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  1. So this place isn't exactly a restaurant.. of the eating out variety. However, you can go in and buy pre made meals or so i've heard/read. I have not had a chance to eat any of their meals but it does look like they have some tasty options and well labeled. http://heavenlyfoddermeals.com/index.htm -grace
  2. Wanted to share this information. I spoke (via email) with the chef contact at Not Your Average Joes restaurant. I specifically asked about their dressings & vinegar. They do have an online gluten free menu which is awesome, however the only dressing listed in that menu was ranch (boo - I'm CF too). He verified that the only dressing on their menu that is gluten free currently is their ranch dressing. He also said that their balsamic vinegar (that's what you get if you order oil & vinegar) HAS gluten. However, they are looking to expand their offerings in the future so keep checking the online gluten free menu! -grace
  3. I'm not sure how much I can add on the weight gain front. Definitely you are putting in significant time exercising. Not sure on the intensity but just quantity wise you should be burning a lot of calories. You might want to keep a log of what you are eating and try to get calories from that and calories expended. I'm inclined to think as well that maybe you aren't getting enough input.. and that maybe because of that your body has become very efficient on a small amount of fuel. You could perhaps try a couple days of lifting to shake things up a bit.. not that you could possibly have time for that! I am a cyclist & cross country skier (skate skiing). I had been eating the clif blocks skiing but there may be CC issues with those. I liked them because you could eat 1/2 package and get 100 cal and that would be good for me for a 3 hour ski. I am going to try the sharkies or jelly belly equivalent. I am unable to drink gatorade or diluted or anything of the sort during exercise. I would in no way be able to eat a lara bar during exercise.. the fiber content would kill me. My husband has a pretty sensitive system while exercising and he does well with Gu which i believe is gluten free. You can also buy the bigger bottles of that and the small refillable ones which is cheaper. -grace
  4. Just in case this might help someone else. Today I called and talked to someone at Discus Dental. They confirmed that the Fluoridex Daily Renewal and Fluoridex Daily Defense toothpastes are gluten free. -grace
  5. I use this one: http://www.helpforibs.com/shop/suplmts/acacia.asp She has great products and fiber supp. states gluten free hope this helps... -grace
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