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  1. DQ2.5 (DQ2) and DQ8 are the main genes that predispose a person to gluten sensativity and celiac disease. There are other genes that predispose to gluten sensitivity. If you have DQ2.5 or DQ 8 you have a very high chance of developing celiac disease. There are different combinations of genes for example a person could have a double DQ2.5 which would make them very likely to develop celiac sometime in their life. Another person might have only one copy of DQ2.5 along with another gene that predisposes them to sensitivity but not as much.

    gfpaperdoll may have had a typo. My understanding is that if you have a DQ2 or a DQ 8 gene your chances of not being able to tolerate dairy increases. I have a DQ8 gene and when I was tested by Entrolab I was determined to be casein sensitive and had to give up dairy.

  2. Hi Trulees Mom,

    I went gluten-free 2 months ago. Also eliminated casein and soy but still seemed to have problems. My doctor suggested eliminating eggs also, which I did. I improved within a few days. Perhaps I had reached a turning point and was going to get better anyway, but I think not. My doctor explained that the casein molecule is closest in shape to the gluten, then eggs and after that soy. Hope your daughter is better soon.