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  1. Yep. I've been having this problem since January. Sometimes it is just loose but many times I have D, there is undigested fat and and very malodorous. There has been times I have barely made it to the bathroom. In Feb. I had a gallbladder ultrasound (normal) and Hida scan (suboptimal but above the sugical thrrshold), some stool testing in March for parasites/pathogens (normal), and a repeat EGD and biopsy in April (esophagitis, gastritis, stomach ulcer but normal small biopsy this time). I went dairy free thinking it was causing my symptoms and also cracked down on potential CC. I got worse. I definately am not digesting fats well. Avocados and the almond milk will really set me off as well as anything greasy or fried. On my last visit I tried a trial of welchol to control the diarrhea. It helped some but not enough to care. The GI also suggested that I may have a pancreas problem because of the fat in the stool. I'm supposed to call back and let him know about the welchol. I also decided on my own to try some digestive enzymes. They helped more than the welchol (although I was not able to take it exactly as prescribed because of the drug interacting with my thyroid meds), but I ran out and I'm waiting on them in the mail. I think the reason I'm not digesting fats is because of my dysfunctional gallbladder. However the doctor said he thinks I would be hard pressed to find a surgeon to take it out when it is working at 48% when the threshold for surgery is 35%. He did say he likes to see the function at least 50%. I do have RUQ discomfort, but never severe pain. It's more of a pinching/pulling sensation that is very annoying. I'm going to go really low fat for awhile and see how I react. If I still have problems I may go in for more testing/surgical consult. I'm getting very discouraged by all this, tired and a sore butt! :lol:

    what digestive enzymes are you taking?

  2. Pale yellow, greasy, foul-smelling stool: malabsorption of fat due to pancreatic insufficiency, as seen with pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, cystic fibrosis, celiac disease.

    Keep a food diary and document everything that goes in your mouth. Check your meds, vitamins, shampoos, lipstick, shaving cream and lotions.

    i have tried the food diary, but i cannot figure out what the culprit is...about how long do you think it takes to eat something and then have it reek havoc on your system? for example...today was a bad day...yellow, frothy and very, very loose and went 3 times after lunch within a two hour time span....thoughts?

  3. Ok....not sure if that is an accurate description of what i am feeling and i feel compelled to post here to see if anyone has experienced this sensation before and may know what it is. every few days, i feel a somewhat constant "pressure" feeling near or at my rectum. sorry to be graphic. it is there even after i have gone to the bathroom. any ideas? anyone experience this too?

  4. It does sound like you may be eating something that you are intolerant to. Intolerance reactions can be delayed reactions. What do you usually eat for breakfast? Have you eliminated soy and dairy, including milk replacements that may contain casien? It must be frustrating for you I hope you figure out the issue and it resolves soon.

    that's what i am thinking....i usually eat corn bread with butter but lately have not used butter, banana bread or bagel with egg and a little cheese. i have not eliminated soy and eat very little dairy to begin with.....today was a good day - so far....it's just frustrating how one time "it" is decent" and the next in the same day, "it" can be yucky!!!

  5. What do you eat for lunch? Do you take any supplements (esp. magnesium) at breakfast or lunch? Do you have a similar reaction after breakfast?


    i eat various things for lunch...sandwich w/gluten-free bread, leftovers from dinner the night before, baked potato with salsa, etc. i do not take any magnesium...have been taking a digestive enzyme, not sure if it helps or not. i do not usually have that similar reaction after breakfast...sometimes before breakfast though...usually my bowel issues are in the afternoon. rarely go after 4:00 p.m.

  6. Ok....been gluten free for about 8 years.....can someone tell me why for the past 1-2 years- almost every time after i eat lunch (only lunch) do i have to go to the bathroom? sometimes it comes on like gangbusters, other times, it's ok....sometimes it's greasy (sorry for the visual), sometimes like water, sometimes like a soft pile, sometimes i go once, sometimes i go 2-3 after lunch. i usually go in the a.m. and after lunch, but what bothers me is the almost immediate need to go only after lunch. i don't have this "problem" after dinner....dr. never gave me much on this....have been doing some tests but nothing conclusive yet.....any thoughts? thanks!

    oh yeah...sometimes it floats, sometimes it sinks, sometimes it's "normal" color, sometimes it's "yellow", sometimes i have gurgling in my stomach, sometimes i have "fluttering" in my stomach area, sometimes i have a "pain" in the lower left abdomen, maybe even ovary??, sometimes that pain is on the right side, but when i do get it, it is usually on the right side.....what else....i think that might be it for now....again, any thoughts??

  7. Ok....been gluten free for about 8 years.....can someone tell me why for the past 1-2 years- almost every time after i eat lunch (only lunch) do i have to go to the bathroom? sometimes it comes on like gangbusters, other times, it's ok....sometimes it's greasy (sorry for the visual), sometimes like water, sometimes like a soft pile, sometimes i go once, sometimes i go 2-3 after lunch. i usually go in the a.m. and after lunch, but what bothers me is the almost immediate need to go only after lunch. i don't have this "problem" after dinner....dr. never gave me much on this....have been doing some tests but nothing conclusive yet.....any thoughts? thanks!

  8. I can sympathize with you. I've been gluten free now for 1 yr 8 months. Out of the blue starting this Jan. I started with the horrible heartburn. I originally was thinking I was getting gluten somewhere (my reactions usually are heartburn, burping and constipation) but then I started getting a pinching sensation in my RUQ and pain in the epigastric region. Then came the bloating and diarrhea. The heartburn is better and the epigastric pain is gone, but the diarrhea has progressively gotten worse. I was living on immodium. I got to one point that it did not matter what I ate. I had a gallbladder ultrasound (normal) a HIDA scan (suboptimal gallbladder function at 48%, GI told me they like it at least 50%) and a repeat upper scope that showed esophagitis, gastritis and a stomach ulcer. My small bowel biopsy was normal this time. I've been taking zantac for the reflux and to heal the ulcer (I was negative for H. pylori) and that has helped the heartburn and stomach/epigastric pain. However the bloating and diarrhea gotten worse that I had some stool testing. I had a colonoscopy in Dec. 2008 so GI did not think I needed another. I am trying a trial of welchol for the diarrhea. It has helped some, but not all. I still have to watch the "fat". I originally did a trial of dairy free thinking that was the problem. My symptoms actually got worse. I do think it has something to do with a dysfunctional gallbladder or pancreatic insufficiency and the doctor mentioned about doing stool testing for that next. I still take immodium occasionally but that's no way to live either. I am unable to take the welchol as prescribed because it will interact with my thyroid medications. I am supposed to take three pills with breakfast and three with supper. I've only been able to take the three with supper. What tests and enzymes did you take for the pancreas?

    the dr. only did a stool test which came back with a higher than normal fat content, but i don't know how much higher than normal it was. i am doing another stool test next week to see if it's any worse or better.the enzymes he prescribed is Creon 24. Like i said, it worked briefly plus it is very expensive! if it turns out that i need to take more than 1 pill per meal, i would be out of it in less than a month and it costs about $380 for a months worth!! Crazy! My symptoms seem to exhibit ones that describe pancreatic insufficiency, but so do other issues! it is very frustrating!

  9. Just wanted to know if anyone out there takes Immodium to help with their bowels? I was diagnosed with celiac 8 years ago and for the past 1-2 years (at least that's what i can remember) i have rarely had a normal bowel movement. Immodium really seems to help but i only take it once in a while. Dr. thinks maybe a pancreatic insufficiency, but the enzymes only helped for a little while. then we thought colitis, that med. helped for a little while but that's it. i know i will have to suck it up and have a colonoscopy, but in the meantime, i am trying to figure out why this is happening or at least to control it. One day the movement can be "ok" and then the next "foamy" and loose and that can happen all in one day or a week. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  10. The most comprehensive and best digestive enzymes are the ones available on mercola.com. My holistic doctor (Glen Depke) actually formulated them (he sells them on his site as well). They are more on the expensive side, but are very effective. I used them for a long time. I've also found Jarrow's brand very good, but not as good as the other. The Ox Bile is what sets them apart...very helpful with digestive and rarely found in other brands.

    have you ever taken a prescription brand? right now i am on creon and it is very expensive. how much is the ones you are mentioning? how many do you personally take per meal? i have read that you can adjust the dosage based on your own needs....

  11. Anyone out there have celiac disease, colitis and pancreatic insufficiency at the same time?????? no formal diagnosis here other than me having celiac disease, but a somewhat recent stool sample says i have higher than normal fat content in stool as well as white blood cells. dr. was treating me for pancreatic insufficiency with creon, that helped a little but then it seemed to stop (have bouts of daily loose stools, sometimes frothy, film on the toilet water, upper stomach "burning", etc). when i did some research on line, it seems like colitis can have excess white blood cells in the stool as well. so, i am maybe assuming i have both (actually 3) issues going on....thanks in advance for any insight you can share.

  12. I have been on the gluten free diet for almost 11 months now. I have seen improvements since going gluten-free but a lot of symptoms have not gone away. My continuing symptoms include; diarrhea, upper midline stomach pain (sometimes severe), nausea (I need to take gravol so I don't vomit), bloating, gas, low energy, and fatigue. I feel that some of these symptoms should be diseapearing since I have been on the diet for almost a year. My entire digestive system has now been explored by endoscopy and colonoscopy. I have celiac disease but I don't have crohn's/ulcerative colitis/stomach ulcers/or any other diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract. I have also been tested for 2x for thyroid and got a negative both times.

    I have been doing some research and have came across pancreatitis as a probable cause for my continuing symptoms. Some symptoms of pancreatitis include; upper midline abdominal pain that may radiate to the back, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, abdominal swelling, symptoms of malabsorption, problems with digestion, just to name a few (a quick google search will tell you more).


    I have found some evidence that pancretitis may be related to celiac:

    "Celiac disease is known to be associated with either pancreatic insufficiency or liver disease, but association of all three diseases has not yet been described. We suggest that chronic pancreatitis be added to the list of idiopathic inflammatory pancreatitis of possible autoimmune origin, enabling to explain the pathophysiology of all three disorders with one hypothesis"


    "Painless pancreatitis with extensive calcification and villous atrophy of the small intestine was observed in a nonalcoholic female patient."


    I was wondering if anyone else has chronic pancreatitis or pancreatic insufficiency in addition to celiac disease? And I was wondering what your thoughts were?

    i have been celiac for 8 years now....but for the past 1-2 years i have been having stomach/bowel problems. blood work looks good, so it seems it is not because of me ingesting gluten. dr. thinks it is a pancreatic insufficiency, put me on creon. it seemed to have helped some, but not completely. i think i have colitis, but not sure without dr. diagnosis. you can have pancreatic issues with celiac disease. i would talk to your dr. about it....maybe some medication (creon is an enzyme) may help. i guess i need to call my dr. to see what the next step for me is since the creon is not working as well as it did before.

  13. wondering if anyone here has ulcerative colitis in addition to celiac. I was diagnosed with celiac first. the UC has been diagnosed for about 1 year. I've never been 100% in remission, but I've been doing okay with Asacol. Now it looks like prednisone will be in my very immediate future :(

    hi, can i ask what your symptoms are? i was diagnosed with celiac about 8 years ago...been on a gluten-free diet since. but for the past year or so, i have been having "stomach" "bowel" problems. had some blood testing done to check levels for celiac...all within normal range. gi dr. is treating me for a pancreatic insufficiency with creon. it seemed to have been working a few months ago and now it seems to not be working as much. i think i have colitis so i am curious as to what your symptoms are? i know from some internet surfing that people with celiac can also be disposed to have pancreatic issues, colitis, etc.

  14. i am feeling a little positive, my only concern is that if i can't be on any meds and have to follow a somewhat low fat diet b/c of the pancreatic insufficiency, things i have read on the internet (yes, i know self diagnosing can get you into trouble), is that the baby needs fat from calories to develop. but i will go over all of my questions with my ob, so hopefully all will be good! thanks again!

    ok....i was feeling a little more positive, but today i had some very, i mean very light spotting, i hear that is normal, however, my stools are getting yucky!!! i am afraid to eat for fear that i will be needing a bathroom soon after! i asked my gi about taking pancreatic enzymes that are sold at health food stores. he said that they have not been tested on the pregnant women, but he was ok with me trying them if i was....not sure. will call ob/gyn tomorrow and see what she thinks. i have a feeling that she will tell me not to take them either! if this pregnancy makes it, it is going to be a LONG one! it already feels like forever and it has only been 2 weeks!! UGH. any thoughts or opinions on taking the pancreatic enzymes from the health food store??

  15. That's great that all your bloodwork checked out. You shouldn't need extra iron if you're not anemic. Luckily, the baby doesn't really require many calories in the first trimester and the prenatals should give you the nutrients you need. Even with diarrhea, you're probably absorbing more nutrients than you know--since your celiac panel showed that you're following the diet very well. It's always best to call the OB to check. I feel bad for those moms who can't keep any food down. My SIL was vomiting everyday all day until the doc put her on nightly Zofran. Yikes!

    i am feeling a little positive, my only concern is that if i can't be on any meds and have to follow a somewhat low fat diet b/c of the pancreatic insufficiency, things i have read on the internet (yes, i know self diagnosing can get you into trouble), is that the baby needs fat from calories to develop. but i will go over all of my questions with my ob, so hopefully all will be good! thanks again!

  16. I'm pregnant and have had watery stools off and on--it hasn't affected my nutrient levels though. I've been trying not to take anything for it, though my OB said I could take Kaopectate if I really needed it. I get bloody stools a lot, and every time I'm tested for Crohn's, the tests come back abnormal and show a lot of bleeding, but they are not perfectly specific for Crohn's. I just avoid leafy vegetables, popcorn, red meat--things that cause me to be in pain, and I take my prenatals and DHA daily.

    Is your iron low? If so, then take iron supplements, which will definitely slow things down. I don't know about pancreatic insufficiency, but as far as IBD is concerned, I definitely wouldn't take anything that's category C, especially in the first trimester. The risks would not outweigh the benefits. I haven't taken any drugs at all (I'm 13 weeks now), and the baby is measuring perfectly, the heartbeat is right on track. A lot of women in the pregnancy forum I participate in have been dealing with diarrhea all 3 trimesters, and their babies are doing just fine. Be sure to get important levels checked though--B12, D, thyroid, etc.

    thanks for your input....i just had regular blood work done with my pcp and everything checked out ok, i would think my prenatal would have enough iron right? even my celiac panel checked out ok (thank god!!) - had one done just to see if things were working being on the diet (have been for about 8 years now)...i believe as my gi dr. does that it is either pancreatic insufficiency or colitis. i am going to call my ob tomorrow just to check with her and make sure that if these symptoms continue the baby will be ok. things are still very early, so hopefully mother nature is on my side!

  17. i was taking a pancreatic enzyme and just found out last week that i am pregnant (a surprise since my kids are 10 and 8). i had not taken this enzyme with my prior pregnancies b/c i was not having bowel issues then. started having issues about a year ago. the enzyme did seem to help quite a bit, but just found out that it is a category c med which is not recommended to be taken while pregnant. well, since i have stopped the enzyme, my bowels are horrible! yesterday and today- almost like water!! anyone out there having the same issues with the same possible diagnosis, either pancreatic insufficiency or colitis?? and if so, anything out there that is safe to take while pregnant that will help! it's worse than it was before i was on the enzyme! i am also afraid that the loose bowels/diareaha will harm the fetus. my gi did not think it would, but how could it not.....i mean all the nutrients are ending up in the toilet right? any advice or information would be appreciated!

  18. I have colitis and celiac. I had a scope and it was confirmed that way before I knew I had celiac. It is painful. However, the drugs work well. Your GI doc may give you the meds without any tests. Who knows. Your symptoms are very familiar. I had up to 15 BMs some days. I ended up in the ER because my potassium dropped so low. So, be sure to stay hydrated. Good luck.

    are there certain foods you cannot eat? what meds are you on? i hope it's something that can be dealt with....sometimes internet self diagnosing can make your mind wander.....i hope it's nothing too serious. my gi dr. wanted to do a CT scan thinking maybe there was a blockage or that there was some sort of complication of the celiac disease. i did not have the ct scan b/c my symptoms got a lot better. but now they are getting worse today. it's very frustrating!

  19. Any of you out there have colitis? i know that there are a few different forms of colitis and i myself have not yet been diagnosed with it, but internet research suggests that maybei have it. for those of you who have it, do you also have celiac disease? what are your symtoms? i have celiac disease, have been gluten free for 7 years. lately (actually quite some time) i have had intestinal issues. more of loose stool, sometimes explosive D (sorry to be explicit) and for the past few weeks i have noticed a nagging "pain/cramp" in the lower left portion of my stomach, near my pelvis but on the left side. not sure if that pain is related to something else or what. for those of you out there that have both celiac and colitis, any information you can give me would be helpful. my gi did a stool sample test about a month ago, it came back with undigested food in the stool. he put me on a pancreatic enzyme for about a week. things got a little better but not enough for him to keep me on it. after that though, things did get better, the frequency and consistency of the stool was much better. however, now this past week, things seem to be getting like they were before. today i went to the bathroom 4 times before lunch, quite a bit and it was loose, not watery D, but not a formed, solid stool ( have not had one of those in quite some time). any help would be appreciated!!

  20. Ask your doc to check your gallbladder. Also, couldn't hurt to have your"baseline" colonoscopy. I had my first at forty because my dad had colon cancer. I think it's good for anyone over 40 to have one.

    thanks for your advice...what is involved with checking the gallbladder? i had read that gallbladder problems/pain were felt more in the upper portion of the "stomach/belly region". mine is lower left. so of course when i typed in lower left abdomen pain, etc. it came up with colitis, which of course it could be, it could be alot of things. i am getting stressed over this whic of course doees not help either! i will have whatever blood work on friday and then go from there i guess. thanks again!

  21. Anyone out there....with regard to my previous post and "problem"- i never had the ct scan b/c my symptoms got better, better stools, ache or burning sensation in belly was better. this all got a little better before taking lactaid (just wanted to see if it would help) and a fiber supplement to help bind stool. however, now it seems like my problems is coming back....any suggestions/thoughts as to what it might be? i have a somewhat constant "ache" in the lower left abdominal area that sometimes goes to the lower left of my back, the loose stool seems to be back, although the frequency of how often i go has gotten better as well. i am going to my PCP for my annual check up on friday. will be having routine bloodwork- GI dr. said to have a standard celiac serology done...any other tests you think? food allergy blood test? i am very concerned that it is colon cancer. i know the internet can be good but it can also be bad- but almost all the symptoms for colon cancer is what i have. help= anyone??