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  1. No, she hasn't had those tests yet. I have contacted our doc and we have an appointment next Monday. Hoping they can figure exactly what is going on and get her to feeling better again.
  2. Sorry, forgot to add about the multivitamin. No,she's not on one at this time. I'll talk to the doc about that too today. Thanks again
  3. Thank you for responding. I will have our doc talk to her. When she was first diagnosed she would get extremely sick and vomit all the time. Once she was diagnosed and we changed her diet, all that stopped. Every so often she still gets sick like that when she sneaks a glutened snack, but thankfully not as bad as before. I hope our doc can get her to understand that everytime she eats even a little bit of something with gluten, she damages her intestines and will only make it worse again.
  4. Wow, I just found this not long after posting about the same thing regarding my daughter getting very tired at school. She's been getting extremely sleepy at school and wasn't sure if there was a relation with Celiac, which she was diagnosed a couple years ago.
  5. My daughter was diagnosed a couple years ago and has been doing great. She's growing and not feeling sick all the time, but a couple months ago her teacher was telling me she's been very tired almost to the point of passing out. It normally starts happening about an hour or so before lunch, so we decided to send extra snacks with her to eat during that time and hopefully get her to be alert until lunch. But unfortunately this has not been working. Could this be possibly related to Celiac? I originally didn't think it could be but now I'm really not sure since I can't think of anything else that could be causing this. I do know that last week I caught her bringing glutened cookies home that she got from a friend on the bus, so I know she's been getting glutened every once in a while. I can usually tell when she's been glutened cause she comes home extremely irritable and I'm ready to pull my hair out. Been trying to talk to her to make her understand how bad she's gonna get sick if she keeps doing this, but I can tell she's still sneaking snacks she shouldn't be having.
  6. When my daughter was going through the diagnosis process, my friends and family all kept telling me "If she has Celiacs, she's not gonna be able to eat much". But actually, after her diagnosis, I found there are so many things she could actually eat, and very tasteful too. I even may steal a piece or two of her pizza.
  7. My daughter went through the same thing. After she was diagnosed she had worse stomach pains than before, and sometimes had to keep her home from school. When we go on trips, we bring that same cooler filled with fruits and veggies and food to cook in the hotel. When we book a room, we always make sure there is a fridge and a microwave in our room.
  8. I've heard the same thing, that there are a lot of false negatives with kids under 5. My daughter was diagnosed at 5, who is now 7, and she's made a huge improvement. My son, who just turned 4 in December, is showing almost all the same symptoms she had when she was 4 and I'm positive he has Celiac too. I'm not gonna worry about getting him tested at this time, since it may come through as false anyways. I have just decided to change his diet and he has been doing a lot better.
  9. That's what I was thinking. Thank you very much for your replies.
  10. Thank you both so much. I think I will change my diet now, the bleeding really scared me and want to do whatever I can to get that to stop. Just another question, just so I know what to expect. If I do have to go back on the gluten diet, I will feel even worse for a while as I'm back on it, if I am celiac or have a gluten intolerance?
  11. One of my daughters has been diagnosed with Celiac a couple years ago, which she is doing great now. Well, other than every so often wanting what the other kids in her class are having, but what can I expect from a 7 year old. lol But she is doing great, she's growing and happier and so much healthier. For myself, I started having odd issues a couple days ago. I have bouts of diarrhea, but even though I knew I should get checked I never did. My last bout was 2 days ago and ever since I woke up yesterday I've been having bleeding issues. Not bloody stools, but bleeding whether I have a bowel movement or not. Called my family doc today and they had me come in right away. She didn't see anything externally what could be causing the bleeding. She did a rectal and she said my colon felt very inflamed and the bleeding is probably a result of that somehow. I see a GI later this week for a consultation for myself and my family doc told me to change my diet right away since my daughter has Celiac. I know it's been a few years since I've researched prediagnosis so I forgot if it was a good idea to change my diet now or wait till after I see the doc. I already had my celiac panel drawn today, if that makes any difference? Sorry, I know this has probably been asked tons of times already.
  12. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  13. That really bugged me too. I know! I kinda thought something was already going on between them last season.
  14. I was wondering about this myself. Another girl who's diagnosed as celiac was eating rice cakes and sharing them with dd. I thought it was okay, but then dd was getting cranky and she got this weird rash around her mouth. I asked her many times if she had anything else, but her and her sister were both telling me that it was only the rice cakes. Now, I do have a question about the rash. Do celiacs get a rash around their mouth if they consume anything with gluten? She hasn't had that in a while and then it flared up after the rice cakes.
  15. I'm a big David Cook fan. I've never really liked David Archuleta. I know he's only 17, but he looks just too young to be an American Idol. I think it's Brooke's time to go home. I liked her in the beginning, but now it seems like she lost her spark.
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