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  1. Hello everyone Anybody who knows if mesulid (nimesulid) is ok? Meline
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. Ηey I am sorry you felt sick. well amaranth is hard to digest (buckwheat is also hard) so you have to soak them first. this is a common "secret" for these grains. you can also soak nuts before consuming them. I think this will work good for you. Meline
  4. Hello and welcome! Good for you that you realize the need to go gluten free! You'll see that things get easier as time goes by. It is a fact that when you go gluten free then you become very sensitive to gluten. But take it as a good thing. You will always be sure that you are / or aren't glutened. Otherwise, you would still get gluten from hidden sources - and you would still damage yourself without knowing it. Especially in the beginning it is very common to get cross contamination or get hidden gluten. So take it as a wise way that your body has in order to warn you! Meline
  5. Me too I have NEVER missed not one day my period, and immediately after going gluten free I started having the most irregular ones. Sometimes it would be 2 weeks earlier, other times 5 days later etc etc. I don't know why... Meline
  6. add one food every 4 days and right down your reactions. the reactions may come within 2-72 hours, that is why you must wait for 4 days before you introduce something else. Meline
  7. cause if you have damaged villy it is really possible that you have lactose intolerance too. you may go gluten free and see no change until you eliminate lactose too. Also it will be much easier for you body to cope with lactose right now even if you are not intolerant to it. Later , when your villy is healed, you will gradualy re-introduce it! Meline
  8. For 29 years I had no symptoms at all...so check it out just to be sure...After all you have nothing to lose. Hope everything will be just fine. Meline
  9. Hello there! welcome to the forum. OMG! What are you eating? If you keep eating like this you may add more health issues. It is a pitty since you are so young! Any way , I don't have the right to judge your choises, I am just trying to tell you that we are what we eat so please just keep that in mind ok? There are so many options! you can have fruits, and rice cakes, honey, taini, nuts, nut-butters (delicious) and you can find gluten free chocolates (I used to eat Toblerone) and in your local health store you will find many gluten free snacks. Making some chicken or some beef steak for lunch is not "cooking"! You just put that in your oven, leave it for 15 minutes, and there you go! You can also have butter and cottage cheese and philadelphia (it is gluten free). Just keep in mind that IF you have celiac it is wise to eliminate lactose in the beginning. Also , have or not have celiac, sugar is sooooo unhealthy that it will cause you more problems (this goes for the coke). I guess you are eating very often Mc Donalds in US so I cannot tell you to eliminate that too....Feels like your will shoot me if I do!!! lol!!!! Try to eat healthier if you can! If you cannot, be careful cause I don't know if the chips you are eating or the fries from Mc Donalds are gluten free. There is a thing called cross contamination and also there is gluten hidden in many foods. I suggest that you check it with the manufacturer or with us, before you consume anything that is not simple (I mean with 1-2 ingredients for example eggs, meat, salads etc..are simple) Generally, people have to eat simple food in the beginning just untill they are able to understand where there is hidden gluten. Hope this helps you. Didn't mean to offend you in any way. Just telling you some thoughts. I became VERY unhealthy cause I was consuming nothing but sugar for many months. Dont' want to see any one end up like me. Meline
  10. Hello !!!! welcome to the forum! This is so good that you are already feeling so much better!! go on with your reading and come back with any "silly" question you may have! we all did that and still keep doing it!!!! Meline
  11. Hey I am doing more crazy stuff...The other day I put chocolate cake (can't have sugar cause of candida) and pizza in my plate, took a fork and pretended I was actually eating it. ......wow...that was pathetic!!! And of course I do put my nose in everyones food. just to catch that smell.... Meline
  12. takes me 5-8 hours to feel really exhausted. Then I will have nightmares the same night, and next morning an awful headache and eczema in the corners of my mouth. But I think I am lucky, the whole thing lasts just 1 day. No D, no bloating, no gas. Meline
  13. please don't take it. I have candida and I am finally curing it, with the most natural and delicious way. please visit this site. (I am not promoting anything / anyone. It is just the most wonderful healing site, and you will need no medicine at all) http://www.healingnaturallybybee.com/articles/menu2.php oil of oregano, coconut oil, garlic and pau d'arco are the best natural antifungals, with absolutely no side effects. the diet that Bee suggests is the ONLY one that is working. I've been struggling with candida for the last 5 months, and all I did was keep losing my time and my money (over 1.200 dollars in medicine and useless supplements that did nothing but make my immune go to sleep). I am on week 4 of Bee's program, no money spent, just coconut oil and the proper diet and I am doing just Great! Please read the files and subscribe to the group. you will get the best help ever. It is a group for healing naturally and boosting your immune, with advise you never even imagined it existed. you no longer need to visit your doc. feel free to send me pm if you need any help. Meline
  14. actually I was about to start yelling when I read the message...stupid doctors.
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