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  1. could it be a gliadin intolerance/allergy? A while back it was suggested to me by my GI that it may be gliadin rather than gluten that I react to...but the reactions to the other grains have not occurred until the past few weeks. Ah, help!!
  2. I'm reacting to many different foods that I never had a problem with before. It started this summer with many fruits and carrots inducing OAS symptoms (which were confirmed by an allergist later) and lately more like eggplant (really bad reaction to this) and possibly potato. When allergy tested...
  3. This SAME exact thing is happening to me! I started to get really sick last fall/winter and after eliminating gluten felt much better. However, over the summer and within the past two weeks I have started to develop a slew of new allergies to fruits, vegetables, and grains (ex-apples, peaches, potato...
  4. Swimmy

    Hot Dogs

    What about the "natural flavors" in Oscar Meyer? I bought the Turkey Franks and regular Pepperonni and want to assure that they are gluten free before I eat them. Are all Oscar products safe unless the label specifies wheat? Thank you!!