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  1. It really burns my behind just how outrageously expensive gluten-free cereals are in the HFS's!!! As someone who grew up eating the more "sensible" cereals like raisin bran, bran flakes, total, wheaties, cheerios, Kizx...I really find the fruity, artificially colored cereals repulsive.

    The one gluten-free cold cereal I LOVE the most, but I feel totally ripped off buying is an Amaranth Corn Flake it is really yummy in a Natural Grain kinda way. It has an Aztec on the front and I cannot think of the name at the moment. It is incredibly overpriced as are all the grossly undersized for the price boxes of gluten-free cereals.

    When I am in the mood while making a bowl of gluten-free cereal for my son, I swipe a small handful of gorilla munch..,it looks like my kid days of Kix although it tastes to me more like Captain Crunch!!!

    Fortunately for me as an American of Russian / Ukrainian heritage I LOVE Kasha or Buckwheat and eat it several times a week.

    I did ONCE find a gluten Free cereal in a discount store (maybe discontinued???) it was a Gluten Free Buckwheat fllake (like the texture of cornflakes) slightly sweetened with maple...it tasted like Buckwheat pancakes with syrup. I thought I had died and gone to heaven because it was after I realized I was unhappy with the lack of nutrition in most gluten free cereals (they are all like rice or corn to me) and buckwheat was a comfort food taste from my childhood.

    But I have never seen it again.

    @- - - - - - - >- - - - - - -

    OMG! I just googled Buckwheat flakes maple and gluten free and found them there~~~~


    If you can find these I suggest them honestly they are SO good!!! Nummy Nummy! :-)

    Sometimes I swear I wish I knew how to make my own flakes!!! :-)

    Love & Light


  2. I don't know if y'all know this..I have never even heard of this restaurant, but I am posting this!

    Have you ever heard of Fresh City Restaurants?


    Well they have a Gluten-Free menu! So either click above and look for "nutrition" OR here it is. Either way their site is nice, and worth checking out! And some gluten-free's are also CF's for those of us (or those with special kids on "the diet") that are Casein Free as well!

    Fresh City Gluten Free Items

    The following dressings and sauces are Gluten Free:

    Barbeque Sauce

    Buffalo Sauce

    Caesar Dressing

    Market Ranch Dressing

    Reduced Fat Red Pepper Ranch

    The following Fresh City entrees are Gluten Free:

    Great Caesar Salad (in a bowl /no croutons)

    Great Caesar with Chicken (in a bowl /no croutons)

    Great Caesar with Salmon (in a bowl /no croutons)

    Buffalo Bleu in a bowl (sub market ranch dressing)

    Green Grocer Salad (in a bowl)

    Green Grocer with Tuna (in a bowl)

    Wild About Salmon (in a bowl)

    Burrito Grande (in a bowl)

    Chicken Burrito (in a bowl)

    Steak Burrito (in a bowl)

    Salmon Burrito (in a bowl)

    All Stir Frys with BBQ Sauce or Spicy BBQ Sauce

    Salad Station using vegetables, edamame and all above approved dressings

    Raspbery Lime Smoothie (dairy free)

    Berry Best Smoothie (dairy free)

    Hope there's lot's of Northerners out there can enjoy this!

    Love and Light,


  3. Organic Sunshine Burger'a are awesome, but not in the morninstar farms /boca burger style...they are more like a vegetable (falafel like) burger. A long time ago I contacted the company and asked if they were gluten free. The owner confirmed they were. I told him he may want to state that on the packaging, because gluten-free Vegetarians/Vegans are the toughest population to find foods for! I am glad he went ahead and did just that!

    Franklin farms have yummy burgers in the morninstar farms /boca burger style.

    Tofu Pups by lightlife are gluten-free, but I tend not to trust the company that discontinued Foney Baloney...the only vegetarian gluten-free bologney on the market. I am waiting for them to pull the rug out and take the only gluten-free hotdog off the vegetarian market! They also went ahead and discontinued the Italian sausage that was gluten-free. They now make it different!

    Also many sites will STILL list lightlife's hicken strips as gluten free, but they are no longer gluten-free...they went ahead and added malt flavoring for no reason. They were the best in a chicken style stir fry! I wrote and asked why? No one will ever tell you wow that is so much better now.

    In this day and age with more awareness, and more and more populations other than Celiacs turning to gluten-free you would think they would have left their gluten-free products alone.

    Melissa's (carried at walmart super centers) makes a vegetarian chorizo. I spoke to a women who said it was gluten-free, but cannot confirm if any of the seasoning (they obtain from other companies) would cross contaminate. I am dying to try.

    I wish I can give you more hope. I was a vegetarian that became devastated and felt very betrayed by the need for this diet! It's not like I can just start to eat meat! Mostly there is tofu and TVP. I am craving gimme lean meatballs and loaf. Veggie bacun, peperoni and all that meatless stuff. I still find cool meatless products...but they are all in Canada or Australia. They are way ahead of us with this! :(

    Love & Light,


  4. Hi All,

    I have been gone a long time with numerous health issues. After struggling to get back on board...it is good to be back! :wub:

    I see that there is a post regarding Vitiligo...the loss of pigment. My problem is more of a hyperpigmentation, and no doctor has been able to help. I have what looks like huge amoeba-like freckles that have sort of taken over and joined each other! I was concerned it was that mask of lupus, but it is not. They have given me, hydoquinone to no avail...I wear heavy duty sunscreen (to prevent it from getting dsrker, which it would from the sun) although it is not from the sun as in sun damage!

    They do seem to co-incide and become darker for days/ weeks at a time, after getting what feels like cross contamination. In my situation, they are definitely connected or antagonized by gluten.

    I am curious if any of y'all have it since I have noticed a corelation between the 2?

    Stay healthy!

    Love & Light, Tee

  5. Hi! I will be traveling to Europe this year. I am not looking forward to the air travel (I am also vegetarian) or the restaurants, as none of my foods can have animal products either! So,,,although not a pessimist, it seems too difficult for some people to manuever both! I used to eat at outback and get sooooo SiCk!! Then I found out everything fried is fried in LaRd!

    Kim, how do you get those gluten free cards that are translated in the appropriate language? Do I have to print them up myself? If yes, where did you find the translations?


    Love & Light, Tee