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  1. 61 and proudly wearing purple!!! My DH is 11 years younger.


    Loweee!!! I didn't know you were a cougar! ;)


    Just turned 54 and proud of it. I have no problem telling my age, especially at work (high school). Gotta keep those high school boys in line. I was told by one recently that I look like a student (Just a little bragging, but at my age, I'm entitled) :P

  2. Wait. ..what? :huh:

    Have I been telling "getting hit on" stories & forgotten doing it?

    PeOter's flashback to page 201..........

    Yes, p300 should coincide w/ a coup. (Which doesn't sound like soup, does it soup-sie? laugh.gif )

    But I feel somewhat ineligible for the crown when the time comes. (Reminds me of my permanent non-voting status on OMG. Forever the suffragent)

    King Richard truly cannot be supplanted, and I'll pass on being Queen, regardless of my proximity to San Francisco. <tho I have been hit on more than a couple times. I'm not sure you ladies can know how disconcerting that is. At least unwanted advances in YOUR direction involve someone wanting to put something somewhere it's intended to be>


    Hiyo Pattiyo, down there all unsquiggly . ...do we still get squigglies?

    No.......we just kinda .....lean

  3. Awesome Rach!

    I think we can get a whole chorus of horn-tootin' w/ ya for a post-call laugh.

    I call the long Ricola horn!

    Or .. ..(gah! Indecision!) the not-too-long-to-hold-straight ceremonial horn w/ that banner/flag hanging from it, cuz I bet those come w/ a cool hat. ;)

    I get the pflugel horn! Don't really know what it is.......but it sounds kewl!

    I'm bucking the trend of Royal Reluctance & planning to be next King. :o

    Hmmmmm..........every man's fantasy. <_< Supreme ruler over a bunch of (mostly)women. :rolleyes: Pfffttt!!!!!!........sure Ptaughmnnn. You can be "King" for awhile! ;)

    <snort> :lol:

    We'll get that handbook to you pronto.

    Let's see........50 lbs times.......what's the current postal rate???? :unsure: Ummmm......how fast can you read, Ptaughmnmnmnuss??? :P

    I lost 11 lbs o.o :lol:


  4. and what in hell has Leesargh got going on ??

    The flash mob was for the International Law Enforcement Conference for the 2013 Special Olympics. It was a small group of performers with a wide range of ability <_< It was fun anyway, but I almost hope it doesn't make it on youtube. :ph34r: But I only noticed the beginning because shortly after it started a young man....a special olympics athlete...got up and danced next to me. Didn't notice anyone else after that. :wub: He was adorable! It could've looked great after the beginning. I wouldn't have known!

  5. :lol::lol: Tiny wee guy with a li'l rubber cap on his head......now, did I have anybody in my ho'tub around that time fitting that description?...... . .I mean, we're talking small head, here.....that could explain it -- poor wee bloke, sitting with us in the tub, inadvertently losing his rubber cap....this goes unnoticed, as we are all drinking wine, larfing away (probably at this guy's tiny head)...hmmm...this or the airplane.... .. ..they both make a great deal of sense...

    Isn't it obvious? It's the twa!!!