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  1. hi there i'm going through something very similar, i had problems getting pregnant 6 years ago the said it was just unexplained infertility i had no scans etc and they put me on clomid and luckily i fell pregnant 1st time. My daughter whos 4 has been diagnosed with coeliac for 3 years, me and my husband have never been tested for it don't know why. Well we have started trying again for another baby for the first 6 months onour own then my G.P put me back on clomid for 6 months with no joy. They now think i have poly cystic ovaries but as before now follow up no scan etc just guessing they have put me on Metformin and have been on them for 4 months know. After internet search etc and coeliac uk help, coeliac cans cause unexplained fertility, so approched my G.p today and after demanding a coeliac test (they did'nt even know it causes infertility) so have to wait 1 week for results, so hopefully there will be good news. I think it pays to demand things from gp's if you think you might be right.
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