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  1. I am waiting for my doctors appointment in very early Febuary. It seems that everyone on these forums suffer from stomach problems when consuming gluten, yet it appears that my only symptom for now is extremely annoying heart palpitations for hours on end after eating gluten, which also keep me up at night. Also I am apparently no longer anemic, which I have been dealing with for years.

    Whats going on? Am I looking into the wrong thing as to the cause of all this?

    no tummy issues here.... although after going gluten-free i can tell by my tummy in part if i have eaten gluten but isnt severe

  2. Hello friends!!

    I'm having a small dinner party and need your help!!! I'm making a gluten free green bean and mushroom risotto to start. The main course will consist of chicken parm...gluten free of course! I made some bread that didn't turn out so well for my PB&J but it has turned out to make a pretty delicious bread crumb mixture!! So do any of you guys have any ideas of an easy dessert? Somthing simple...maybe an easy ice cream dish....

    Thanks much!


    maybe some gluten free brownies with vanilla icecream

  3. Can anyone give me suggestions. My daughter is still getting sick and we are trying our very hardest to be gluten free, and as far as I know we are.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm desperate to get her feeling better!

    how long have you been gluten-free? did you replace your toaster and any nonstick cookware, wooden spoons, pasta strainers etc.? have you checked labels for hidden gluten such as malt flavoring, caramel coloring etc?

    some others on here will have some good advice I'm sure :)

  4. We had one here in Seattle/Edmonds. It's no longer there and when it was there, it had more than its share of problems. Although the food tasted good, I could not recommend the place for people with additional food allergies, anyone in a hurry, anyone who didn't want to listen to fighting.

    just to let you know it is still around it moved to greenwood and changed its name from kailis to davincis... I've been there 2 or 3 times and haven't heard any fighting... they supply romio's pizza in greenwood with all their gluten-free pizza crusts and gluten-free breads.... yummy

  5. The last few days he has been pooping 3-4 times a day and it is gritty and grainy and sticks to his poor bottom like crazy. It seems very dry, but also very acidic because it is burning his skin. It is pretty dark in color also, sometimes dark brown, sometimes green.

    I was thinking that maybe it is because we have taken away most of the gluten the past couple weeks and his body is starting to heal, but then he gets glutened and his body has a stronger reaction. Like he is more sensitive now that it has been taken away. I know that is common and that it can stay more dormant when you constantly ingest the offending substance. Just wondering if anyone else has gone through this. Thanks!

    that is exactly what my son's BM's were like until we took him off of gluten. I thought it was too much fiber because it was worse when he would have shredded wheat or raisin bran and less when he would have rice krispies or other less fibery cereal but I think it was because those other cereals have more gluten in them. its like he ate sand or something... like trying to clean wet sand off after going to the beach.. its so impossible! anyway, after awhile on the gluten-free diet he hasn't had poops like that anymore unless he's been glutened... it also made it WAY easier to potty train him once he stopped having those diapers and now he has normal BMs but you would think that he was constipated by the grunting he did at first... I guess he had never used thosE muscles before! just stick with the diet and it should get better :)

  6. hi, my son has been coughing for a few months now off and on but it seems to be getting more frequent. I went to the dr. on jan. 12 and she asked if asthma runs in the family, I told her it does in my husband's family. anyway I took him in because of an ear ache today and the dr. looked in his ears and said they aren't infected that it is just the pressure and listened to his breathing again. she said she thinks it is asthma and put him on steroids to repair his lungs etc and gave us a script for an inhaler. I had seen something about asthma and celiac disease in the past but not sure what it was... is it a symptom or side effect? or just something related because of the allergy side of things?

  7. my sister came and babysat for us so we could go out and we went to Romios in greenwood... they have a HUGE gluten free menu! you can get...

    pitabread, garlic bread, cheesebread, breadsticks.... pizza, pasta, soup, salad, gyros, subs etc etc etc.... amazing!

    when we went they were all out of their gluten free pizza crust (they get all their gluten-free baked goods from Davincis) so I went with the fetuccini alfredo... :wub: its better than the "real thing!" it comes with soup or salad and gluten-free garlic bread (it even has the air bubbles in it it was sooooooooo good! definitely will be going back there!

    my husband and I ate there for less than $30 (before tip... and just water to drink) it was definitely worth it!

  8. I am going to go Gluten-Free Monday after my daughters endoscopy (see post below if you like). After reading stories on here and researching I think it will be a good idea to try. Even if the endoscopy comes back negative. I am going to have the whole family go gluten free just to make sure we have no problems with CC or her acidentlly getting something with Gluten.

    My question is where do I begin? lol Is Gluten written as an ingerident? Or is there certin things I need to look for?

    It is going to be hard being she is a toddler and she now eats limited things but I think it will help her. I also read on her finger paints as well as play-doh have gluten is there anything else I need to watch out for with a toddler?

    Thanks and help would be appricated.

    we have our whole house gluten-free also it is alot easier and it helped us see that gluten was an issue for more than just me and our middle child, our other 2 children were affected by it also. some labels will say "gluten free" at the bottom of the ingredients list. otherwise lookout for anything saying "wheat" "barley" "rye" or "malt, barley malt, malt extract etc." most people also don't like to get anything with oats or oat flour in it because of cross contamination I'm usually willing to risk it and have only ever gotten a reaction from it once...

    one thing that my kids love that is very inexpensive is quesadillas made with corn tortillas. they are fast and easy also my kids (don't know if they are just weird) like peanut butter and jelly in corn tortillas I heat the tortillas in the microwave so they are more flexible spread them with peanut butter and jelly and then roll them up... my kids will each eat about 5 or 6 of them at a time. for a special treat sometimes we go to mcdonalds there is a big debate on here about whether or not the McD's fries are safe or not but we haven't had any problems with them and its one of those things that I don't want to take away from my kids. we get them each a double cheeseburger without the bun and the garden salad (grilled chicken has wheat in it there) and the sundaes are safe too... and the yogurt parfaits (without the granola) wendys is another good option for a treat or on the go the chili is safe... and baked potatoes and some of their salads too.

    I'm sure others have better info on the details of getting started and the issues of Cross contamination from your cookware etc.

  9. Just a side note - both my daughters had chronic constipation since newborn - they would have a BM once a week.

    were you breastfeeding your daughters? it is totally normal for a fully breastfed baby to only have a BM once a week... unless of course it was like hard pebbles.... on the other hand if they were bottle fed they should be having a BM every day

  10. The fish oil is tricky....if you get a quality oil, it won't taste fishy, but the oily texture puts the kids off. We like the Carlson brand the best, it is Vitamin A & D free (the Vit A gave my dd headaches). The way I get them to take it is with a medicine syringe. I draw up 1/2 tsp fish oil, then draw up a little juice, and they suck it down. I used to mix it in their cup of juice, but they could see the oil in it, and wouldn't touch it, lol. With the syringe, it's quick and easy.

    :) shouldn't have any trouble with the fish oil, my husband loves to take the fish oil gel caps and "pop" them and chew them up... he got Krystjan hooked on that but I haven't given him any in a while I will definitely have to start on that again! at least I won't have to worry about him not liking them! the other day we were in costco and he saw a bottle of them and begged me to buy them! LOL

  11. i emailed General Mills this afternoon just to make sure they truly are gluten-free (i'll post their response when i get it). online the ingredients list barley malt but the box says molasses. i haven't had any ill effects and it's been about 10 hours. fingers crossed i'll still be feeling good in the morning.

    maybe they changed their recipe... last box I saw said barley malt... if they did change it I would love to try them!

  12. Just wanted to post this update...

    I had a chance to talk to my son's preschool teacher today and she said that she just finished her assessment time with him but hasn't written it all out... she said in her estimation he is at the level of a 2 1/2 - 3 year old (he will be 5 in july) anyway, I knew he was behind, I didn't realise how much. she said she will go over her evaluation with me when it is all written out and give me copies to show the pediatrician.... I just don't know how it got so bad.. .why didn't I see how bad it was? why did I listen to the people who were telling me I was just being paranoid? and where do I go from here? I mean even with a referral from the ped. its gonna take ages to get an appointment with the school district!!

  13. To this day I've wondered why I can have Naan and Arabic flat bread, huge amounts, and never get sick but I eat one little piece of bread from Bone Fish Grille or Carraba's and I'm running to the bathroom in 2 minutes.

    I wonder if you have an issue with yeast?? I don't think naan or flat bread have yeast in them... as yeast is what makes the other bread rise/expand

  14. hi, my son was never diagnosed as failure to thrive because he started out big and grew alot at first but at about 4 months he lost 2 lb and stopped growing for awhile. he only gained 2 lb from 4 mo. to 17 mo. then I stopped feeding him gluten and he started gaining a lb a month. he had NO SYMPTOMS at all other than just not growing but because I was looking into the whole gluten intolerance thing for myself and my other son I decided to try it. please at least look into it! it could help your son a great deal and maybe yourself also!

  15. I would suggest dr. young oh in downtown seattle he's really good and friendly talks about all the options etc. I went in because I was told I had gallstones and couldn't find anyone to look into the gluten issue because of that, they just thought I was being stubborn! anyway, I don't think it takes a referral to see him (I didn't need one) and I'm pretty sure he's still taking new patients. he said he thinks some of my symptoms are from gallstones but did the upper endoscopy and took samples, he said it showed unexplained inflamation etc but not really celiac but because of my success with the gluten-free diet he said to stick to it because he's pretty sure I'm gluten intolerant

  16. I would get checked for both yeast AND ITP my sister has ITP and it can cause serious problems if its not taken care of... one thing you could try, my naturopathic dr. told me the only thing she has seen that treats ITP successfully long term is sesame oil. she suggested my sister have a teaspoon of it daily. which could be like on salad or mixed into a shake or whatever if you don't like it plain :) hope that helps!

  17. our whole household is gluten free. it started with myself and then my 2 sons and then my daughter. it seems gluten affected each of us differently. I'm the only one who has been tested, it all came back negative but I did so well on the diet that 2 GI doctors said I'm definitely gluten intolerant. my husband has his gluten food with him at work and he took our old toaster there also, so if he is craving bread or toast or bagels he just has it there. he also goes out with his friends for lunch a few times each week so that takes care of the burger and pizza cravings he gets :)

    if the kids get cookies or candies that they can't have as a treat at school or other places they go they just give it to daddy. even my 2 year old knows what gluten is (poor guy!) my mom was eating pasta salad in front of him and he came and asked for a bite she told hime "no sweetie this is yucky for you grandma will get you something else" he pointed to the dish and said "gooten?" and she said "yeah it has gluten in it" and she said he just toddled off to play. I think kids are better at adjusting to things that seem unfair to us than we give them credit for!

  18. At 2 we gave her the offending foods, adn she showed no acute reactions at all, though aftera year we realize her growth had basically stopped. So, keep her off until you feel ready,it is not hurting her. I would get the gene test done. And when/if you decide to give her gluten, I wouldn't rely on just obvious symptoms to determine if it's effecting her. f I could od it over, I woudl have had a biopsy done when we realized the growth issue was there. (we di ddo a blood test, which was negative, I took her off gluten and dairy anyway. Seh started growing a little, but not a lot. wo we areat the awful place of deciding whether to put her back on to biopsy, or just beign patient)


    patty, I'm glad you knew about the gluten enough to keep her off of it for the first 2 years... I had no idea that I was gluten intolerant and gluten affects all 3 of my children in different ways. my now 2 year old was started on solids at about 4 mo. old and lost 2 lb. then slowly gained it back but only gained 2 lb. and maybe an inch or 2 of height over the next 12 mo. so by the time he was 17mo. he was still in the same size clothes he had been wearing at 4 mo. anyway, I was in the process of discovering how gluten was affecting myself (lots of weird symptoms) and then took my 4 yr. old (then 3) off of gluten because of his tantrums and just freaking out and fussing over EVERYTHING I saw a huge improvement there and also in his BMs so then I was reading up on gluten and its affects on growth so I took my 17mo. old off of gluten and he started gaining a lb. a month! my 5 yr (then 4) was in pre-k and was having snacks every day and constantly complaining of tummy aches and not feeling good, she seemed to be doing a bit better since going gluten lite (eating gluten-free at home and only having gluten at snack time in school) so after school ended I took her off of gluten completly and she hardly ever complains of a tummy ache now! who cares if they haven't been tested! that can come later, right now our household is completely gluten-free my husband has gluten sometimes at work for lunch but we just moved to where he can walk to work so he is coming home for lunch more now also. anyway, when my kids are older I will give them the option of having gluten and then getting tested or just continuing on the diet but for now they are healthier and happier than they were with gluten and we haven't seen or heard any teasing from other children at this point. their teachers have been very understanding and my son has his own snack cupboard at school so the teachers can give him something similar to what the other kids are having that day (all the students have a snack day when they bring snack for everyone so you never know what they are going to have!) I supplied them with a few different kinds of crackers and some chocolate cookies for when they have a treat. they know he can have fruits or veggies with the other kids, juice or milk or whatever and also string cheese, so basically it is just whatever baked goods are brought in like crackers or breads or cupcakes. the preschool director is actually gluten intolerant so I can rest easy that she knows what he can and cannot have. (sorry for rambling)

  19. ok so my middle child is 4 1/2 and I have been noticing strange behaviors since he was younger but they seem to be getting more pronounced and he's not outgrowing them...

    the first strange thing that I noticed about him was that as a baby he never really babbled... he would always make eye contact and giggle and stuff and he is a social kid in a lot of aspects but his verbal skills didn't develop in what I would say was a normal sequence... he started saying his first words between 9 and 12 mo. but his pronunciation was always a bit funny (still is he seems to talk with an italian accent in a really really high pitched voice) anyway... he just does strange things... like chewing on things, he always has his shirt in his mouth... or his blankie... or a stuffed animal or toy... my purse strap and even the end of his toothbrush, and the biggest thing is that in the car he gets ahold of the car chargers... and starts chewing on the metal parts that stick out... you know the part that plugs into the car or whatever.. and once he had the other end in his mouth the part that plugs into my phone and I had to get a pen in it and pry it open cause he had it totally flattened and I couldn't plug my phone in! he still has accidents off and on and its like they aren't just accidents.. I mean wetting the bed is one thing but he told me he pooped in his pants because it was warm.... ??? totally wierd... and he took his hot chocolate up to his room and was spitting it all over the carpet... in toy boxes... all over the front of the dressers... I just don't understand what motivates him to do these things! he's constantly destroying things and I don't know why or what he is trying to accomplish! in the middle of us trying to move he destroyed a gel ice-pack and "finger painted" the walls of a room I had JUST cleaned so I had to go back through and re-clean it all... I thought it was an accident but now whenever he finds an icepack he tries to tear it open! he pulls all the TP off the roll and then rips up the cardboard tube. or he'll put the whole new roll of TP in the sink and get it all wet. he's totally destroyed his blankets by holding one end with his hands and then pushing on the other end with his feet and ripping them into shreds. if something looks like it can be taken apart he's got in pieces within minutes and then crying that it is broken, when I can fix it I do but then its apart again minutes later! It drives me crazy! he smears food on the chairs and in his hair and stamps the walls with those little stamper things and he tears apart books and papers.... another weird thing is his grunting... he's always making a weird little grunting sound.. . they get louder and more frequent during movies or when he is sitting still (not often!!) he's not a very coordinated kid he still can't color and I have no idea if he is right or left handed... someone asked if he is ambidexterous... I told them he was anti-dextrous... cause he isn't coordinated with either... he's basically given up eating with a spoon or fork and just eats with his fingers... even with messy foods. at preschool he doesn't use scissors very well and I have an appointment coming up with his teacher cause she said she has "some concerns" I don't know much other than that he isn't ready for kindergarten and she said the class size (16 kids) was overwhelming for him... I know these symptoms don't really sound like the autism symptoms I've read about... other than maybe the chewing on metal? the only other thing that I can think of that was more typical is he does walk on his toes sometimes.... anyway... he's been gluten-free for about 9 months which has helped alot with his melt-downs and fussyness... its easier to get him to calm down now but I still don't feel like he is how he should be...

    I'm worried sometimes cause he is a totally sweet kid very affectionate and says I love you alot... but when he says it... I don't know I feel like he doesn't even know what it means... like he is only saying it because it seems to be the right thing to say? I don't know if that makes any sense to anyone else but it scares me when I hear of kids that turn on their parents later in life and there was never any warning signs before hand... at least not anything other than subtleties....

    anyway anyone that can point me in the right direction with this or relate to it or anything... help!!!

  20. ok, if you can see my pic it shows my toddler's growth from birth to 24 mo. (the chart would only let me put up to 34 lb but he is 36 lb now and is actually 25 mo. now) so anyway, you can see why I am excited... he was off the charts before and now he is off the charts again! and the dr's didn't believe that there was a problem when he stopped growing! its obvious that 8 mo. of being gluten free has definitely made a difference!

  21. I presume you know about these, but here's a list of the grain free (and hence gluten free) dog kibbles I know of (obviously, I've left raw foods off the list, as most prepared raw foods are gluten-free):

    Evo (Natura)

    Instinct (Nature's Variety)

    Orijen (Champion)

    Wellness Core (Old Mother Hubbard)

    Taste of the Wild (Diamond)

    Go! and Now! (grain free varieties) (Petcurean)

    Canidae (grain free varieties)

    Barking at the Moon (Solid Gold)

    Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets (Dick Van Patten's)

    Before Grain (Merrick)

    Natural (Nature's Logic)

    Addiction (dried raw)

    Honest Kitchen (dried raw)

    (there are a few other ones, but those are the ones I'm familiar with)

    are any of these inexpensive? we just got 2 cats from a shelter for the kids but my husband doesn't want to give them an expensive food he's willing to go mid range cause the cheaper brands aren't healthy at all but if anyone knows of a reasonably priced cat food that is gluten-free let me know!