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  1. You can sub the dry milk powder with finely ground almonds or almond meal cup for cup and you can use any of the healthy flours of millet, teff, amaranth or pure buckwheat for the...
  2. It is important to note that this recipe originally began with Bette Hagman. Then I, Karen Robertson made a few changes to Bette's recipe. I changed Bette's flour mix combo to...
  3. yes i used to go often for work but haven't been there in many years. last time was for a GIG conference.
  4. My children (ages 13 and 16) and I will be visiting Portland soon and plan to go to New Cascadia Traditional and Grolla--any other gluten-free restaurant/bakeries recommended?
  5. There is a little place on Lopez Island called Vortex that serves healthy wraps etc. they are located near a natural food market that also sells gluten-free items. when we go to...
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