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Scott Adams was diagnosed with celiac disease in 1994, and, due to the nearly total lack of information available at that time, was forced to become an expert on the disease in order to recover. In 1995 he launched the site that later became Celiac.com to help as many people as possible with celiac disease get diagnosed so they can begin to live happy, healthy gluten-free lives.  He is co-author of the book Cereal Killers, and founder and publisher of the (formerly paper) newsletter Journal of Gluten Sensitivity. In 1998 he founded The Gluten-Free Mall which he sold in 2014. Celiac.com does not sell any products, and is 100% advertiser supported.

  1. Celiac.com 05/28/2020 - Many of us sheltering at home during the Covid-19 pandemic are looking for a tasty, easy-to-make recipe that will help put a smile on our faces as it nourishes our souls....
  2. Johnson Sea Products of Coden, AL, is recalling its 12oz package of frozen “Home Style Crab cakes” because they contain undeclared ingredients of wheat and soy. People who have allergies to wheat or soy run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products. ...
  3. Yes, the Kentucky newspaper defined celiac disease as "being allergic to wheat," but not the guy with celiac disease who is the subject of the article. This fact doesn't, in my opinion, detract from the man's story, or the overall article. Having been involved deeply with celiac disease for 25 years...
  4. So far I've not seen any studies that show that celiacs are more (or less) susceptible to Covid-19. We did do an article on this which recommends that celiacs may want to consider getting their pneumococcal vaccination, which is a recommendation anyway, even before Covid-19: Also, there...
  5. Celiac.com 05/27/2020 - Recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS), or canker sores, is one of the most common oral mucosa conditions, and may be related to vitamin deficiencies or immune conditions such...
  6. In some people with celiac disease it manifests itself as a neurological/brain disease, and here are more articles on this: https://www.celiac.com/articles.html/celiac-disease-amp-related-diseases-and-disorders/ataxia-nerve-disease-neuropathy-brain-damage-and-celiac-disease/
  7. I think if your employer really cared they'd require, and supply, masks. Transmission of Covid has been shown to be airborne. It was documented in S. Korea after re-opening bars and clubs there that a single person without symptoms transmitted the virus to over 100 people while bar hopping. Needless...
  8. It’s got to be frustrating, but there are a lot of people who might feel lucky now just to have a job and regular income, so if there is a silver lining perhaps that’s it. Given the working conditions you described you will need to be extra careful, which I’m sure you are. I assume you’re we...
  9. Agreed, if a worker puts a tag on the wrong item it could be a liability.
  10. I’m not condoning it, but he was very I’ll, and that’s what he ate...he had celiac disease, right there in paragraph 1. Again, he may be one of the ~25% of celiacs who regularly cheat, or this may have been a one time thing based on the belief that he may die, we just don’t know. He indicat...
  11. Might be better to look at it like he was considering the McDonald’s meal as his last. Under such circumstances he may have wanted it over a gluten-free meal. What would you eat if you thought you might die? Still not advisable by Celiac.com or any doctor, but hopefully none of us ever end up in h...
  12. I do recall the "gluten-free" signs, and even sections, which are still in some markets. It did make things easier to find, and I also wonder why Amazon would stop this practice. Perhaps there are so many more gluten-free products now than there was 10 years ago? That would be my guess. We also now...
  13. Celiac.com 05/26/2020 - One of the most popular questions we get is: Which grains are safe for people with celiac disease, and which are not? Unsafe Non-Gluten-Free Grains for Celiacs Wheat...