not hereditary but celiac is.....and since my mom has it....well you get the picture! anyway back to ezekiel bread......i eat it....but when my sister ate it it gave her a rash....and once my mom got a wheat grass drink but it was sprouted wheat just like ezekiel bread so she thought she could handle it...she couldnt..........why can i have ezekiel bread and my family cant??? Anna Louise
  4. I have heard that maybe lunch meat and hot dogs have gluten. My whole family is gluten free except for my dad ad my sister and I have that occasional friday night pizza. I am getting the real doctor test 2mro!( i show all symptoms and my mom has it so i already now what it is going to say) I want to let everyone know about a little something called a blood type diet. It is where u eat foods that are good for you based on your blood type. It really changed my moms life and i am on it to. The only thing is it reveals how bad corn is for u which i know is a substitute for bread but u can still have rice which i love. my fave dish has gone from pizza to my moms beans and rice and to make things fun i use chop sticks. if you know your blood type go to this website: http://www.dadamo.com/typebase4/typeindexer.htm I think u should bookmark it because u have to do this exact website i has O blood type bye, Anna Louise/ Small and Pizzaless
  5. I ttly luv the gluten free chick-fil-a sandwiches. I mean... they rock! But i miss regular chicken nuggets, especially when i am at a friends house spending the night. At sleepovers the options are: pizza, chick-fil-a,pizza I know i can just say the meal i want, but when the mom says, "Guess what? I am going to buy 2 chicken nugget plates for everyone!!!!!!", what do u do???????????? ~Small(12) and pizzaless~ (~Anna Louise~)
  6. Just tell them how they are expencive. You don't have to feel guilty because, they are!!!!!!!! If they a good person, they'll understand. If they're boggas, WHO CARES WHAT THEY THINK when you say "no"? ~Small(12) and Pizzaless~ (~Anna Louise~)
  7. This is soooooooooo hard! Being on a gluten free diet is not like other diets. This diet, if you eat something your not supposed to, you get sick! Two days ago I was at a party. I didn't eat the fried chicken but I ate a brownie the size of a quarter. When I went to dance, my toes started tingling I got a headache.(the headache might have been from the music) It stinks! Anna Louise
  8. Do you know a gluten-free version of a pb&j???? That would help me! ~Small and Pizza-Less~
  9. ttly! I have been on the gluten free diet for 2 days! It helps b/c my mom has it and she is happy that we finally figured out what was wrong with us, but I'm tired of being on guard every time i put something in my mouth. I already had to read labels b/c my lil sis is allergic to peanuts. Now I have to read them twice? I just don't know if i'll ever get used to it.
  10. On lots of labels I always see "whey" as an ingredient and I don't know if I can have it. Can I?
  11. Hi, My name is Anna Louise, 12, and I just figured out that I have celiac. (Not tested YET; mom has it, i have all symptoms) Does anyone know of any gluten free PIZZA?
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