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  1. Also, I was wondering if anyone knows of any good OBGYN's in the area who are familiar with Celiac's and any potential affects it might have on pregnancy? I am wanting to visit...
  2. I'm in the Minneapolis area, and I'm still trying to find someone... can I ask who you went to before and where they were located?
  3. Hello everyone! This board is awesome! I kept looking at it for information when my doctor's thought I might have Celiac's, and now I would like to start chatting and being an active...
  4. TESTinME, That was a good breakdown of GP's vs. allergists vs. dietitians. I have found the same to be true for me as well. My GP tried a bunch of stuff, and after about year...
  5. I am also looking for a great GI in the Twin Cities (preferably Minneapolis) to help me figure out how to proceed with all the testing I've had, and all my inconclusive results...
  6. I'm from downtown Minneapolis and I would love to know of any support groups near me! Does anyone have any to recommend?
  7. Hello, I am completely new to this board, and I am new to the whole Celiac's thing. I am traveling to San Diego the beginning of July (2008) and I am hoping to find some fun...
  8. kbtoyssni, When you were in Lusten, where did you eat? My husband and I are going to Lutsen this weekend for our anniversary, and I'm trying to figure out where to eat out.
  9. Hello fellow Minnesotans! This is my first time posting on the boards (Although I've peeked at them a bit recently). I have been through the Celiac "battle" with doctors recently...
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