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  1. I swear by the cake cookbook, "The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten Free" by Anne Byrn. I just use Betty Crocker mixes with her recipes. I've yet to have anyone not LOVE the results. My son's friends all beg me to make the cookies and cream one. In fact, he took those to school and none of the kids...
  2. Homemade pizza! Family had had enough of the leftovers! We did have leftover fresh veggies though...and we polished off the leftover pies as well...
  3. First, they most certainly do have to list wheat in the US. All companies must show the top 8 allergens on the label. Unfortunately rye, barley, and oats aren't in the top 8, but many companies, General Mills included, are very good about listing those as well. As for the reps comments - General...
  4. Be careful with the lists in older books (my version of Dana's book is really old, not sure if there's an updated version). Formula's change over time and what we know changes over time. For example, you can still find vinegar listed as a questionable or even unsafe ingredient, but unless it's...
  5. Wow! What a great response! Sounds like they really "get it"! Sounds like they don't test their products, but short of that they seem safe to drink. Thanks for posting!
  6. I wouldn't take it as CYA. General Mills is being so good about their labeling. I wouldn't trust these to be gluten free at all. Kix doesn't have this sort of statement. The Chexes are clearly labeled gluten free. I think they're trying to tell you they are quite possibly cross contaminated...
  7. I just hung up with a representative from Jel Sert. They said their Pop Ice products MAY contain barley or rye. They said they are trying very hard to get their flavor suppliers to tell them if they contain rye and barley but because they are not federally required to do so they would not. What...
  8. Blue Bunny has a birthday cake as well. Really does taste like cake! My son loves it, but I have a hard time with cake having the texture and cold of ice cream! For those of you missing cake...Kinnikinnick's chocolate and white cakes are fabulous and I've yet to find anyone who could tell...