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  1. that's the point gluten is not the only one culprit here!
  2. motif

    Anyone Drink Distilled Water?

    exactly right - I have my own home distiller for drinking and for making colloidal silver. Distillation is one of the best method to completely clean the water and one of the two only methods I heard to remove poisonous fluorine or fluoride from it, so go figure. De mineralization is not a big problem because firstly the amounts are minimal (main source of minerals for humans is food) and secondly you can easily add some minerals after distillation - these ones you really need.
  3. that's the point, how do you know??? - if somebody have no symptoms YET or no visible symptoms doesn't mean gluten and dairy is good for him. Sooner or later he/she can be affected by some real disease like alzheimer or something else which would never happen if gluten was avoided. I did many research on the subject and tried many diets before I've come to this conclusion and when you really think about it it does makes perfect sense. We have today lot's of "unexplained diseases" like e.g. MS etc, from where they come from?
  4. because it's not disease, it's what humans are accustom to not tolerate since millions of years. You wouldn't call a disease intolerance of poisonous mushrooms, would you???
  5. it just seems to me that no gluten/no dairy diet is NORMAL, natural diet for humans, not just we are freaks and do not tolerate some food. Those without visible celiac problems may have some hidden complication because of eating such food, so we're maybe lucky our symptoms are obvious.
  6. I am trying this now and it seems to work fine, there is something right about it...humans are hunter and gatherers not grains and dairy eaters.
  7. motif

    What Can I Eat ?

    that's the problem, I go to the store and I cry - nothing to eat there for me.. and I'm hungry.
  8. exactly like I felt, gush I won't touch wheat again...
  9. just got this today, something woke me up an 5 am and I started to feel bad, weak and anxious with some heart palpitations and chills and tingling in hands. Granted I ate yesterday a roll with cheese...
  10. Ahorsesoul, did they went away by itself?
  11. hi guys, this is killing me recently, any natural help with this? Sometimes I feel like my whole esophagus is moving, especially when lying down. Sometimes more painful then others and I fell like it can be irritated or so. I suspect then pain chest I have sometimes can be because of this.
  12. motif

    Alcohol Intolerance

    I have same thing and think it is candida overgrow related. Yeast loves sugar and alcohol...