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  1. is craving nz custard squares... but is it worth making my own puff pastry???

  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. I don't remember much of my symptoms as a child but my mom tells me that I had pitted teeth and constantly had very large stools that were like wet sand (my son gets the same when he is on gluten) when I was 3 I got a very high fever an then ended up with geographic tongue which the doctor just looked...
  4. I saw something on tv once about it and they say always always always rinse canned beans extremely well because they way they are processed releases a lot of the gassy stuff... so the slimy stuff around the beans is what makes you gassy... if you wash them well first it isn't supposed to cause the...
  5. could it be the sesame in the tahini??
  6. that is so sad I love chickpeas... especially in hummus... so sorry for you do you think any othr kind of bean or anything could take their place in your recipes??