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  1. CeliacMom2008

    Question about possibly being glutened

    Sounds like gluten to me. I feel for you. Gentle foods, lots of water, and unfortunately wait it out. So sorry.
  2. Squirmingitch, it actually does add up. Yes, the PPM will still be below the limit, but the amount of gluten you consume...
  3. CeliacMom2008

    What Does It Take To Have A Gluten-Free Home?

    Great response Shadowicewolf! And yes...the toaster must go!
  4. CeliacMom2008

    Any Tips On Handling The Holidays?

    Here you go... Cinnamon Rolls Makes 8 rolls INGREDIENTS 2 tablespoons butter (or shortening) ¼ cup sugar ...
  5. CeliacMom2008

    Any Tips On Handling The Holidays?

    Five years ago this Christmas. Thankfully, I work from home, so I have a lot of flexibility. That flexibility has enabled...
  6. CeliacMom2008

    Any Tips On Handling The Holidays?

    Oh there are soooo many yummy gluten free foods! And gluten-free baked goods can be especially yummy. I highly recommend...
  7. Thanks for the help!! He decided he would use the "hidden speck", plus facts on 20 parts per million and explain it...
  8. Ooo, I like the word "hidden" that sounds so much better than "accident" or "mistake." It's so ironic...while my husband...
  9. My son (13) had a classmate who invited him to a party this weekend and then made him gluten-free cupcakes so he wouldn...
  10. CeliacMom2008

    Would Volunteering At An Animal Shelter Be Possible?

    My son and I have volunteered at a shetler for a couple years now and not had any problems. He just washes his hands...
  11. If you're in downtown Seattle, on the lowest level of Pike Place Market there is a new bakery that opened this past summer...
  12. There are also MANY brands of specialty gluten-free cereals. They are more expensive than traditional cereal, but they...
  13. CeliacMom2008

    I Need Good Bread!

    A new company named Goodbye Gluten just sent our support group some samples. They are going to give Udi's and Rudi's...
  14. We LOVE this dip/salsa/whatever you want to call it. You could use something other than tomatoes - onions, celery, maybe...
  15. CeliacMom2008

    Birthday Cake

    I swear by the cake cookbook, "The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten Free" by Anne Byrn. I just use Betty Crocker mixes with...