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  1. Thank you all so much for all your help in this! My heart goes out to her because they just feel so helpless! It angers me so much that STILL, there are so many specialists who totally disregard the damage the gluten is capable of, and still consider it to be just a "gut" issue!!!! GRRR!!!! Jestgar, if there is any way for me to get my hot little hands on that Lancet article, I would be eternally grateful! Linda (my friend) wants to be armed with proof of correlation for their next appt. Thank you all again!
  2. Hello everyone. I have a very good friend who lives in Washington State. Her teenage daughter has been plagued by blackouts for some time now. She has had all the necessary tests and the doctors have come to the conclusion that her daughter has Cardiogenic presyncope and have started treating her accordingly with medications. The problem is that it is not working, and the problem persists, and is even getting worse. I have suggested to her that she tell the doctors her daughter needs to be tested for celiac as my childhood symptom was blackouts. Her doctors basically told her that since celiac is "gut related" and she has no symptoms to suggest that, they aren't doing it..... ARGGHHHH!!!!! Can someone please give me some links to studies that show that celiac is indeed a very real possibility in this instance? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Karen
  3. My cousin's daughter works for Campbells up here in Ontario. My cousin contacted me to let me know that her daughter, who works at Campbells, informed her that Campbell's is coming out with a line of gluten free products in October. I have e-mailed her back asking if her daughter knows what kinds of products they will be offering. I will post anything if I find out. Either way, it is good news! More options for us! YAY!
  4. Hi, we are leaving on August 3rd and driving down to Orlando and going to Walt Disney World. It is my husband, myself, and three children. We are staying outside of the complex but have bought a 5 day pass. I don't think we will be dining in any restaurants, just counter food. Are there any particular places that offer gluten free options the fast food route? i.e. Nachos and cheese, etc. Oh, I am the only one gluten free. Everyone else is fine. Are there any options for restaurants in the Orlando area (we are on a tight budget, lol.....) Thanks! Karen
  5. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  6. Well, I'm Newfie (Irish descent, as just about everyone in Newfoundland is.....ha) , so it will be salt beef and cabbage (with potatoes, carrots and turnip). We are wonderfully inventive people, we call it a boiled dinner, HAHA!!!!!
  7. HAH! There are six in my house, and I tell ya, I'd have to make two batches for sure!!!
  8. Is there any possibility whatsoever that maybe it was some kind of a flu bug? Lots of viruses are going around right now.... I trust Kraft absolutely, completely 100%...... never had a problem with them.
  9. Motts is the only clamato juice that is gluten free in Canada. I use it, and I am very sensitive. I have no problems with it. I even got a few of my American friends on here hooked on it, right Momma Goose and tiredofdoctors???? hehe............
  10. Hi. My cousin and his girlfriend will soon be inheriting two small children to care for. One is a girl who is 7, the other is a boy who is 10. The boy has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Neither my cousin or his girlfriend (long time, live in girlfriend) have any children thus far, although knowing both of them, if anyone could make life better for these children, it is those two kind souls....... The children's mother ran out on them and the father works in another province, so until the father is able to return to care for his children, my cousin and his girlfriend stepped up and offered to care for them. Can you offer any good links for me to give to them to help learn how best to help this boy? Thank you so much for any help you can suggest! Karen
  11. Toddler's Diarrhea ????? What the heck is that? Sheesh! I have four children, never once heard that term..... Sounds like a cop out term to me......
  12. Might I add, you are getting more and more beautiful every year! You go girl!
  13. Wow Molly! What a wonderful surprise to see your wonderful face! You made my day! Hugs to you! Karen
  14. When I have mine, it is administered over a 3 - 4 hour period, it's basically an all day trip to the hospital for me. I have absolutely no side effects from it. Make sure you bring a good book! lol
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