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  1. I've had celiac disease for years, 5 years I've been cooking and buying gluten free products and have ntoiced changes...
  2. Is it possible for a celiac, who is on a gluten free diet and 95% or more of the time is gluten free, to have a bit of...
  3. You have to be careful and read the ingredients. Most bottled spices contain a wheat derived substance to keep the spice...
  4. spicenator3000

    Bad Luck With Lotion

    Also just a thought, check and make sure if the shampoos that your washing the animals in is safe for your skin. Hopefully...
  5. spicenator3000

    Gluten Free Poll

    Trying to live a gluten free life for 5 years, had it since childhood and didn't know (lived with pain/problems). ...
  6. Over the last few years I have noticed an increase in my immune systems strength as I've changed my diet over to gluten...
  7. spicenator3000

    Asian Soups

    Wonderful hot soup to warm a person up in the morning or for a light lunch. Provides the vegetables, vitamins, proteins...
  8. spicenator3000

    gluten-free-mimi's Cafe

    I asked for the gluten-free menu and (after they scrambled to find the file on the computer to print out a new copy)...
  9. spicenator3000

    Dating And Celiac

    Hey, I'm single in my mid 20's and dating non celiacs and doing alright. The date and I usually go to the grocery store...
  10. spicenator3000

    Idaho Moving To Arizona

    I'm not really a party person, I'm mostly just working and doing college class stuff or home projects for comic books...
  11. spicenator3000

    Idaho Moving To Arizona

    Cool I'm looking forward to more vitamin D, lol. Also, I'm use to the Lewiston valley summers which are a desert heat...
  12. spicenator3000

    Uncomfortable Naturalpath Visit

    Thankyou all, I'm so frustrated that he'd do that. I'm going to get my paperwork and say "tah tah!" to him! I could...
  13. My history is complicated (scholiosis, celiac disease, hernia under the left rib cage, etc) and latley I wanted to have...
  14. spicenator3000

    Idaho Moving To Arizona

    Was looking at Phoenix or Gilbert. Not sure now, but sure would enjoy the hot summers Boise is getting a bit chilly...
  15. spicenator3000

    Idaho Moving To Arizona

    Hello I'm from Idaho, currentlly still here, grew up here too. Soon I plan to move to Arizona so I'm wondering who all...