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  1. Bleach is useless or no better than soap. Gluten isn't alive, it can't be killed and bleach is not an effective cleaner in that it doesn't 'lift' it just kills bacteria.

    Neat alcohol is probably the best cleaner if you decide to try and scrub things clean.

    With all due respect to gfp... regards "cleaning with bleach"... firstly, bleach is absolutely a "hostile" and "destructive" environment for BOTH "enzymes & proteins", and not only just "living organisims like bacteria, etc". Secondly, in cleaning with bleach the "lifting off of the dirt" is accomplished with "effort" I term it the "elbow grease" part of the process, after scrubbing with full strength bleach & a brush, one is advised strongly to "blot up the wet bleach" using "paper towel" (so it can be disposed of rather than just rinsed inadequately perhaps and wrung repeatedly in a rag), and then one further should take a clean rag and hot water and "rinse" the surfaces that were bleached, and finally again "blot the area DRY", in my own humble opinion a process which more than adequately "lifts dirt / germs / and gluten" OFF of the surface being cleaned. I would note personally I do wear a mask and rubber gloves during this process. All that said... lastly, my intended point was really "a need to CLEAN surfaces you store/prepare gluten free foods on which have been in contact with gluten and can not just be replaced, like cupboards", and was not really concerned with what actual "method of cleaning" that any given soul might wish to use to do so.

  2. The rash could be DH, of course.

    I think I have read on the forums that one can have ulcers from gluten.


    Hi nora... thanks for yer reply :D

    (and thanks fer not giving me a well deserved chibe for transposing the acronym "DH" in my post eh ;)

    All I know fer sure about my poor feet is they're remarkably better since I stopped gluten. Guess it could be "coincidence" (though I don't believe in them personally I believe in God), however the fact is that apart from my departure from gluten I have done absolutely NOTHING to "treat" my foot rash, and yet it is "changing". Also, this improvement began to occur nearly immediately after I began gluten free efforts, (though I was a few weeks at least still likely having major CC issues so it was slow then) it definetly however had a distinctly noticeable "raging flare up" in a direct and immediate response to the one particularly bad instance of me glutening myself by licking an envelope. It raged bad a week & half, now today (I think :rolleyes: gluten free) they are once again demonstrating a significant "healing" and importantly (for me) are NOT ITCHING at all... so DH or no, my feet seem to like my current diet eh! :D

    Regards my query about the "gastric ulcers" and Celiac... I went to the "online medical encyclopedia" at the "College Of Family Physicians Of Canada" website today and used it to research gastric ulcers, and I noted two things from doing so... firstly, once again there is NO mention what so ever of "D" being one of the "symptoms" of gastric or peptic ulcers, and I most certainly had D occuring spuratically in January and then DAILY ongoing non-stop D from Feb 11 (my birthday wouldn't ya know eh <_< right through until just this past Thursday, April 17th, so a "run" (no pun intended huh) of 66 full days straight. Also, I think notably, one of the chief symptoms of gastric type ulcers is "vomiting", I have never once through all of this done so. My primary symptoms all along have been SEVERE weight loss / GAS / Bloating / CRAMPS / Back Ache / Brain Fog / and D!D!D!D! And ALL of which now since da 17th (prior to my gastric ulcer even being found on my Apr 22nd GI scope) (and a'course since I went gluten free) are absolutely and significantly improved, and in the case of my D it has abated for a whole week now! :o

    The second thing I noted at that website I will quote to ya here directly from the page:

    "For some people, physical stress (such as being sick for a long time) may help cause ulcers."

    So it seems to me that fairly answers my question of whether or not my "Celiac sickness" & "Stress" may be a "cause" of my gastric ulcers. :D Anyhoo... shall have to see what the results are in 3 wks to know more from biopsies. Naturally I'll post an update to this thread when I get them.

  3. Hi Folks

    So okay, figured I was due to give ya an update on my progress here... and I have a question on what was found during my gastroscopy.

    Firstly, I'm doing really good ever since Thurs. April 17th (I marked it on my calendar as the difference from the day prior was miraculous, and I knew I had finally turned the corner towards HEALING at last :D I awoke that morning without what has been my "usual GAS" for the past 4 months, and thru the day it was reduced so that I did NOT have to eat my typical daily "30 Rolaids PLUS 1 zantac 75, and 3 peppermint caps & 3 Phayzme simethicone caps" , and only needed to take the zantac & Phayzyme and about 10 Rolaids that day. AND my D stopped completely and has NOT returned now for a week! So in general I'm thinking that I have actually finally succeeded in ridding my environment of hidden :ph34r: gluten and am actually (at least til my next CC :unsure: honestly GLUTEN-FREE here!

    Meanwhile in the "medical dept"... things are slow going due to our crappy health care sysytem in BC, I have had to do a lot of "waiting" through this diagnostic testing process which has made me slightly more cynical of the medical system and it's delivery, BUT none the less, I did have my bloodwork tests done, in March they were "Negative, Iga 2 <20", however I was gluten free for 4 days prior to testing so who knows eh. I also had a "Breath Test for Helicobactor Pylori" which was a negative result at same time. Now I've finally gotten a Gastroscopy done as well on Tuesday, a'course now I have to WAIT another 3 weeks to actually learn the full results of biopsies that were taken, though I did learn (not from Dr but by asking a nurse myself what was found out before leaving!) I do have "Gastric (stomach) Ulcers", which he also took biopsies from and apparently is checking those for both the H. Pylori Bacteria Infection (which my "Breath Test" in March was negative for :blink: and Stomach Cancer as being the "cause" of the gastric ulcers. From my own perspective today, I just can't imagine I would be feeling so much better every day if in fact I was currently dying of Stomach Cancer eh (prognosis & speed not good) so I really doubt that is a cause. Perhaps the bacteria breath test was a false negative, that I'd maybe go for.

    So anyhoo, now this has me wondering here... Is it possible my digestive system being so compromised by Celiac for months AND my life being extremely STRESSFUL during the same period of time would or could have contributed to either, "causing ulcers" OR "permitting H. Pylori to overproduce" and cause ulcers. I'm myself not at all convinced that "Gastric Ulcers" were the "entire problem" or the cause of my 4 month long bout of D. Typically from what I've read on them one tends to "vomit" (and I have not and do not have that symptom at all), and no where did I read that D was a usual symptom of ulcers. In the case of H. Pylori Infection certainly that can/does cause D as a symptom as well, BUT then I have to ask eh... "would an H. Pylori infection react POSITIVELY from the gluten-free diet"??? It would seem obvious that my having gastric ulcers would certainly exaserbate my "intestinal healing" if I am suffering prior or already from celiac damage. BUT from view in side of this poor old body, truly the one thing that made a difference to my being sick, consistently and progressively day by day, was/is "NOT eating gluten"! So I sure would appreciate hearing folks thoughts on all this.

    AND also btw... one other important (to me) thing... for da past 20 or more years I've had a "itchy rash" which is on my feet, it flares and abates, it has always been diagnosed as "exzema/dermatitis" etc and I have been prescribed "creams" which do nothing at all to either relieve or cure my rash, it does as it does. Well gee go figure huh... since I have become gluten-free - my rash is at least 80% HEALED a first for decades! So hmmm eh, I have a feeling it is a mild form of HD that is on my feet... my Dr says no.

    Anyhoo... love to hear what ya'll thinks eh :D

  4. OH WOW EH :o

    Well gee I just LOVE soft-serve!!! Here I usually buy it by the "take-home liter" (quart for ya southers!)

    I am going to go and pay an in person visit to the DQ here in my little town and ASK them about their current practices and what they can assure me IS in fact gluten free tomorrow. I'll post my results after.

  5. Hi There, to BOTH - Death_Cab_Doll and donnal

    I too am fairly new to Celiac, but fortunately (or unfortunately pain wise ;) I have managed to educate myself, primarily by doing MEGA amounts of "searching & reading on this forum", and by "trial & ERROR" :o In my own case, I found that at first to spite my concerted efforts to "go gluten-free" none the less because I'd both "consumed TONS of wheat/grains" and had further TONS of it within my environment/home for all of my 51 years, that it actually took me several weeks to "root out hidden gluten sources", and really I'm fairly sure that even now there is likely more than a few "molecules" left hiding here :ph34r: somewhere yet awaiting my discovery in days ahead! A'course, I rather dread the discovery being after I've "ingested" it, and I pray occurences of my cross-contaminating myself will be few and far between, BUT that said I am a realist and so I know that there will be occasions when it will happen yet. My last CC resulted due to "licking a mail-reply envelope" which enlightened me to "gluten in some adhesives" at a horrible and painful price! <_<

    In my de-glutenizing efforts here I found I had to both completely "sanitize/scrub with bleach" ALL of my kitchen cupboards and counters surfaces, before I even began to "restock my pantry gluten-free". I also had to purchase many new items, pots, pans, baking pans, plasticwares, cooking utensils, toaster, mixer, a wood cutting board, a rice steamer/fryer/slow-cooker appliance, colanders, drink jugs, and well basically EVERYTHING POUROUS OR PITTED OR SCRATCHED that was ever in contact with ANY gluten source. I've also had to be consciously careful around a few things I know can CC me but that I either, "can't" do any replacement of (my pet Ferret eats and LOVES wheat fortune cookies for her treat, so I have to immediately wash my hands after feeding her a piece, and store them in a sealed container OUTSIDE of my kitchen area), OR as in the case of my pet Finch birds, I still need to "replace their cage" even though I have already managed to find a "gluten-free seed mix" which I started feeding them now. I also had to switch both my Ferret's and Dog's daily food/treats to "grain free" varieties. And then too lastly but certainly NOT leastly, in my case I had to "change medications" in some instances as well, ie I'd been "treating my gas/bloating" using Mallox Berry Suspension or Chewables, BOTH have gluten in them so here I was "pouring gluten on my poor sick intestines to try to relief the symptoms and pain caused from gluten ingestion, sheeeeesh eh"! I then found a couple of the meds I used had gluten finally by "phoning the maufacturers with the barcodes". Using them obviously resulted in my "healing being impeded/prevented", even though I was doing "correctly" as far as my "actual diet consumption" all the while.

    Thus given that ya are as I, fairly new to this gluten-free lifestyle change, I just wonder if in fact you too are not perhaps still ingesting gluten which is not so obvious as your "diet"? Certainly, ANY gluten even a "minute trace", say left behind in the metal seam of a spatula used to flip wheat pancakes prior, or say perhaps contained in a lipstick/cosmetic you use or come into (kissing) contact with, WILL be enuf gluten to effect you negatively, (not to mention actually do more physical damage to your intestines!)

    As for the queston of "how long does reaction take"... I agree with emcmaster... typically I find if I get a larger dose of gluten then within mere hours I will be literally doubled over with severe cramping & gas! If however I ingest a small trace it seems to take me 24 hrs - 48 hrs to acheive FULL AGONY & D, D, D! Conversly, with a larger dose of gluten I will stay SICK for more days overall than if I get a wee dose I'll usually only suffer for a few days total time before I start back to mending mode.

    Anyhoo... just some "gluten-free food for thought" for ya. :P

  6. Anybody know of safte shampoo, toothpast and deodorant. Appreciate any advise. Also, thank you for the replies. I learned more here than I did from my Doctor.

    Hi there JgeorgeSCR :D

    Hope this helps... I use the following items... Shampoo - Neutrogena Anti-Residue Formula - Soap - Again, Neutrogena Original Formula Transparent Facial Bar - Toothpaste - Crest Pro Health - Rinse same Pro Health - Deodorant - Arm and Hammer Baking Soda Deodorant. There are also others which I'm sure folks will share with ya as well. Hope ya have a "clean & happy day" eh! ;)

  7. Greetings Bellababy :D

    Well boy oh boy eh... can I ever relate (as indeed so many here do really ;)

    I'd just like to add both a word of encouragement for ya, and couple other words of "advice" that haven't yet been offered to ya...

    Firstly, while I know it is NOT what anyone wants to hear when they are eager to be well and trying to do everything they need to do to succeed in acheiving wellness, unfortunately the sad truth is that once you have become so very ill the actuality within your body is that it is "badly damaged" and thus it takes you some time in fact to concretely begin to "heal", and then a while longer yet before you'll start to notice a true difference that makes it evident to yourself that you are in fact healing. I know it is very difficult to exercise patience when it comes to "suffering", BUT never the less, I want to encourage you that honestly there truly is a "light at the end of the tunnel"! Everyone is different in "how long" the time frame for healing is, some folks have seen drastic improvement in just mere weeks or months, others it has taken them from a year to a couple of years to acheive their significant improvement. You MUST be persistently courageous, and try to take heart that every day, (even hard ones) is still a day that will bring you closer to being WELL once again.

    Now then all that said... I'd like to share some other advice with you, which it happens in my own case made a real difference to my "progress" (and lack of it initially) and which may prove to assist you too...

    You stated that you are "being very careful about what you eat" (and staying gluten-free), however I wonder if perhaps you may be like I was "ingesting gluten from other sources", for example in my case I had to change my "shampoo, soap, toothpaste, medications, AND all my dishes, pots, toaster, pet foods, etc". Have you do you think Bellababy truly "de-glutenized yer environment" completely? Perhaps you have a substance or item which is unwittingly delivering "trace amounts" of gluten still to spite yer diet changes. Additionally, once again in my own case, I inadvertantly "glutened myself" most recently simply "licking an envelope" (the adhesive on that reply envelope contained gluten!!) and man oh man was I sick from it with raging D and cramps, and naturally the healing that I'd accomplished prior was impeded by this. A perhaps not so obvious "other source" which ya might be encountering gluten from is "yer work place" if in fact you "share kitchen/coffee room space" with others who "use gluten containing things". With Celiac "cross-contamination" can and does occur regularly and even the most minute trace of gluten on or in your shared environment is and will be enough to cause you to "react" (and do damage to your intestines and impede your healing progress), so say for example if you "place your food onto a place where someone has prior placed a nice 7 grain sandwhich and not washed the surface after, well gee eh the sad fact is that you can unfortunately end up ingesting the left behind gluten right along with your nice "gluten free sandwich/food item" unawares it has even occured! Now I am happy to report however, and share with ya the fact is that here myself I am FINALLY (6 monhts) actually "feeling better" and my D & cramps have stopped and I'm keenly aware that I am now truly "mending" within my own intestines. (Which in truth, shall turn out to be a "negative" (literally) for me as it happens I am actually scheduled for my "Gastroscopy" TODAY, (took months to get it booked here!), I'm extremely doubtful now that the scope will provide a "positive confirmation of Celiac villi damage" as a result of my obvious healing from being gluten free (even from traces of it) for the past few weeks. But none the less, I am gonna go have the dang test anyhoo, I figure at the least while it may not "rule in Celiac" it should most likely anyway "rule out everything else" huh! Sheeesh the marvels of modern medicine huh <_<

    Anyhoo Bellababy... I hope this will both bolster yer spirit somewhat AND that perhaps it can lead ya to discover if there is some "hidden" :ph34r: gluten still managing to wreck havoc on yer poor guts. I pray you'll be able to ascertain any that may be present in your daily life, and that you will see improvement soon too!

  8. Howdy One & All :D

    Well sheeesh eh... I have been so completely swamped with tasks here lately that I haven't had much chance to get any where near my gardens, (AND da fact is we in BC's "lower mainland/fraser valley" are experiencing EXTREMELY unseasonable COLD weather, like even snow for pity sakes in April :o So gee whiz eh, reading all yer posts about all yer "plantings" has definetly turned me here GREEN wit envy :lol:

    Oh well... certainly, our turn does have to come eventually huh ;) (Jist hoping/praying is soon!) Anyhoo though in the meantime... I have been mulling over the prospects of "trading seeds" with others on this forum as was discussed earlier. While I absolutely relish the idea of doing so, I gotta admit it has struck me now, "exactly how do we do that"? I'm wondering because of course, given "general internet safety" and "online prudence", I don't think it is either wise or recommended to "post one's actual contact info" so that EVERYONE in the entire whole dang world can "read/obtain" it besides the individual/s intended? Least anyhoo, I myself really would not be comfortable or inclined to disclose my actual address online. What about you Judyin Philly... were ya just gonna post me yer address to send ya the seeds at, or? :huh:

  9. I love the way you put that!

    I am glad you were able to find a suitable seed. You might want to just take the cage out in the yard and give it a good go with a scrub brush instead of buying a new one. As long as you get it really clean you should be able to keep it.

    Help! I am newly diagosed... we have two parakeets and a guniea pig (the piggie lives in my kitchen) I am reading a lot about finches.... is it just the food that I need to worry about?? what about parakeets???


    5 years of lupus diagnosis (hopefully now it is celiac)

    Hi ravenwoodglass & DMS :D

    Firstly, regards my Finches current cage... it is a BIG (3 ft high x 1 1/2 ft square) and VERY old cage, which has NO floor actually... it is simply "set into" a just slightly larger "corrigated cardboard box with about 5 in. high walls", wherein I place an "aluminum foil oven guard tray" as a "floor" lined with those "pregraveled cage liner papers", there is also a "homemade seed shield" of sorts, I have surrounded the lower 10 inches of the cage itself with more "corrigated cardboard box" by simply "twist-tying the corners together". Thus really, the truth is it is in fact long overdue for replacement, and so in this instance "making a lifestyle change for Celiac" has actually turned out to be a blessing which I feel certain shall prove to be beneficial "health wise" for both myself and also for my 2 sweet little feathered friends, as I am SURE that "cardboard" is always a convenient desirable place for all sorts of "undesirable organisims" to reside, from germs, to parasites, to wheat /grain dusts and/or molds, fungus, or.... ya git da idea eh, da cage is jis a scary place! :ph34r:

    To DMS... well gee, I have to admit I am ignorant as to what exactly yer Guinea Pig "eats" :blink: Thus whether or not its presenting any dangers to yer "kitchen area" by "sharing the environmet" would seem to me dependant upon "whether or not wheat/rye/barley/oats are within any of its life requirements". As regards yer "budgies"... certainly step one for me here was "finding out what the ingredients of the seed I was feeding were, and whether wheat was present in it". In my case one turned out to be AFFIRMATIVE unfortunately, which meant a "change of seed product" was definetly necessary, but I was very pleasantly surprised that I was actually able to find a "Finch Seed Mix" which is completely safe having no wheat and no oats included in it, and amazingly "right in the same store I bought the other one at". In fact another added blessing I rather appreciate is this new "safe seed" is considerably "cheaper" too, as it happens to be the store's "house brand" (a'course not sure where ya live DMS, but I shopped at a store called "Price Smart" and the store brand is "Western Family", and I live in British Columbia Canada) Never the less though, where ever ya live. I think that if ya discover the seed/treats yer feeding to the budgies now DOES have wheat :ph34r: then ya will at the very least I'd say have to take a lesson from ravenwoodglass in the suggestion that you "scrub clean the cage/toys/etc", and then start a new utilizing ONLY foods and treats which contain NO "Celiac Grains" (or derivatives) wheat,rye,barley, and in the case of "lower pet grade products" I'd suggest staying clear of "oats" as well which can be also "contaminated by other lethal grains" :ph34r: However, the good news is, I do think it is possible that ya could just as I did, find a "suitable safe seed mix" for yer parakeets to live with ya long & happy! I do hope this is helpful to ya... sorry I can't assist ya much wit yer wee "piggie" but perhaps someone else will be able to provide ya wit information regards them yet. Meanwhile, shall pray it ALL works out :)

  10. Hi Folks :D

    A brief update on the situation here with Da'Guys... Well the BAD news was/is that I did confirm that in one of the "Vitamin Fortified Finch Seeds" (Hartz), there is GROUND WHEAT :ph34r: Fortunately, I was able to find an available "Finch Seed Mix", (Wetern Family) which contains NO WHEAT & NO OATS either, it is just a "millet & niger" mx, so at least that will be safe... never the less, a'course this still means that now I need to REPLACE THE DANG HUGE CAGE & EVERYTHING THAT WAS IN IT, <_< e'cept Da'Guys! AND as it happens, I can't get to do that for another week or so as am swamped, so am dreading lightly around the cage etc in the interim, and otherwise trusting by faith the Lord will grant me needed grace.

  11. I ran into someone who had elevated IgA and she couldn't figure out why because she had been gluten free a long time. She now thinks it was due to the bird seed she was using. I suppose that some of the wheat gets turned into dusty stuff and gets in the air, onto food, breathed in, etc.

    I would get gluten-free food for the caged birds. The outdoor ones it depends. Maybe you could wear a mask while filling feeders or get another family member to do it?

    Is there gluten free bird feed?

    Nancym... oh my oh my oh my... the bird seed, feathers, etc goes everywhere in the "little" suite I live in I'm afraid eh! I do "wash after handling seeds/suets", and I store them "in sealed containers apart as much as possible from my kitchen area" BUT my suite is sortta "1 big (wee) room" :( Sheeeeesh, I do hope it will NOT now prove necessary for me to not only go gluten-free, but also "Finch-Free"!!! :o

    kbtoyssni... I don't think there is such a thing as "gluten-free Bird Food" for the Finches, they eat "grain" :ph34r: Dang eh... may be a dilemna I'll need to confront yet, but fer now I'll see "how/if" I can "minimize" within the environment to enuf degree. Lord willing I won't have to part with "Da-Guys" I truly adore their "chatter & cooing" in my daily HECTIC existing. :blink:

    yolo... As I said above... I think that would be NO. Finches eat "a grains mix" that does contain "highly likely contaminated Oats" within it fer sure. The other "seeds" in it are "millet & niger" I think, but it may even contain "wheat" or "rye" as well. Incredibly, I have to admit thus far I actually have NOT read the "label" of the 2 seeds I feed, as when I bought it I had no idea I needed to and disposed of the box when I put the seeds into at first "a big plastic bag" so I could "mix the 2 up". Now I have it in an airtight container and not a bag, but have to recall to "read the boxes at the store" when I'm there, assuming that my combo "Brain Fog & Early Onset Alzheimers" permits me to remember it that is! :unsure:

  12. wow put this in red so no one will miss it

    thanks so so much


    Hi Judy :)

    Yer welcome... BUT really I am so sorry that I failed to mention it on the lists themselves for ya'll. :(

    So folks to reiterate Judy's sentiments on my last post... this is me YELLING (in red ;) at ya now...


    That said, I would like to reassure everyone, you will NEVER find any "lethal combination" given "within" any of the recipes provided on the recipe lists I posted ya. IMHO and rule of thumb, it is NOT wise to just "experiment" and "change or alter" ANY formulation recipe apart from basic "substitutions", say in a case as we discussed prior, "using corn flour in the cat deterent spray", or interchanging "dish-soap and baby shampoo", where the ingredients are "equals" rather than "additional or different". Just FTR eh :D

  13. Good Day Gardening Buddies!

    Well gee, this post is definetly one which is done in "hindsight" now... AND hopefully will NOT be a case of being "too late"! However, it just occurred to me this morning that I really should have included in the "cautions/warnings" portion of the "recipe lists" I have provided to ya'all one other particular warning which may or may not be "obvious" to everyone here who may utilize those recipes. So I'm providing it here now, and praying it shall be "better late than never" for ya all to receive.

    PLEASE, be aware you must NEVER, ever, combine "Ammonia" with either "Vinegar OR Bleach"!!!!!! To do so creates "toxic fumes" which could very well KILL YOU :ph34r:

  14. Evening Judy

    Yer most welcome for the recipes, my pleasure to provide 'em :D

    Absolutely you can substitute, either "potato or corn" flours for this recipe. The ingredient is changeable.

    Hope this eases yer mind, and provides a worthy use fer yer "sit'n round potato flour" as a bonus! ;)

    Thanks for all your time in helping us with the natural approach to gardening!

    I've printed them all out but still haven't really read them in depth.

    I did see this one.

    I don't even have any wheat flour in the house. i for one wouldn't use or be around wheat flour now.

    I love to know if it would be ok to use rice flour or potatoe starch flour instead? I can't use the boxes of potato anymore so they are just sitting here. I could use that in this recipe maybe.

    wonder what the difference would be?

    Any thoughts out there?




    1. Combine, 1/2 Cup of Oil Of Mustard with 1/4 Cup Dish Soap and 2 Gallons Of Warm Water, in a large hand held sprayer. Spray perimeter of areas you want cats to avoid.


  15. QUOTE (missy'smom @ Apr 8 2008, 02:01 PM)

    Me too. I'll have to remember the egg shells. My hostas weren't looking too good last year and I wondered whether or not it was a slug problem.

    One year I went out a dusk every night and hand picked slugs (and counted them) when I reached 1600 I went out and bought Safers Slug Bait (it prevents the slugs from producing slime and they can't travel and die- this seems cruel but I was tired of had picking and wanted a bait that wouldn't harm birds or animals). I have a pretty shady garden and it is pretty damp in my back yard (I live in Vancouver and we get alot of rain) so the slugs love it. Plus I tend to like things a bit overgrown and they love all the hiding places I provide. I use egg shells alot now. I save them all year and in the spring I buzz them in my food processor and lay them around my suseptible plants.

    Hi All

    To both missy'smom and especially to Wonka... I live in Chilliwack BC, and pretty much figure this property is the original "slug factory on the planet"... I have good results in "reducing damage" to all my plants and veggies, by simply "spraying the perimeters of ground surrounding my treasures" with a "natural deterent spray". The recipe for the actual "super slug spray" I use was provided on "pg 2" in the first "recipies list" posted in this thread. The spray is not only effective & safe, it's "earth friendly" in a very literal sense, as it "cleans & rejeuvenates" the ground which assists your plant's healthy growth. I encourage ya both, (and everyone else too) to give the spray a try for a "non chemical" approach. I also utilize "egg shells", not only for the dreaded slugs/snails, but in fact they work like "diatomatious earth" to "cut the soft skinned/shelled" insects that frequent the garden floor, without harming "good insects".

  16. Okay Folks Better Late Than Never Huh :D

    Below here ya will find "List #2" of Natural Garden Aid Recipes. BUT gee, I have good news and bad to convey since my last post... the good news (well at least I think it will be :rolleyes: there will be a List #3 and maybe even a List #4 yet to come in days ahead. The bad news, I did not have time to include "Lawn Helps", as I'd indicated I would within this list now. I've covered Mildew issues, Critters, a Tomato End Rot Preventor, and as promised a "Daylily Transplant Booster". As I am able I will post ya a bunch more "nifty natural garden aid recipes" for dealing with pests, and "maintaining good gardens". I do hope ya all enjoy and benefit from the lists :D So here is List #2...



    I HAVE :ph34r: GOUT WEED...BISHOP WEED.............



    Well Howdy All :D

    Sheeesh eh, it's late again huh :o Sure the heck hope yer just "bated breathed" and NOT "holding yer breath" huh :lol: BUT this time I get to lay the blame on my forum chum Judyin Philly! :rolleyes: YUP YUP it's all her fault eh... a'cause I simply had to take a couple minutes to "try" to assist Judy with her DEMON Goutweed issue, before I could post the "second list" for ya'll tonight! :lol: Will post it in a sec.

    Seriously though Judy... Below I have copied you some good info about yer problem, along with the site link info of where I obtained it from so ya can utilize that resource if ya want for "other invader issues".

    Plant Conservation Alliance, Alien Plant Working Group







    Steve Garske, Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission, Odanah, WI

    David Schimpf, Department of Biology, University of Minnesota - Duluth, Duluth, MN


    A variety of methods are available for controlling goutweed, depending on the extent of the infestation and the amount of time and labor available. Regardless of the control method used, the patch should be carefully monitored periodically for a few years. New shoots should be dug up and destroyed. Once goutweed control has been achieved, revegetation with native or non-invasive exotic plant materials is recommended. This is particularly important on sites where erosion is a concern or where other invasive species are likely to colonize the site if left alone.


    There are no biological control organisms currently available for Aegopodium podograria in North America.


    Systemic herbicides such as glyphosate (Roundup

  18. Hey Ho Thar Gardening Gurus :D

    So sorry this is a bit late tonight... BUT at least I KNOW ya'll shall understand how it "goes" with "D" ;)

    Never the less gang, I do hope that this post shall prove to be well worth yer wait anyhoo in da end. I've just one small snag to convey though... (there's always a catch huh) thing is that I don't have the time now tonight to provide ya with ALL of the many recipes that I'd like to share with ya, thus I simply must break the delivery of the "Natural Recipes" up into 2 separate "lists", (the second I'll post on the morrow Lord willing) but fer now, hope ya will all enjoy purusing this first list in the interim. Of note to, (sorry can't recall the poster's name now :unsure: the individual who discussed planting "daylilies", next list great "transplant booster" for them included, and as well the list will contain "Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Lawns, & Critters" recipes, as well as some "fertilizer/booster" recipes to benefit plants throughout the growing season.


  19. toomuchagony

    wow allot of info you can share.

    I'd love to know your environmentally friendly ways of dealing with bugs, wilt ect.

    It's fun the have the sign in your yard and it has encouraged allot of kids to get their folks to try for it.

    Maybe we can share some seeds too.............yahooo............. :rolleyes::lol:


    Hey again Judyin Philly ;)

    I am just here on a wee break from my BUSY day here... BUT just wanted to give ya a heads up of sorts now... I will absolutely (the Lord and my D willing that is eh :rolleyes: post ya a nice "list of natural remedies" for ALL SORTS of garden problems okay, I hope later this evening, but if not able then on the morrow for sure. For now, I would agree with Di_gfree regards her "soap solution" for aphids, though I have not utilized that for "earwigs" myself, I use another "natural remedy recipe" for those, which I'll be sure to include in my later post as well, along with a sure fire fix for WILT.

    As for the "seeds" well sheeeeshh YA SURE.... I'd LOVE to trade ya what ever! Happens I have a TON of them taking up all the little bit of room my tiny apt. size fridge freezer offers me for storage in fall :lol: Perhaps ya can share with me "what sort of seeds ya have yerself & what kinds ya might like to have from me as a starting point"?

    Meanwhile, too sad to say... I must get back to the grind of work for now here. :(

  20. Well Howdy & Thanks to ALL ya fellow Earthy types eh!! :D

    So gee, now I am really glad that I started this thread, (though I am wondering that if we should persist in our "gardening conversations" now whether or not the thread would technically be better suited for the "users chatting category"? Perhaps, one of you 'advanced' community members or forum moderators can give me an indication if perhaps I should go ahead and "re-post this thread there" instead, or maybe now it should be moved, or well heck what ever as I a'course don't know huh ;)

    For now though, I would like to add these comments to the discussion going on here...

    Firstly, to Judyin Philly, regards yer enquiry about "Certified Backyard Habitat"... well gee YES as a matter of fact the gardens of this property are a Canadian Wildlife Federation Certified Backyard Habitat!

    As such, I actually am required to "use ONLY natural pest & weed techniques & methods & products". I'm now accustomed to the "natural approach" to dealing with my gardens, both flower/shrub/tree & vegie. I actually have accumulated quite a bit of knowledge regards this natural approach now, and I would be very happy to "share" that info with anyone interested. That said though, I am strapped for time just now, and I think I should wait until is figured out exactly what should happen regard this thread category.

    And lastly for now, to Flourgirl... well gee I have in fact over 275 different perennials, vines, shrubs, and herbs making a home on this property now. Later when I have more time I will share some of the details with ya about them. Many of these are "Canadian (British Columbia) Endangered Species" plants and are very interesting and beautiful. Anyhoo though, I must dash for this time. Talk to ya ll again soon eh :D

  21. Hi Again Good Folks!

    Firstly, I want to just apologize if I have posted this into the WRONG category... could not figure which it would best fit under myself so must rely on the experts on this forum to MOVE if necessary, sorry...

    I am extremely concerned about whether there is ANYTHING at all which I would need to be careful of in doing my "gardening"? It happens we have several "vegie & flower" gardens on our property and I spend basically my entire spring, summer and fall outside working in those gardens. Off the top of my head (which is disbaled due to my current BRAIN FOG as well currently eh ;) I can't think of anything, BUT gee whiz since I KNOW NOTHING still about "avoiding hidden glutens"... or heck obvious ones too, I thought maybe it would be worth while to ask here and see what ya'all have to say on the subject to see.

    Thanks, for any input in advance... AND to any moderator who has to be bothered moving this if needed!

  22. THANKS fer the inputs psawyer & home_based_mom :D

    I appreciate your replies greatly. Though I must admit I am still fairly unclear as to "what sort of adhesive is utilized on various types of tape?", and most especially "scotch tape and duct tape". I am glad to learn that all the sealants etc I have to use around here should not pose me any problems.

    As to the "envelopes" situation... perhaps I should clarify a bit for the record here... it happens that I am a "World Vision Sponsor" of a child in Dominican Republic, and it is the normal routine that they send me a "sponsorship payment envelope" to return my monthly payment within. This was the envelope I licked without even a second thought (of course I am NEW to Celiac, am still undiagnosed, and have only been learning about "gluten sources" [hidden or obvious] for a few weeks total time now, so learnt about GLUE the hard way :( Now I use a wet napkin to moisten the envelopes I must use that are NOT peel & stick!

    Anyhoo, thanks again for your kind infos... I still hope someone can clarify for me about "tapes" though.