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  1. hi i have posted before but it was a while ago. posted regarding pretty much the same symptoms i am having now but it...
  2. i have noticed forthe past week or so, after every meal i feel full. i get hungry at the usual meal times but when i...
  3. willabec

    Any One From Ct?

    i am from hartford county.....
  4. willabec

    Any One From Ct?

    i am...where are you?
  5. i can't remember if i posted this question before...but here it goes....does anyone suffer from orange colored stool...
  6. willabec


    YES, IT IS CALLED Celiact
  7. i was just wondering if any of you out there have tried the new celiact supplement and what your thoughts were - if it...
  8. long story short...having issues, went to a new gi dr. a couple of months ago....just went to a naturopath on monday...
  9. ok....i have celiac (diagnosed about 9 yrs. ago) about 2 1/2 years ago, started with loose stools, sometimes a burning...
  10. while i was doing research on mc, i came across an article that casein intolerance can cause villous atrophy? does anyone...
  11. willabec

    Microscopic Colitis

    i have both celiac (diagnosed 2001) and now diagnosed with mc in november 2010....was put on a prednisone for a brief...
  12. it does not go away it can go into remission though...can be days, weeks, months or even years but it can come back in...
  13. what are your symptoms? i have both celiac and mc.....was on prednisone for a brief period (15 days) that helped a little...
  14. willabec


    i know they are safe...just curious as to which ones people have tried and which ones most people prefer.....
  15. willabec


    nobody out there takes probiotics or digestive enzymes?