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  1. Hi Amy, Thanks for your experience with your symptoms of being glutened, and you are so right about the added assistance with drinking the water and helping it all flush out faster. I really did feel as if I was loaded down with drugs, it not only effected my lower tract but the effect it had on my whole system was pretty scary for a week plus. Yes, I did actually call the doctors office and inquire about the drugs, and after speaking to one of the nurses, she was not able to give me a 100% accurate affirmation of the drugs not containing any gluten. At the time though, with the tooth causing me such pain and the infection going through my body, I was ready for it to just come out, taking the chance of the meds being unsafe, ( and I did make the call after the surgery), again I just wanted it taken care of. I agree with some of the others here helping me with their suggestions and input of the amoxicllian maybe being the cause and effect, and trying to replenish the gut being stripped of my good bacteria. I did follow the amoxicillian with some plain good quality yogurt, and things are starting to settle down. I want to thank all of you here with your help, and great thoughts of how to treat your body, when you have to resort to not the natural approach of helping your body heal, all sound and well put words of help. Thanks again. Hope that you are doing well Amy, and it is good to know that you are so "close" by. Best to all, Susie
  2. Hi to all, I have to apologize if this is not the correct area to place this question, and I did try to post it earlier this week, but have not had any responses. I had some dental work done a couple of weeks ago, and the surgery required that I had a general to pull this abcessed tooth, which I before hand was using the amoxicllian medicine to help with the infection. At the time of the surgery, the doctor also gave me a pain injection along with some other medicines which I am not sure of the type that they used. My question is when having a surgery of this type along with the amoxicllian that I was on, would there have been a chance that I was glutened? I did not feel too bad the day after the surgery, but the next few days I was miserable, very distended, I looked like I and felt like I was seven months pregnant, very tired, and depressed, this lasted for the most part three or so days. I am starting to feel better into the second week of post-surgery, but I feel like I and my clothes are telling me that I have gained about 4/5 pounds. If this is from being glutened, how long would it take to recover and to have the pounds start to come off? Please let me know what you think about having dental surgery and the safety of the kinds of meds that are used when going for dental work. Thanks for your help and input, as always it is much appreciated, Susie
  3. Hi Sonya, Well I can relate to your post, as I was just finishing my posts ( to all ) this morning my computer crashed. Everything is okay now, but well you know I just can't remember word for word what I wrote, sorry. I will try again..... first thank you so much for your post and you and your daughters experience with the genetic part of testing and learning. It is great to hear that you did not take the Enterolab's report and end there and have more unanswered questions that would have had you wondering. I did want to ask you how they finally dx you and your daughter? Pretty interesting with the DQ2 and us having the 1/2 version and not excluding us with the possible chances of having or getting the disease. I have often thought that my body was trying to tell me something was a miss, and I quess when you start with the immune system and breaking it down with certain foods it begins a downward spiral of other autoimmune diseases that might not have taken ahold of your body and it's effect down to the celluar level. We can I quess only try to help others (hopefully our family to start ) with what we have learned on our own personal journeys. Do you and you daughter have any other autoimmune diseases? Or did you have anything that you think would have been a certain trigger for you? Sorry, my mind is going on here. Glad to hear that you and your daughter and others here are starting to heal. Best to you, Susie
  4. Sorry that this has taken me longer to respond back than I would have liked. Been under the weather. I love your "deer in the headlights look" remark, I really can "get" that one, as I often have the duh look with all of this, and trying to keep it all straight and in my head is just about too much for me, but I do love the learning atleast trying to. Thanks for your help and I am looking into this with all of your help here. My doctor is an internist, and I have not seen a specialist, you are right she was in less informed than myself, as she ran the wrong tests first. Take care and thanks again, Susie
  5. Hi Nora, Thanks for your help, regarding the remaining test and results, it showed as follows : DQ2 Homozygous 31X relative risk, extremely high DQ2/other high risk gene 16X very high risk DQ2/DQ8 14X very high risk, DQ8 Homozygous 10X high risk, DQ2 heterozygous 10X high risk, DQ8 heterozygous 2X moderate risk, DQ2/other low risk gene <1X low risk, DQ2-, DQ8- <0.1X extremely low risk. Hope that this makes more sense to you than it did for me. Again these are the only tests that they ran. Who would be able to run a more detailed panel, I had a very difficult time getting this done by the request of myself to my doctor, who does not have any backgroung of studies in the disease, but atleast to be covered by my insurance company she complied. Best, Susie
  6. Thanks for your return. I am wondering what are the other genes you mentioned that are recognized with the disease? I thought that I had read that there are around seven different genes, is this true, and how would you find out more information about them? Yes, you are right about the autoimmune issues that take place with those type of diseases, and how it plays out with your daily living. I have graves disease and fibro and endometriosis and they have impacted my life and it's quailty. Best, Susie
  7. Hi to all, Please help me out here. Finally got the results back for the genetic from prometheus, which was the celiac plus panel. It reads that it did not show the main two genes the DQ2 and DQ8 to be detected and only in the <0.1X risk to be extremely low. It did result back with the HLA DQA1 *05 Alleles detected. It also reads with a breakdown of the over all risks for patient carrying the DQ genotype, which if you let me know I will post these as well. The labs interpretation said: Results do not exclude a diagnosis of celiac disease. I was asking the doctor to run these tests for my family and their possible chances of having the disease, if I showed the markers. I have been gluten free for four years and know how I feel when I get any gluten in by mistake, and I have to agree there is no turning back once you have felt the difference ( like those terrible migranes ). Wait to hear back from you all and your help is ALWAYS appreciated! Best, Susie
  8. Hi Linda, I don't feel that you were off-base with this post and to hear that your little girl is doing well now is wonderful. My own personal experience which puts my view on traditional medicine and the some times over-use of the many pharmaceutical approaches that are used so readily is just that the "over-use" of them and the effects short or long term that can occur. With myself and the way I react to them has landed me in the ER and at home going through nights of wondering what was going to happen ( those would be of course the worse experiences ), and the more common reactions that one can have, has put me on the fence with the now discussion of antibiotics. But please don't read this wrong, because I do believe that our bodies can't always use the most natural approaches and must be helped with a stronger choice of a remedy. Thank you again for your help and your daughters experience, I am very happy to know that she is better. Good health to you and your family. Susie
  9. Hope that I can respond with enough information with the questions you have asked as this is my sisters grandchild who lives states away from our state and they don't have the day to day phone contact as some might. With as little information that she was given a couple of weeks ago she did mention that the grandchild had a catherized test done, I am sorry that I can't say if and what this particluar test (s) were, but this does sound as if this was what you were asking about as they stated that her kidneys were functional. Does this sound right? This would be more than a second-hand communication so some of this again may not be that accurate. I am sure though that they will talk again soon to get a up-date on her Thank you for asking these questions as they might have some value in helping Emily out. Best to your health, Susie
  10. What a great site and read on the benefits of this natural product! Thanks so much Vicky, I will send over the article-site to her mom, this should get her attention right away. I appreciate your help and concern ( big hug )! Best to you, Susie
  11. Thanks Rick, Her mom has been following this with the needed flora care, and giving her daily yogurt, just hope that this is not a problem with dairy for her. We try and give our grandson the non-dairy powder form, this is a learning journey all the time for us all. Thanks for the good suggestion! Best to your health, Susie
  12. Thanks Vicky, happy to know that you are both in unison with these products and the help that it can give! I am just wondering if maybe her pH is out of balance, we suggested this to her mom and she is going to get the test papers at the store and give it a try. It breaks your heart when you hear of the little ones having to go through these conditions at such a young age, and to have them go through the tests, it is difficult. Take care, Susie
  13. Okay! You all are so cute! Thank you for the great ideas and the great minds thinking alike! Hope that Emily's mom will try this out and look into the more natural approachs and not resort to the antibiotics. Take care, Susie
  14. Hi to everyone, Please let me know what orange juices are safe and which ones might cause some problems if the companies cannot completely give a 100% answer and respond with the 200 codex concerns for people who are more sensitive than others. Thanks to you all for the incoming suggestions to come, as I am looking forward to a "good, safe " glass. Best of health to you all, Susie
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