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  1. Keep up with monitoring your diet.

    By any chance are your falling into the gallbladder risk zone? The four "F" 's Female, Fair, Fat (sorry this is not my wording, and please don't take offense) Forty/Fertile.

    Please find a doctor you feel comfortable with and continue testing.

    i am going to keep monitoring, trying the fiber and lactaid, you never know! i am near forty, not fat, female and fair...could be gallbladder? i will do more testing soon, just to be on the safe side. thanks!

  2. Does this seem like a typical gluten response to you? What are your normal reactions to gluten? You could have developed a secondary food sensitivity but it's tough to pinpoint it with your food diary. Have you had a celiac disease blood panel recently? It might be good to check on your antibodies and see if you're getting sneaky gluten anywhere.

    i am not sure....i try very hard not to eat gluten, so i don't know what my typical response is. i am going to try to cut out as much dairy as possible ( i really don't eat alot of it, mostly cheese and ice cream and butter and take some fiber and see if that helps). the past few days i have been better. i asked the dr. about blood work, he said to wait. not sure why, i would think that would be a less invasive proceedure!

  3. 1. Are you really sure your diet is gluten free? As a nurse I thought I was doing ok until I found this site!

    2. Is the fiber supplement gluten free?

    3. Are you having problems with another food intolerance?

    If you keep a diary of everything that goes into your mouth you should find our what is bothering you.

    I am 99% sure my diet is gluten free, especially with the list i have been making. i have not started the fiber supplement and many are gluten free. i cancelled my ct scan...want to try to see if it is a food that is making me like this. i must say that the past few days have been much better. i have been trying to stay away from higher fat foods (not that i really ate alot of them anyway) and not using butter and trying not to eat ice cream. i am thinking maybe lactose sensitivity. if i do eat ice cream, i don't notice anything until the next day. i know each person has a different response time with that. I did reschedule my ct scan for next week. we shall see. i guess what makes me a little nervous is that the dr. did a stool sample and it came back with undigested food in it. i know there are times when this does happen, but i am not sure if i should be concerned, not sure if it's always like that.

  4. Ok, I have been gluten-free for 7 years now (i'm 39 yrs. old). last year had issues with loose stool. went to gi dr. and told me to lay off dairy and take fiber supplement. I did that for a little bit and things got better. I am now back to the same issue. Sorry for being so graphic, but sometimes it's explosive. went back to Gi dr. a couple of weeks ago. i have been writing down what i eat, when i go to the bathroom and what it's like and i can't come up with a pattern, although there probably is one. the dr. told me to take a pancreatic enzyme...seemed to help only a little, also stayed away from too much fat in diet. his office just called and wants me to have a CT scan. I am getting nervous b/c it could be so many other issues. has anyone ever had this problem, being on a gluten-free diet and it not really working? i am going to take the fiber supplement again tomorrow just to see. can a person with celiac also have ibs? i am just concerned that it could be something serious. any help would be appreciated. thanks.

  5. The total IgA test isn't a Celiac test (does not diagnose Celiac) but is run in conjunction with the Celiac tests to determine their accuracy. If he was IgA deficient, the tTG IgA and Gliadin AB could give false negatives. However, based on the lab result, he is not IgA deficient (which is good for testing).

    The tTG is one of the most sensitive/specific tests for Celiac; however, not one test is perfect, which is why the panel is often run, and why biopsies are often performed. A negative tTG can still mean you have Celiac. The AGA AB indicates he body is producing anti gliadin antibodies, which are often associated with Celiac.

    Some people test negative for Celiac, but try the diet, and find that their symptoms improve. At that point, its hard to say if it is Celiac, or if it is a non-Celiac gluten sensitivity.

    Either way, do not try the gluten free diet until after you have met with your ped gi and all testing is completed.

    thanks for the info....that is pretty much what i have come across- however he really has no symptoms other than 1 week of saying his stomach felt "heavy". it has now gone....he is gaining weight, growing, etc. i know i can't make a diagnoses via the internet, but the whole thing does not make sense- seeing that i did have some stomach issues (sometimes still do). it's just frustrating and not knowing makes me nuts....

  6. 2 weeks ago, my 9 year old son was having "stomach Pain"- he initially told me that it was right under his breast bone and was not eating just at dinner time. after 1 week of this took him to the dr. (he has a history of asthma) and she put him on prevacid b/c she thought it might be acid reflux. after 3 days on the acid reflux medicine, he was alot better, eating more but not his usual amount. while at the drs. office though i had her do some blood testing, just to make sure. i have celiac and figured while we were there to have the blood test done on him. i have an appt. with a pediatric gi next month, but i am trying to get some answers as to what these test results mean.....things i have read on the internet are making me confused. some things i have read say that the tTG test results are the most specific tests for celiac- so i am just racking my brain and getting frustrated! his results are as follows:

    tTg Ab IgA - <3 (less than 5 is negative)

    IgA serum (not sure what this is) is 102 (range being 41-368)

    Gliadin Ab (IgA) 19 (>17 is positive)

    am i to assume that he is likely to have celiac? can the higher gliadin level be something else?? why 1 positive and 2 negatives? any information you can provide will be wonderful.

  7. HI- I am new to this forum...not sure yet how to navigate through it all...but i will give it a try....I have celiac - diagnosed about 6 years ago....for some time now i have had some bowel issues and i am wondering if it could be related to lactose? i just starting keeping a food diary and i don't have an appt. with my gi until april. some of my symptoms are cramps, having to go to the bathroom comes on instantly, sometimes it's explosive, nausea, more headaches, etc. any of you deal with this? thanks.