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  1. I am newly diagnosed, and have not yet gone fully gluten-free. Pretty much, and then after my daughter's bday next week, I will do it fully. I don't question the need to do it, I know it has to be done. But my question is this....after reading so much on here, one huge fear I have is, that I will feel worse after I go gluten-free when I come in contact with gluten.

    Right now, I don't really have any symptoms...some gas and constipation, which I have always had, but I assume it is from celiac now. So, when I am completely gluten-free, and I accidentally come in contact or have CC, am I going to have a massive reaction, even though I have never had one before? Is it going to actually make me feel worse? Am I setting myself up to have a huge immune reaction?

    My sister discovered she was allergic to wheat a year ago. Before that she had no symptoms. Now, when she does come in contact with it, on accident, she feels horrible for hours.

    This really scares me. Especially since now, I am don't feel like that :(

    Hello and welcome!

    Good for you that you realize the need to go gluten free! You'll see that things get easier as time goes by.

    It is a fact that when you go gluten free then you become very sensitive to gluten. But take it as a good thing. You will always be sure that you are / or aren't glutened. Otherwise, you would still get gluten from hidden sources - and you would still damage yourself without knowing it. Especially in the beginning it is very common to get cross contamination or get hidden gluten.

    So take it as a wise way that your body has in order to warn you!


  2. Why do I need to eliminate lactose?

    cause if you have damaged villy it is really possible that you have lactose intolerance too. you may go gluten free and see no change until you eliminate lactose too. Also it will be much easier for you body to cope with lactose right now even if you are not intolerant to it. Later , when your villy is healed, you will gradualy re-introduce it!


  3. Hello there! welcome to the forum.

    OMG! What are you eating? If you keep eating like this you may add more health issues. It is a pitty since you are so young!

    Any way , I don't have the right to judge your choises, I am just trying to tell you that we are what we eat so please just keep that in mind ok?

    There are so many options! you can have fruits, and rice cakes, honey, taini, nuts, nut-butters (delicious) and you can find gluten free chocolates (I used to eat Toblerone) and in your local health store you will find many gluten free snacks.

    Making some chicken or some beef steak for lunch is not "cooking"! You just put that in your oven, leave it for 15 minutes, and there you go!

    You can also have butter and cottage cheese and philadelphia (it is gluten free).

    Just keep in mind that IF you have celiac it is wise to eliminate lactose in the beginning. Also , have or not have celiac, sugar is sooooo unhealthy that it will cause you more problems (this goes for the coke). I guess you are eating very often Mc Donalds in US so I cannot tell you to eliminate that too....Feels like your will shoot me if I do!!! lol!!!!


    Try to eat healthier if you can! If you cannot, be careful cause I don't know if the chips you are eating or the fries from Mc Donalds are gluten free. There is a thing called cross contamination and also there is gluten hidden in many foods. I suggest that you check it with the manufacturer or with us, before you consume anything that is not simple (I mean with 1-2 ingredients for example eggs, meat, salads etc..are simple)

    Generally, people have to eat simple food in the beginning just untill they are able to understand where there is hidden gluten.

    Hope this helps you. Didn't mean to offend you in any way. Just telling you some thoughts. I became VERY unhealthy cause I was consuming nothing but sugar for many months. Dont' want to see any one end up like me.


  4. please don't take it. I have candida and I am finally curing it, with the most natural and delicious way. please visit this site. (I am not promoting anything / anyone. It is just the most wonderful healing site, and you will need no medicine at all)


    oil of oregano, coconut oil, garlic and pau d'arco are the best natural antifungals, with absolutely no side effects. the diet that Bee suggests is the ONLY one that is working. I've been struggling with candida for the last 5 months, and all I did was keep losing my time and my money (over 1.200 dollars in medicine and useless supplements that did nothing but make my immune go to sleep).

    I am on week 4 of Bee's program, no money spent, just coconut oil and the proper diet and I am doing just Great! Please read the files and subscribe to the group. you will get the best help ever. It is a group for healing naturally and boosting your immune, with advise you never even imagined it existed. you no longer need to visit your doc.

    feel free to send me pm if you need any help.


  5. Welcome to the forum.

    I am sorry, but I don't get it.... what is a mild celiac disease??? is there such a thing????? As far as I know there is one celiac disease and it is totally - completely - absolutely not allowed to eat ANY gluten.

    Do you trust this doctor? I've never heard of mild celiac disease that allows you to eat gluten until you start feelng terrible.

    Celiac is not something that gets better as time goes by. Even if you have absolutely no symptoms at all (like my case) it will damage you the same as if you were in pain 24/7.

    it is totally unacceptable to have gluten if you have celiac. I just don't understand this diagnosis. Maybe someone else knows something that I am missing here.

    Please be careful. Celiac is not a game. Is it possible to visit another doctor? this sounds very strange to me and not professional at all.


  6. Hey 30 days are not enough after 2 years gluten free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    read this!!!

    How long do I need to be eating gluten before I am tested for celiac disease?

    This is not an easy question to answer. Most people believe, or are told that they need to eat gluten for a few days (or up to a week) before a blood test or a biopsy, and this is incorrect. The true answer depends on how long the individual has been avoiding gluten. How much gluten to eat depends on the age of the individual who is being tested. The information provided here is a general rule, there are many specifics that come into play, so its best to talk with a knowledgable physician about your particular situation.

    First: If a patient has avoided gluten for six to 12 months (or more) it is advisable to consider an HLA gene test before a gluten challenge. The HLA gene test will help determine if the patient is even in the risk group for celiac disease. (Only 1/3 of the US population have the genes for celiac disease.) After 6-12 months, it can be difficult to obtain a diagnosis of celiac disease after a gluten challenge, which is why this step is advisable.

    Patients who have been on a gluten free diet for less than six months can consider a gluten challenge under a physician's supervision. A challenge would typically require an adult or a child to eat some gluten for four to eight weeks. For some, a twelve week challenge could be required but no challenge should last more than 12 weeks in children. The patient would eat a specified amount of gluten every day.

    Many patients are concerned about participating in a challenge. Medical research shows that a limited challenge of this sort provides a greater medical benefit when it leads to a correct diagnosis of celiac disease. The challenge would need to be maintained if a positive antibody test result is received, because the biopsy procedure also depends on the presence of an autoimmune response.

    For children, eating a saltine cracker each day would be enough gluten to conduct a challenge and for adults, a slice of bread a day would be adequate. The challenge would need to occur for six to eight weeks before the test in order for it to be accurate. Accordingly, we will not be able to register individuals for the screening who cannot meet this criteria, should they wish to be tested after following the diet.

    Source: http://www.celiacdisease.net/GreatQuestion...25/Default.aspx



  7. Thanks for all ;)

    super ti ide Hrvatski ;) Ja sam iz samoga centra Hrvatske, iz Zagreba ;) Karolvac je malo juznije...

    Your Croatian si very good :D I am from center of Croatia, from Zagreb, it is near Karlovitz....

    I hope I will foumd here lot of usefull posts ;)

    In Croatia, I can buy only "Schar" and "Valpiform" gluten-free products.

    Hey I am jealous!!! what are you 2 talking about???? LOL!!!

    Sasha welcome.

    Is celiac well known in Croatia? How did you found out so soon?


  8. Now you are talking!!!

    So lets see ...experiences....well It is a way to check your new boyfriend!

    one experience that I had was totally great. he was really trying to make things easy for me, (i met him when i first found out). He would go and buy gluten-free snacks for me, just to surprise me on a date, or he would search the net just to find facts for the disease. He was really very romantic. He was always asking me if I am ok when we were together and he was eating something non gluten free (he was feeling guilty !! he thought I was jealous)

    so I think it is a way to see some things about your date's character!!

    My new boyfriend is not so romantic, but he is treating me like I am a totally normal person.I like the fact that he never told me that he feels sorry for me I also like that he is always very careful not to gluten me by accident and he is happy for me that I am feeling ok. He says that he wishes he had the same thing, since I follow a really healthy diet and he just doesn't have the strength to do that. And he is very proud of me that I am living my life in a total happiness and I am not feeling like something is wrong with me. .

    So, people may react in a different way. Or in a way that you don't like. But it is very important how YOU will present the facts. If you start venting all the time about it (I am not saying that you are doing that) they will treat you as someone who has a big problem.

    Isn't it better for example if you could say "Hey, you know I would like to let you know some facts about my diet, just to make sure that I don't get a cross contamination. Also we can go to good restaurants that will help me with that. ", then they will treat you like a healthy woman who is taking care of her special diet. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Feel special. You are now taking care of your health more than your friends. You learn to read labels, you are strong enough to say no to many temptations, you are listening to your body, you are in control of your celiac. you eat extremely healthier than most of the people you know. Feel proud and never let anyone tell you that they feel sorry for you.

    The whole thing depends on you. Be proud and be happy. Focus on the good news! You finally know what was wrong with you and now you will be healthier every day that goes by! Isn't that great?

    Just to let you know something else. I am on a candida diet too. If you google candida diet, you will not believe how hard this is. I am taking tones of supplements, I am eating only meat and salads, I am carrying a water filter in my bag all the time, I am having dying off symptoms with nausea and vomiting and D and I never see my self as ill. So, no one else will see me that way. People will see in you the way you see yourself.

    And just to make things clear. I am not saying that I am perfect. I am having my moments with less important things, that if you knew them you would say I am a fool. BUT, for some reason I never had my moments with celiac or candida, so since I can manage at least that I am trying to help as much as I can.

    I am sure you will do perfect. I really mean that. I never wanted to make you feel bad, on the contrary I wish I could send you a big smile and tell you that EVERYTHING WILL BE JUST FINE!!!

    Have a great day


  9. I noticed that the label on my calcium supplement (Meijer - "Naturals") says "No Added Gluten". I'm wondering about the word "added". The ingredient list doesn't seem to have any gluten containing components, and there is only a warning about soy. Has anybody seen this wording before on anything else?

    Yes. Actually all of my supplements have the "no added" description. No added salt, gluten, soya, yeast etc.

    It is wierd, since it sounds like the supplement already has gluten but the company did not add any more. But it is not like it sounds. It is just another way of gluten-free labeling.

    Don't think it twice. It is gluten free.


  10. I really don't see the problem. You just have to explain that you cannot eat everything and that sometimes you may feel sick if you get glutened ( and that shouldn't be more than 10 times / year.)

    How difficult is that? is that a disability? You are not a sick disabled person. You just can't eat gluten!!!!! Don't think you are ill or something.

    You said you are 30 years old.Me too. I don't know many 30 year old people who don't have their own needs. Someone maybe allergic to dust, or another may be on a diet to lose weight, or someone else may be a vegetarian. My boyfriend is trying to quit smoking, so we are not going in parties now just to keep him away from temptation. And you are not eating gluten. So what?????????

    I am sorry if I sound like I am yelling at you, but it is really wierd to see that you are afraid you are going to have a problem with dating. Don't make things hard ,cause they just aren't. You are a totally normal person who has some needs, like everyone has.

    Please don't be offended. But I am not going to tell you things like "yes I understand your problem" cause there is no problem.

    People will treat you like an ill disabled person, only if you keep on having these thoughts. For god's sake, there is nothing wrong with you!!!!! go on live a totally normal life,just don't eat gluten!!!!!!!!!!!