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  1. The former leader of our support group, a Naturopath, knows Dr. Fine personally. Dr. Fine has eaten dinner at his house. I asked him if he had ever spoken to Dr. Fine about why he has not published his results for peer review, he said yes. Well why not, was my next question? The answer to the question was....wait for it......"He just doesn't."

    That does not inspire a great deal of confidence for me. Not that my opinion means anything, since I have never used Enterolab. But if people are making lifestyle and diet changes based on these test results, they are owed the courtesy of having had the methods and findings validated. That's good customer service.

    I would imagine that the dietary changes are the validation in and of themselves, especially if there is improvement in health

    I had a baby with multiple intolerances, not diagnosed by Dr Fine. My husband and I could not imagine how our baby had all these health issues that were found to be through food intolerances.

    Years after my child was born I was sick all the time...I suspected Gluten and contacted Enterolab, Not only was I Gluten Intolerant, but Dr Fine found me high in antibodies for all of the culprits my baby was intolerant of as well. I guess what he got in infancy I had all along, either dormant or triggered in adulthood. But I want to also say... I had learning disabilities and rashes all through my childhood....and I believe it was the Gluten (and maybe then some).

    So when I look back (and maybe some others here would agree as well) ..even though I did not have full blown Celiac symptoms growing up...there was stuff smoldering under the surface...that I can only attribute to an underlying cause now.

  2. Yum!! The nice thing about not eating bread is that you have more room for all the really good stuff they put on the bread.

    I think I'm having tomatoes and mozzarella for lunch :droolface:

    What's that jegster sweet creamery butter! ;)

  3. Ivan I will post to you something I just mentioned to a poster Brian in Serbia.:

    I do know for sure Russia has way more resources than Ukraine for example who has next to nothing. But even in Ukraine (Kyiv) I was able to find in the larger markets Orgran gluten-free Pastas, and cookies. If you contact Orgran... I am sure they will tell you where to find gluten-free in Croatia! Dobra sreća!!

    I STRONGLY suggest for you to go here to drop down window and switch it from inside australia to outside australia..write to them they are a wonderful company. And no I do not work for them, but they saved the day when I was in Ukraine over the course of 3 months. I cried when I found them in Mandarin Plaza in Kyiv!


  4. Brian I do know for sure Russia has way more resources than Ukraine for example who has next to nothing. But even in Ukraine (Kyiv) I was able to find in the larger markets Orgran gluten-free Pastas, and cookies. If you contact Orgran... I am sure they will tell you where to find gluten-free in Serbia! Срећно!

    I STRONGLY suggest for you to go here to drop down window and switch it from inside australia to outside australia..write to them they are a wonderful company. And no I do not work for them, but they saved the day when I was in Ukraine over the course of 3 months. I cried when I found them in Mandarin Plaza in Kyiv!


  5. My child just asked me if I ever went to IHOP. Being that I had as a child, I felt so sad for him AND my gluten eating child who has never been there., We have stayed away from IHOP all this time. So I came to look for an update.

    This last post was from 2007. Does anyone know if I am missing a more current update here on the forums, or has the IHOP issue stopped right here in 2007 dead in the water never to be revived again?

    Thank you!

    PS I am mostly in agreement with mmaccartney that "I don't trust restaurants at all. None."...But...I guess I am still hoping that more big businesses will be smart enough to try to include other less taken care of populations!

  6. Pretty misleading and crummy that they would make such a big deal about sprouted grains eradicating natural gluten content in the grains and then add it back in each recipe anyway (look at the ingredients of their products). That's a dirty trick on top of being completely wrong.


    I am so in agreement with this skbird. It is so deceptive and quite a tease might I add. Why bend over backwards trying to convince the public how the process eliminates Gluten if they are going to reintroduce it anyway? It's like kid's breakfast cereals that the process has destroyed the vitamins so they spray it back on anyway. :P

    I SO hankered for this concept (sprouted=gluten-free) to be true! I was raised hippie-ish and cruncy granola-ish, I used to knead & bake my own breads while dreaming of an Earth Mama lifestyle.

    What a fly in the ointment Celiac disease turned out to be.

    Now I do bake in my machine often from recipes often from mix (the latter not truly qualifying as homemade in MY crunchy definition)

    But I do truly yearn for healthy bread.... NOT just bread that is healthy for me because it doesn't make me ill!

    I am tired of all the white starchy flours...and missing whole grains and sprouted grains. All the "whole (gluten-free) Grain" substitutes in the world never seem

    "whole grain" enough for me! :(

    Love & Light,


  7. Can anyone suggest any good protein powder supplements that are gluten free?


    are you in uk or the states now? It would be hard to mention brands of protein powder if your brands are not the same.

    I would guess to make gains...

    Good clean carbs, brown rice, sweet potatoes, gluten-free oats if they are available to you

    (and you don't react), cream of rice, grits, quinoa, quinoa pasta, baked (jacket) potato

    Lean proteins, whey powder to supplement (if you are not vegan) I have heard about and i am looking into pea protein...low fat cottage cheese, if you are a meat eater, tuna other lean fish (wild caught), lean cuts of meats (beef, chicken, turkey), of course egg whites.

    Fats, virgin olive, coconut, nuts, avocado

    Best wishes in your gains...just getting back on the fitness wagon myself after numerous surgeries through the years.

  8. Well that sucks. I am sorta a bit curious how Gluten is a fta burner? I notice many fat burners contain cellulose and I am guessing that's a filler they use.

    I really can't see in the ingredient list which may be gluten or gluten derived, but I imagine they are just covering their backsides from any trouble especially since they had many ephedra related lawsuits initially!

    Hydroxycut Ingredients

    As one of the most popular dietary weight loss supplements in the U.S., Hydroxycut claims to help people lose up to 4.5 times more weight (when paired with a low-calorie diet and regular exercise) than diet and exercise alone.

    However, despite clinical research that verifies Hydroxycut weight loss claims, patients' reports of serious Hydroxycut side effects triggered a massive FDA recall of various Hydroxycut products on May 1, 2009.

    Currently, about one million ephedra-free Hydroxycut products are sold in the U.S. each year. Iovate Health Sciences Inc. (with bases in Canada and New York) makes and distributes all Hydroxycut products.

    Ingredients in Hydroxycut

    Although some of the ingredients in specific Hydroxycut products may vary, in general, a Hydroxycut ingredients list includes:



    gymnema sylvestre (a tropical Indian herb)

    green tea extract

    hydroxycitric acid (which is extracted from tropical fruit and associated with causing liver problems)

    hydroxygen plu




    white tea extract

    Depending on the product, Hydroxycut may or may not contain caffeine as well.

    Before ephedra (an herb known to have serious side effects) was banned in the U.S., original Hydroxycut products contained ephedra. Currently, however, ephedra is not contained on any new Hydroxycut ingredients lists.

  9. Well I just thought I'd share. Your welcome to those who are concerned. Of course you all need to make your own decisions and weigh the risks.

    I for one would not risk giving that to my child any more than I would eat it myself. I have lived with the disease and suffered long enough before my DX to never want chance it again. Now one of my children is Celiac as well. Maybe if I never lived through it I would be more complacent about what he could handle...just because he does not show the symptoms that I do.

    Walmart made a BIG reveal and BIG deal out of their products that were clearly gluten free, just about couple of years back.

    For me reading the ingredients that seem "safe" enough are not enough. Because they did recently come out with white labels for their GV Products, with clear cut Gluten-free labels on those as well (many of the white label products do say "a Naturally Gluten Free Food").

    I have a white Label 100% Parmesan cheese here and I just finished a can of whip cream both stating "a Naturally Gluten Free Food" I just finished my bag of GV Corn Tortillas in their original "Gluten Free" Labeled green bag. If their Corn (corn most definately being "a Naturally Gluten Free Food") tortillas previously said Gluten Free and now suddenly does not...I would have some concerns! :(

    That product does tend to be Naturally gluten-free in nearly every other brand (plain corn tortillas, we are not talking about the exotic flavors) why have they decided they are not gluten-free now? I cannot be sure they did not change the location of where they are manufactured. I cannot chance it that they have taken the gluten-free label off corn tortillas but left it so many other things... ;) to just to cover their backs, when 100's of products with the new white label still say Gluten Free. I won't be chancing it when the major brand tortillas right next to them, are just paennies more.

    Be well, stay healthy!

    Love & Light,


  10. Hi I do not know if this is already posted. For those of you who live on corn tortillas...GV (Great Value) brand with a lime green bag was always gluten free and stated that.

    For those who haven't been to a WM lately they are changing ALL their GV Brands to a white label, easier to find the better priced items. Well Saturday we brought home a new pack, I went to make dinner, assembled all my ingredients and I have NO idea what possessed me to look...they LOOKED exactly the same (some inner gluten radar perhaps) I could not find their Gluten Free icon anywhere...I looked at the ingredients....

    ....Sure Enough!!! It said equipment that processes wheat! :huh:

    So for any of you that have the white Label GV tortillas they now have gluten...and for any of you that take for granted that GV toertillas have been gluten-free...don't!

    Just thought I'd warn y'all!

    Love & Light,


    PS this makes me VERY nervous about the other previous GV gluten-free items eg their awesome scallop and cheesy potatoes. :o

  11. I forgot my password and had to go through the whole rigga-marolle to get a new one, but the new password sent to me is impossible to remember...it is not an actual word but a scrambling of consonents.

    Is there a feature on this site to select a new password myself...without having to obtain a new password from gluten-free Forum that makes no sense to me, or that is impossible for me to remember?

    Thanks ahead of time!

    Love & Light

  12. OK , so I am back to report about the chocolate chip cookies, They were good and all three kids enjoyed them, gluten and gluten-free alike.

    I am still looking for any other input on gluten-free pantry's products. I see now others have had trouble, I am not so embarrassed about it.

    I have the county French Bread and Pizza mix. I am looking to make an Italian style bread for spaghetti night.

    gluten-free Pantry has merged with somebody (who was it glutano?) I remember they used to have several downloadable cookbooks. I think they changed their format though, because the cookbooks used to have cute l'il icons of the foods on the page, and now I am not seeing that.

    On the bag it gives directions in a machine or loaf pan. I really don't want a loaf pan shaped Italian bread. Sort of takes the thrill out of the break off loaf.

    I seem to remember years ago reading you can make this bread in foil shaped to an Italian bread shape. Does this sound right to anyone. IF I like this product, I wouldn't mind investing in one of those nice baquette pans you see in the cooking catalogs, but I want to try this first. Any input?

  13. Hi Tamara,

    I Just found this thread and I see it is from September. We did the Kirkman Labs stuff (loads of their products) for our child with speech delays. It is a product big within the ASD Community.

    It got so expensive we stopped after some time. BUT for Gluten-free Casein-free diet, and free from other allergens, it cannot be beat.

    My oldest loaded with yeast, due to overly Rx'd antibiotics, this and Nyastatin helped. He became much more verbal after this!

    I hope by now you found something that has worked for you. If not, HTH!

  14. It really do not believe it to be the oven, because it is new and because numerous other products of all different brands work out well.

    Bob's Red Mill Bread has always turned out very well. It is our fave.

    Pamela's products has been really good (their frosting mix in a bag excellent as well although not a baked product)

    A surprisingly good product (that I never hear mentioned) has been Hol-Grain Baking Mixes (the maker of those wafer thin brown rice crackers) specifically their Brownie Mix is SO good and fudgey all our "glutens" not only enjoy this, but cannot wait for them to be finished (we also use this brand's brown rice bread crumbs a lot for breading things.

    By far the best Chocolate Chip (Toll House Type ) Cookies for us has been Arrowhead Mills Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix! EXCELLENT! :P another brand we don't hear mentioned. We are extremely sensitive and often react to pasta that also make gluten pasta, but we have never reacted to Arrowhead mills.

    Even the least expensive brand of all is that age old standby Fearns! (yeast free) Quick Bread Mix for when I am really in a hurry for bread (for only a couple of bucks a box) It doesn't rise up very high but it is good in a pinch.

    All these various products turn out well in our oven, so I do think it is fine. But so many of the GFP's products seemed consistently a problem so I wanted to check with others. I wanted to know how others got around the dryness. Maybe it hasn't been a problem for many. I just went and bought so many dern products because the price was so good, now I am wondering how I can make them more tolerable. :huh:

    Thanks to all who have commentd.

  15. hipretty, I've actually had number of successes with the GFP line of products. Are you maybe at a strange altitude?

    First to mamaw,

    I don't think my results are about a matter of taste, the taste is not the problem at all. It is the dryness and falling to a pile of crumbs at the first bite. Does that really sound like it is about taste or opinion? The taste (when the broken up pieces) are washed down with lots of fluids isn't bad. It is that seemingly very few things I have made through this company's products hold up or hold together.

    Second to JNBunnie1,

    No I am not at a strange altitude.

  16. Hi All,

    It has been quite some time since I posted. I used to post quite a bit under the old format....and then it changed...and life happens. I only posted a few times in the last coule of years. (Is Shirley still here???)

    Since then my youngest child has been diagnosed with Celiac as well, so now there are 2 in our household of 5 that are Celiac. So bread goes a lot faster, so I bake a lot more than my previous HFS purchase days. Not necessarily from scratch, but, there is a store around here that discounts gluten-free baking products sometimes when new ones come in and they need to make more room. So I bought several at a time at a reduced price. I was so excited to try them. The dates are still good, just to set you up before I tell my dilemma. :(

    Here is where my embarrassment comes in.

    Gluten-free Pantry seems to be the most used, revered products to buy on all the gluten-free sites, and I never hear any complaints. So imagine my embarrassment when time after time I am not happy with the turn out of the product. I find them VERY dry and very crumbly. Am I the only one? :angry:

    A few weeks back, the scones I made from the scone mix fell apart they were SO dry and crumbly, I crumbled them up completely and made them into crumbs to use at a later date for cheesecake crust, the pizza crust was like a cracker, the Danielles Chocolate Cake mix was also so dry I crumbled that cake up completely to use at a later date for cheesecake crust. I mean that was a good save, but to invest that kind of time and ingredients into baking a product, to end up making crumbs for cheesecake? It was supposed to be a chocolate birthday cake and I had to whip up a cheesecake in a hurry using the crumbs as the bottom. I can do that with gluten-free cookies and save all the other steps and eggs! :angry:

    Earlier this morning I tried the scone mix as muffins (mini muffins) I used lemon extract and some lemon zest and poppy seeds (I used to bake before Celiac and missed this flavor) there was double the mix with the minimuffin pan that would fit in a standard muffin pan (good thing) because when the first batch came out (and they are NOT being over cooked) the smell was heavenly and I could not wait to try it...crum-BLY! It is so disappointing, they are falling apart as I bite into it.

    I tried to trouble shoot this by adding an egg to the remaining 1/2 batch of batter that was left. They rose higher, they looked good, but they were only barely better...still dry. In the end I buttered the tops, and while I served my 2 gluten kids waffles and suryp I gave some syrup to the gluten-free kid to dip the dry muffins in.

    In the past I remember hearing that you can convert your old Gluten recipes to gluten-free by adding an extra egg, but this is ridiculous. Now I am adding extra eggs than a gluten-free company is calling for and it is still chokingly dry.

    Now I am thinking 2 eggs more than gluten-free Pantry's recipes call for? What gives?? :o

    I will tell you I am at this time about to embark on baking their choocolate chip cookies, (supposedly like Toll House) I will let you know how that goes. It looks very dry and not cohesive barely coming together. This recipe does not call for eggs, so I cannot save it with an egg, I added an extra 2 spoons of butter, now it is somewhat holding together. How can you roll dough into cookies that are not "rolling" together into a ball?

    Does anyone here agree with me about having the same trouble or disappointment I have had? Can anyone here lend any advice. Yes I can try other products (in the future) but as it is now I have a load of gluten-free Pantry's products here that cannot be returned. Any input is welcomed.

    Stay Healthy!

  17. That's nice that a yogurt company will commit to it's Gluten Free Status. I think I last heard that Dannon would not do this.

    When I was in Europe, It was hard to figure out what to eat...Dannon was everywhere as Dannone and I was afraid to touch it!

    But a heads up to the vegatarians here...yoplait contains gelatin. So you may not want this product if you avoid meat and it's by products.

    Love & Light


  18. Woops I meant to say Kix...oh yeah and Grape Nuts were always more an adult cereal, but I loved that whole grain nutty taste. Here is another website that as if the gluten-free cereal is not expensive enough....they have to charge MORE for the cheeri O's type cereal we have long yearned for!!!


    Is it just me, or do others find this upsetting? Especially the kid cereals...they must know how fast it goes...do they have to charge so dern much???

    Love & Light