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  1. For those of you whose intolerance of eggs developed or was discovered post-gluten-free, do you have the same symptoms as an allergy? Eggs hit me a lot faster than gluten ever did.
  2. I think I was always allergic to eggs, even as a child, and it only seemed to get worse after going gluten-free (the first time) because I was eating more of them. I have to be 100% off both things to feel better. If I'm not, a whole lot more foods seem to bother my stomach and cause other problems...
  3. Cari, I just saw this post. Looks like nobody responded yet. I can't eat eggs either, in any amount. It is a frustrating thing to deal with. When I first went gluten-free four years ago, my egg consumption immediately went up and the initial "clouds parting, clear headed" euphoria of going gluten...
  4. KJBrown--That would be fantastic. I would love the recipe. Thanks!
  5. Chirunner, I tried using some of those recipes and replacing the eggs--no luck! So I sold the book to a used bookstore. I'm having better luck now with making egg-free, gluten-free cookies, using coconut flour, tapioca starch, and sweet rice flour (two parts coconut, two parts tapioca, one...
  6. How terrible for your cousin! I found out through standard food allergy testing. Coconut milk--I'll try that. I am starting with recipes that don't call for eggs (from Gluten Free Vegan by Susan O'Brien and Gluten Free Kitchen by Robin Ryberg) but I need to replace some of the flours (no cornstarch...
  7. I'm new and would also like to learn more about coconut flour. I can't have eggs at all, and don't do so great with bean flours or potato or corn starch. If I could figure out what proportions of rice flour, coconut flour, and perhaps arrowroot...or quinoa...or millet...or sweet rice flour...