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  1. Since I was nine years old, I was diagnosed with GA. I only got it on my hands, and it would get worse during the summer as the rings would emit heat and become very red. I tried the topical steroid route but it was symptomatic treatment not a cure. When I was 21, I stopped eating dairy completely after a homeopathic doctor told me I was allergic just by looking at me.I started to notice that every time I consumed dairy, it would be clockwork that it would show up on my hands within 3 days. Now four years later, I keep a strict dairy free diet and as long as I do not eat dairy, I do not get the granuloma on my hands. Two years back, I decided to eat a piece of cheese while taking some digestive enzymes, my stomach was fine for a few days but I looked down and my hands were covered in granuloma annulare!! Soooo, that was when I really saw the correlation . The reason enzymes do not work is because enzymes are directed towards the milk sugars (lactose) not the milk proteins!
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