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  1. I am 4'10" and stopped growing at age 11, my brother also celiac was 5'2" he had stopped growing completely from age 4 through 8 when he was diagnosed.
  2. All these stories are kind of scary. I went to my internist who seems to dismiss my feelings that I might have celiac. However did write me a referral to a GI but wrote on it "Colitis". I have done some research and although there is some similiarities in symptoms I did tell him I have a brother with Celiac and my syptoms seem somewhat textbook for Celiac not Colitis- I am in an HMO so I am hoping for the best when I go to GI- I was gluten-free for about 5 weeks and then went back after finding that I had to be on gluten to be tested- sure enough I have been feeling sick ever since- August 5(my appt date) can't come soon enough for me.
  3. My brother was diagnosed about 45 years ago and was told he would "outgrow" celiac back then. I was told many years ago that I would have to watch for it in myself and my children but so little was known back then it took 4 years and Child Protective Service investigating my mother as they thought she was not feeding him, before they found a doctor who made the Celiac connection. None of us siblings were tested then and after many years of wondering I have finally decided to be tested myself. I can say that what took so long was the thought of never eating bread or pizza again- I thought the face of celiac was my brother and I couldn't have what he had. I am overweight the pictures of him as a child looked like something from a third world country. A little knowledge I found after researching the Hashimoto's that I had made me realize that I most likely didn't have IBS or a very 'sensitive' stomach after all. I have been gluten-free for a month now and feel great- unfortunately I will have to go back to be tested but no matter what I am sure I have found my answer. I haven't had a migraine, stomach ache, ect. in a few weeks now. I just wish my brother or my mother were alive to talk this over with, my father doesnt' remember it all but he and my husband really think I should be tested so that I will not be tempted to say well just this little bit won't hurt. bonnie
  4. Thank you- now that I know what it is I have a good baking supply store nearby sounds like something they would carry.
  5. Vanilla Sugar? Where would I find this. I remember my mother making these for my brother as a child and we were all jealous because they were Kevin's "special" cookies- Who new one day I would need them.
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