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  1. I don't know if anyone has posted about this but i was just looking on the Dr. Oz show website and under Be On The Show on the Home page it lists the question, Recently Diagnosed with Celiac Disease? I think you have to agree to share your story on camera but thought i'd post this in case anyone is interested. Here's the link to it:


  2. Lucky girls! All I really seem to tolerate as far as fruit goes are lemons...which I sweeten with stevia to make lemonaide. I keep wondering if it is or is not a fructose allergy... I am actually OK these days with (gads!) brown rice! If it was just candida et al I am betting this would not be the case.


    Hi Bea,

    I'm similar to you also....no fruit for me right now. Not even lemons...the last time i tried them they irritated my stomach but with me switching to the lower SCD carbs my tummy feels much better so i hope i'm healing more and soon will be able to tolerate some of the non-sweet fruits.

    I hope your new regime is helping you heal more! I've seen your new thread and will come visit over there too if you don't mind since you may not see this. :)


  3. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks! :)

    Yes, grape fruit was my main fruit the first many months. I'd either peel it and eat it as an orange, or more often, blend it with water for a pulpy and very fresh juice. Sometimes I'd add cucumber or other greens for a really healthy cocktail. Strangely, despite its sweetness I've always also been able to digest pineapple, and it even seems to have a good effect on me; I think it's because it contains the enzyme bromelain. Papaya sounds like a good choice, they're easy on the stomach - they're hardly ever available in Denmark where I am now, but when in the US, I eat them. I've developed an allergy to melons, but if you can tolerate watermelon it's such a wonderful fruit that's normally very easy to digest. I also have kiwis, and in smaller amounts raspberries and blueberries. More recently, I've been able to add strawberry, mango, and grapes, but these are sweeter so be careful with these, particularly the grapes, until you can manage more fructose.

    And remember, whichever the fruit, it's much easier to digest on an empty stomach so have it alone - or before rather than after a meal.

    As to water with baking soda and salt, I hope Ali can chip in?

    Hope you get better!

    Thanks Jan!

    I appreciate the non-sweet fruit suggestions and info. I bought a papaya the other day and am waiting for it to ripen before i try it - i've got to remember to try it alone...thanks! From me following a low carb SCD diet the last 3 weeks I've noticed more die-off symptoms than when just starting SCD i think because i consumed carrots, bananas and goat yogurt from the beginning. I'm thinking the higher carb SCD legal foods were keeping the candida/yeast going. The first week of my recent new regime i felt fatigue, had a few headaches, irritability, joint pain and foggy brain, etc. but my stomach very quickly stopped hurting. Maybe the high carb foods were causing the gastritis/stomach erosion from feeding the candida.

    I tried a little tiny taste of coconut oil the 2nd week and felt more joint pain, fatigue, fogginess so i think it just creates a big die-off reaction. I've also tried stir-fried cabbage and the same day i had stopped the carafate (w/illegal sorbitol) and i developed a rash on my wrists. Sorry if i've already mentioned this in my previous post also. From what i've read rashes can be caused by die-off. It could have been a reaction to completely stopping the carafate or a combination of both. I know when i started the carafate i would periodically get hot, itchy feet and hands at night. This rash comes at night also and my feet and hands will itch at the same time. It happened the same time every night for a while but now it's still at night but not quite the exact same time. I've also soaked in an epsom salt bath a few times and when i got out (first one was the worst) i had the itchy feet and hands and the rash on my wrists up the inside of my arms, abdomen and upper thighs.

    Evidently it's taking me to only eat the very low carb SCD foods to start killing the beasties. I've felt better and can tell it's helping me. Tonight i tried 1 T of steamed then pureed cauliflower with a little olive oil so i'll see how that goes. The rash has appeared and i'm itchy but that's been happening pretty much every night - sometimes worse than others. Hopefully my tummy will feel ok with the cauliflower.

    I found some seagate olive leaf extract capsules at one of the health food stores and it says it has no fillers or anything else so i think it'll be ok. I'll wait a little longer since i seem to be having pretty big die-off reactions.

    Hopefully i'm making some progress! Fingers crossed! Oh and i found where i had read about the baking soda in water (on healingbybee or pecanbread - can't remember exactly) but it states the baking soda buffers the acid - it does seem to help me.

    Hope you're still doing well! :)


  4. Just read up a bit further back, and

    - Michelle, as to an SCD-legal olive leaf extract, I'm not sure. But personally, I'm taking the Vitamin Shoppe's liquid one, and though I'm so hypersensitive to everything, this one agrees perfectly with me (tried one once where the extract was alcohol-based and that was a disaster).

    I've found that one great way to stay hydrated is through eating loads of water-rich foods, like cucumber or iceberg salad, non-sweet fruits (grape fruits fx) - and in particular to ingest these before any 'water-scarce' foods such as meat etc. This is because the more water a food holds, the faster it is digested, thus not to clogg up the system the order of the foods is important. Since most water rich foods contain lots of useful enzymes, ingesting them first will also aid the digestion of all other foods (see also the principles/explanations in the book 'Fit for Life').


    Thanks Jan! I may try to find just the dried olive leaf first before the extract - i'm so hypersensitive also. I have some coconut oil so i'll try it later this week or the GSE.

    What non-sweet fruit were you able to digest first or is easiest for you to digest? I'm trying to figure out which non-sweet fruit to try first - white grapefruit maybe? I looked for papaya the other day in the grocery store but didn't see any.

    I always feel better and am less constipated when i ingest more water throughout the day. I've been putting a pinch of baking soda in my water along with the sea salt to help with my ph balance and it seems to work - does this seem ok to do?

    Glad you're feeling and doing better Jan!

  5. Good to see you here Michelle. Sounds like you are doing some good sleuthing!

    These days I am liking the olive leaf tea or olive leaf extract capsules best as antifungals as well as anti virals, anti bacterials and anti microbials. That and Neem leef and neem oil. Both trees seem to have similar principals. Kills the fungus and virus etc. without harming the human being so much as most other solutions--though the impact of the fungal etc. die off can be a little overwhelming, especially at first--so start slow! A word of warning... Though soon enough you may find you have an extra spring in your step if you stick with them!! Lately I have combined these two herbs due to a horrific experience with antibiotic induced fulminant colitis.

    I also have had to resort to using enterically coated acidophilus. I like the NOW brand best when taking capsules overall since they are generally gluten free. I found through this experience that The 24 hour yogurt continued to be very good--but not quite enough to combat the colitis--despite what Elaine Gottschall said in her book-- thus the entericallyl coated acidophilus to make sure it repopulates the gut. Though to its creditd, the yogurt probably kept my intestines from turning into some kind of septic factory despite the fact the intestinal lining was sloughing off!!

    I also thus needed(and still need) to take the marshmallow root to soothe and heal the inflamed and deteriorated lining of my gut. Again despite what EG said. I am now actually taking pectin mixed with fresh ground flax seed. Both entirely non SCD approved for the same reasons!! However necessary fjor me right now. I prefer to be observant as to what actually works for me and others that I observe and be open minded and not doctrinaire in whatever approach I take. Though there are those who actually are allergic to complex sugars and thus cannot tolerate anything mucilaginous. Apparently there is even a test one can take to determine what sugars one can or cannot tolerate. I may be actually allergic to fruit sugar for instance. At some point when I have it more together I want to get tested for it.

    Unlike what you are planning, I do tend to eat some squash each day. Not a lot, but enough. I have to make sure I don't eat too much meat due to my already degraded right kidney. Fortunately the 24 hour yogurt is very agreeable even to my kidneys. Plus somehow I handle eating quite a few sunflower seeds... Just have to make sure I eat plenty of green vegetables. Nothing quite like them for balancing the ph! If you can tolerate them raw, making a smoothie out of green veggies (etc.) is a quick pick me up!! Even there however I might add some zuchinni however...just to balance the energy. Right now though, with a degraded but recuperating gut, cooked veggies is de riguer! PLus the Chinese say, cooked veggies generally are better during the cold weather seasons than the raw.

    Your plan of two weeks without starchy anything doesn't sound too awfully rough for most people and probably is a great way to help combat the yeasties...


    PS--my celtic sea salt I ordered online will be arriving sometime next week. I am looking forward to experimenting with making the Sole as well as using the more natural highly mineralized tan colored sea salt. I used it in the past and liked it, but never tried the Sole before... Even got a special salt grinder too...the white sea salt is always caking and hard to get out of the container.

    Thanks for the info Bea! I may check with a Health food store that might carry the olive leaf that i can make the tea with or grind it into a powder - i think you had wrote in another post that it may be more effective to make the tea with the powdered olive leaf. She carries dried herbs - i'll check to make sure nothing was added to them. I have coconut oil and GSE so i'll try those first.

    I am feeling more clear minded and more energetic eating the low carb SCD foods. I guess I am pretty consumed with candida/yeast since it's taking eating only these foods to make a difference. Tomorrow will be 2 wks since i started it and i feel like this second week i've made good progress. The first week i had some die off symptoms (headache, irritability, itchy rash on wrists - i think the rash was a die off symptom or a side effect from stopping the carafate). I've read where some people have a rash from die off.

    If i can't find the celtic or himalayan salt at the nearby health food store i'll order on line also. I may have to try the Sole too. I hope it helps you - let us know how it goes!

  6. Great info. about the salt! I've been using sea salt and drinking purified water for a few years also Bea but in the last month or so started putting it in my 40 oz klean kanteen that i take to work with me. My allergies had flared up a while back and i did a search on here and found a post where Ali mentioned doing that can help allergies and it did! I've also been adding a pinch of baking soda along with the salt to try to alkalize - i used the hydrion paper to check my urine a few times and i'm pretty acidic. I've cut out bananas and carrots about 5 days ago and i'm only doing chicken, fish, bison and beef and low carb green veggies that i know i tolerate (asparagus, broccoli, romaine lettuce) for about 2 weeks. My stomach felt better pretty quickly after eliminating the bananas and carrots (higher carbs) so i'm pretty sure candida is my problem (i have many other symptoms also). I've also read gastritis can be caused by candida overgrowth which i'm still taking the carafate liquid my Dr. prescribed (with illegal sorbitol) but i've cut way back on it and my stomach still feels good so i'll be eliminating it soon i hope.

    I still have some sea salt without iodine that i'm using but it's not celtic and Pele had mentioned the celtic sea salt a while back and i want to get that or the himalayan - i'm just not sure which would be better for me. Dr. Oz had mentioned himalayan salt being really good for you on his show not too long ago.

    Now that i've cut out the higher carbs i don't get as hungry and maybe i can cut back a little on the animal protein to help with the acidity. I figure i'll do the low carb diet for 2 weeks and then try to add an anti-fungal maybe once or twice a week. I have some Grapefruit seed extract i'll try first - i know i need to go slow on the anti-fungals. Any recommendations on where to buy SCD legal oregano oil or olive leaf extracts? I'll try coconut oil again also - maybe that's why it didn't really agree - stirred up the baddies.

    Ali and Bea - glad to see you're feeling better!


  7. Awhile back we were having a discussion about table salt, even sea salt, containing dextrose, an ingredient that is illegal on the SCD.

    I have since switched to using Celtic Sea Salt, which has no addititives and tastes really good. It is supposed to be full of beneficial trace minerals. It costs more but I have decided it is so far superior to refined salt that it is worth it.

    Pele - I'm glad you mentioned this and i remember a discussion about it a while back. I meant to call the company of the sea salt i've been using to make sure. It says no additives and the ingredients say just sea salt but i'd like to make sure. It doesn't seem to bother me but when i run out i may look for the Celtic sea salt to try.

  8. Thanks for posting the link to the prepared food list. I took a look and I see that Elaine approved canned Dole Pineapple. Funny thing is my sweet husband brought some home for me a few weeks ago and it now contains both "clarified pineapple juice concentrate'" and citric acid. Would Elaine still approve, I wonder?

    Hmm, that's a good question Pele. I wonder too. I haven't tried any canned pineapple juice since i tried the Welch's grape juice in the beginning of the diet and it didn't seem to agree. I think I'm so sensitive and from having the stomach lining inflammation, preservatives and additives don't agree with me. After finishing the carafate medication my Dr. has prescribed i want to try fresh pineapple.... i hope trying some new SCD foods will agree! :)


  9. Hi everyone, I just had to pop in here and share some successes I've had with recipes and getting my son to eat new foods.

    Yesterday morning we had "breakfast burritos". I made up some homemade "sausage" with ground turkey, salt, garlic, basil and oregano and cooked it into crumbles. While it was cooking I beat some eggs and made little thin omlets, flipping them over like crepes. We stuffed the sausage into the egg wrappers and enjoyed our burritos. Next time I'll add onions and red peppers with the meat.

    Monday afternoon I baked several batches of muffins. I "cheated" and used canned pumpkin, but I read somewhere that someone contacted Libby's and that they guaranteed that there isn't any sugar or starch added to their pumpkin, but for some reason they didn't get a letter about it. Anyway, I made pumpkin muffins with pecans ground almost into butter and banana muffins, also with pecans. They were a big hit with all my kids (3 teenagers and a 12 year old) and we ate muffins and smoothies for breakfast today.

    At dinner I sauteed zucchini "noodles" (cut into julienne strips with my new mandolin) in olive oil, a bit of butter, salt and garlic. YUM! My son asked for more and then asked me to make more after dinner. It really was like eating pasta! I'll be making spaghetti and meatballs soon!

    A few questions for the more knowledgable SCD people out there. Is there some kind of list online somewhere that lists some safe products? I know that we're supposed to call the manufacturers about everything we're not sure about, but it seems like reinventing the wheel if 10,000 people all call the same companies. I'd like to know if there are safe canned tomato products (I've heard that Muir Glen whole tomatoes are), any type of deli meat, garlic powder and anything else that would make this even slightly more convenient.


    Hi Liz,

    Nomorecrohns.com has a list of SCD prepared products as well as great SCD info and recipes. Here's the link to the products list:


    This is the only list i can recall seeing on-line - there may be another one that i don't know about or can't think of right off hand. Hope this helps!


  10. Hi Emily

    A few short weeks after I started the SCD I discovered that dairy makes me sleepy, dull, and forgetful. I eliminated all dairy and felt much better. I still don't use any dairy products. I am going to a doctor who says some people have a kind of metabolism that converts dairy to an opiate-like substance. It wasn't until I eliminated all the junk from my diet that it became obvious, plus I was eating more dairy because I didn't know what else to eat.

    You can succeed on the diet without yogurt.

    I realized about a month ago that's how i feel eating the yogurt. I was doing the same since i'm so restricted in my foods so i would sometimes eat a good bit of yogurt at one sitting and i could really tell after eating more than usual. I will try it again maybe after a long while and i'll make the yogurt with raw goat milk and start off with very little just to test. Thanks Pele for the info and describing really well how i felt after eating the yogurt. I finally realized it when on Monday's i have a meeting right after lunch and noticed i felt like that in the meetings but after eliminating it i felt so much better and much more alert in the meetings - a pretty big difference.

  11. All about eggs:

    Meanwhile I am still leery about using eggs. Historically I get migraines from them, though one egg cooked in food now and then has been relatively OK, though even then I am not entirely certain; I did have trouble with various goodies using grains with the egg added when I was just doing the gluten free foods. The plain pancakes (mainly using ancient grains like teff, amaranth and sorghum) without the eggs were always easier on me. You get the point.

    I notice a lot of the desserts for the scd depend on eggs. Is there any kind of scd OK binder that might work instead of eggs? Am guessing from my own past experiments in making alternative muffins etc. that squash and/or bananas might be the answer?? Anyone figured how much squash/banana would replace an egg?



    I just read where you're off fruit (sorry to hear that and hope you can add it back in soon) but i found some of my notes when i was trying some of the scd desserts without eggs and here's some things i jotted down to use in place of eggs:

    1/2 cup applesauce = 2 eggs

    1/4 cup applesauce = 1 egg

    1 banana = 1 egg

    using gelatin - before starting your recipe combine 1 tsp unflavored (Knox) gelatin with 3 T cold water and 2 T plus 1 tsp of boiling water. This mixture = 1 egg

    I've also used pureed pears which worked really well but can't find an amount that i used but probably is close to the same as the above applesauce amounts. I remember reading that egg replacers are good for recipes calling for 1 - 2 eggs but any more than that may not work very well. Hopefully you're tolerating eggs now and won't need these! :)


  12. Michelle,

    As mentioned above, watch out for the sorbitol, it really messed up my progress, and I'm so much better since I stopped taking the B-sublinguals containing sorbitol. Hope it doesn't bother you, but do keep an eye on it ...

    Thanks Jan. So far i can't tell that it's bothering me besides leaving a bad taste but i rinse, brush my teeth and brush my tongue after taking it and that helps. I really don't like taking it since it has the illegal sorbitol but it is helping my stomach. I see my Dr. tomorrow so i'll find out how long i should take it.

    Did your supplements list the illegal ingredients on the bottle or did you have to call the company? I'm taking the SCD Freeda multivitamin which is safe and my b-complex, active b-6 and vitamin D3 is from pure encapsulations so i think they're safe according to the ingredients on the bottle and they don't seem to bother me.

    I'm doing much better after eliminating the goat yogurt and i've also stopped my hrt which the prometrium capsules i was taking had peanut oil and lecithin made from soy (i think) so it could have been both or one of these that bothered me. I had switched to the compounding cream of prometrium and it seemed to bother my stomach a little also but not as bad as the oral. So, i'm glad i'm not taking them now and hopefully will continue to do ok off of them - i think the SCD has helped me to do well without the hrt. :)

  13. I long for the time when we will be able to live in a world where everything is good, natural, unadulterated, un-mucked about with, and unprocessed. Bliss.

    I long for that time too Ali - it would be a dream come true.

    I made my first fermented cabbage juice and it's not that bad. Jan - i think you're right on the carrot juice - it was probably too sweet. I started it Sat. and drank my first juice Tues. night and have been drinking a little with breakfast and with dinner diluted with a lot of water. Wed. i had a little bit of rumblies in my tummy but i haven't eaten the goat yogurt in a while so maybe it was the good guys eating the bad guys. I don't drink any at lunch because it may be a little smelly bringing it in to work. It does taste a little like carbonated water like the recipe says but it does smell and taste like cabbage but not bad.

    The carafate my Dr. prescribed seems to be working really well (even though it has sorbitol and maybe 1 other illegal ingredient, i've got to check into it) - no more sore stomach. I haven't really checked into what exactly is illegal in it besides the sorbitol because it's working so well. I hope it's just the sorbitol - i haven't eaten any illegal foods since beginning the diet so maybe this little bit won't hurt me. A couple of mornings i felt a tiny bit of soreness but that was after a few days of starting it and now i haven't felt any soreness. I have a followup with my Dr. on Sept. 3rd so i'll find out more and how long i'll need to be on it - hopefully it'll help heal the irritation and i'll be able to add some new legal SCD foods soon! Squash season is coming up and i hope to be able to eat it again...yum! The past 2 mornings i've been drinking warm water with a little fresh squeezed lemon juice and a little sea salt and it hasn't irritated my stomach....YAY! :) Lemon juice irritated my stomach before.

    Bea and Liz - congratulations on your progress and hanging in there with the SCD....sounds like it's going well for you guys. Great to hear!! :) It was tough for me in the beginning but i've been so limited for so long....hopefully i'm on the road to being able to eat more SCD legal foods really soon!


  14. My cholesterol was in the 240's (with a good ratio) before my gluten sensitive diagnosis and before going gluten-free in Jan. 08. I have it tested about every July and July 07 it was in the 240's (HDL was around 70 and LDL was high). July 08 it had dropped 54 points after being gluten-free for 6 mths - it was around 170 something and the only change i'd made was going gluten free. My guess for me is that i cut out a lot of trans fats - i was eating processed gluten-free foods back then but most all of them contained no trans fats. Also, it could be due to the inflammation in my body calming down a lot. I've been on the Specific Carbohydrate diet since Sept. 08 and July 09 my cholesterol was around 200 so it had gone up a little - my HDL was good (can't remember what it was though). I'm eating more animal protein and a little more red meat on the SCD so that could be the contributor to it going up this year maybe. I think i do have a lot less inflammation in my body since i lost some weight after going gluten-free and after starting the SCD and i believe most of it was inflammation. I have a lot less joint pain now also.

  15. Hi Michelle,

    Glad if the grape fruits can work for you as well. :) And it might be that the carrots are too sweet for your system. I have problems with them too, particularly if cooked. Recently, I have been able to eat a small one here and there, but only if raw and if a non-sweet kind.

    I'm not doing the fermented foods. Probably should, but I can't get myself into it, and the yogurt doesn't agree with me. So I just stick with powdered or capsule probiotics, and hope they do the job ....


    Hi Jan,

    I haven't tried grapefruit yet but plan to. I just made some plain jello and put a little honey in it - i didn't eat much of it because it had no taste but tried to eat some. I drank a lot of water and some of the SCD electrolyte drink and chicken broth made with boneless breasts not cooked very long. It wasn't bad at all and i felt ok on just the clear liquids. I found some organic cabbage so i'm going to start the cabbage juice tomorrow night so hopefully that'll help - i'm just taking the probiotic capsules right now also.

    My GI Dr. prescribed liquid carafate for me to take 1 T an hour before each meal and 1 T before bed for my stomach lining irritation she found on my endoscopy on Monday. She also saw some green bile in my stomach and specks of dried blood but no ulcers. She took biopsies from my stomach and small intestine so hopefully i'll hear something soon. I'll have a followup appt in about 2 wks. She supports the SCD so she knew i'd been on it for a while and i'd been gluten-free for 1 1/2 years. The carafate seems to really be helping and one of the side effects is constipation but so far since i've been taking it i'm going twice a day! So, so far so good and i've had no stomach soreness or pain since taking it. It has sorbitol and probably other illegal ingredients in it but it doesn't seem to bother me so far. Hopefully i won't have to take it very long - i don't like using illegal ingred. but since it's helping i'm going to continue. Oh and it also has aluminum in it...yikes! The sorbitol does give me a bad taste in my mouth but i'm brushing and rinsing really good and scraping my tongue after taking it and that helps. Oh and i think i have an allergy to latex or something they used - i woke up from the procedures (felt like i'd only been asleep for 5 min!) and my nose immediately itched and started running but i didn't think nothing of it since it had been bothering me off and on from ragweed blooming here. It gradually got worse and Tues. i sneezed and blew my nose all day long and felt miserable. My skin around my nostrils is red and raw - maybe from blowing but maybe from the latex from the oxygen tube they put in my nose? My sister did the same thing after hers - i don't know if she had the red skin around her nostrils but immediately had the sniffles / allergic reaction along w/headache - her Dr. suspected latex. I called my Dr. office and they're looking into what it might have been. I felt better Wed. so maybe it had moved out of my system - i found a post from Ali on here about drinking water with a little salt and i tried it and it seemed to really help - thanks Ali! I didn't want to take an antihistamine - don't think there's any that are SCD legal that i could find. I used NeilMed nasal cleanser also and it seemed to help too.

    Good news is i don't have to have a colonoscopy until 4 years - i get an extra year...yay! :)

    Hope everyone is doing well!


  16. Hi Michelle,

    I hope you receive my message..How did your test/procedure with Dr. R. go today?? I found a really interesting article that I thought you would like to read since you and I have been been exposed to toxic chemicals. Check this out...there is a definite link between chemical exposure and gluten intolerance! I am still "detoxing" from my exposure but this information is really making me the pieces of my puzzle together. Something to think about......


    Hope to chat with you soon,

    Sylviaann :)

    Hi Sylviaann,

    Thanks for asking, it went really well. I woke up from the procedure and felt like i had taken a 5 minute nap! No sore throat from the endoscopy although my nose was itching the way it feels when my allergies are starting up and my nose started running. So i suspect i am allergic to something - maybe latex or if they sprayed something down my throat. My sister reacted the same way after her endo. and her Dr. thought it may be latex. A friend of mine had an allergy headache after hers plus a really sore throat and her Dr. thought it may be the spray they sprayed down her throat. I called Dr. R's office and asked and she was going to check on it for me.

    My colonoscopy was clean...no polyps...yay! :) She said she recommends having another one in 4 years....an extra year for me! The endo. she saw some green bile in my stomach and asked if i still have my gall bladder and i do and she also saw some specks of dried blood but no ulcers. She said my stomach lining was irritated and prescribed carafate and i've been taking 1 T 1 hour before each meal and 1 before bed. It's helping so far - i haven't had any pain or soreness so that's good. It contains aluminum though but hopefully i'll only have to take for very long. She took biopsies of my small intestine and stomach and i haven't heard back yet. I'll go see her again in a couple of weeks. She's so sweet and so thorough. I'm so glad I got her to do them - thanks again for the encouragement. :)

    Thanks for the link- i haven't read all of it yet but will. Seems really interesting- i'll bet toxins played a big role in my intolerances. I hope your detoxing continues to go well and you feel better soon. Sounds like you're on the right track for healing. Did you find the source(s) of your xylene exposure? I sometimes wake up with red eyes and stuffy nose also but figure it's just allergies. Ragweed is blooming now so i guess it's from it but i think that could be just a symptom from my compromised immune system. I need to be tested for toxins again and i need to get my house checked out and move a few bottles of chemicals out - i've gotten most of them out.

    Sorry this is so long. I'll let you know when i hear back from Dr. R's office. Hope you're doing well and hope to hear from you soon! :)


  17. Hi Bea,

    I can't digest honey of any kind. I have now been on the SCD for 6 mths, and I've tried at various intervals, but I always react badly. Don't know if it's the candida acting out, or simply that I'm intolerant to honey. In any case, it has been no problem to do the SCD without honey, only that I miss out on all the delicious treats which can be made with honey. I have problems also with sweet fruits like pears and most apples etc.

    Grape fruits can work very well, since they are not sweet at all. I blend one with lots of water every morning, and it gives a wonderful pulpy juice that I then drink over a couple of hours. Feel it helps cleanse my system and give some energy.

    I think all of us have had to adapt the SCD to our own systems - like, in addition to honey I can't digest dairy, eggs and any of the nut flours (even though I can have whole nuts) as well as meats beyond a little chicken. It makes my diet rather simple, but I also feel that exactly that simplicity helps me heal.

    Good luck!


    Hi Jan,

    Just wanted to mention - yesterday morning i juiced a pear and diluted it with a lot of water and drank it after i ate my breakfast but it seemed to increase my gas and pain. The fermented carrots have been causing that too but i could tell the pears weren't good for me - i had burning bum which i guess is a candida flair up symptom for me it seems or an intolerance maybe. I wanted to put a little in my jello for this weekend's prep for my colonoscopy on Monday. I made a little Knox gelatin with just water and had a little bit last week and it seemed to do ok. Hmm, maybe i'll try using grape fruits. Thanks! :)


  18. Hi to all the newbies....Pickles, Lonewolf and Bea! I hope i'm not missing anyone. Welcome! :)

    This is a wonderful group and everyone is so helpful! I'm at work right now so can't post much but wanted to say a quick Hi. It's been slow progress for me on the diet but not long after starting the SCD i could tell my body was responding well. I'm still very limited - no eggs, dairy, nuts, squash, honey - basically the only things i'm eating is chicken, fish, bison, beef, well cooked carrots, green beans, asparagus, and broccoli, romaine lettuce, ripe banana, avocado, olive oil, sea salt and black pepper. Good luck and i hope you find the diet really helps you! :)


  19. Michelle, I do 3 cups of cabbage and 1 3/4 C of water, blend it well, add 1/4 C of my last batch of juice. I put it in a quart jar at room temperature for 24 hours. Then I strain out the juice and discard the pulp. I do a fresh batch of cabbage every day. It fills my quart jar to 1-2 inches from the top. You are supposed to have at least an inch at the top.

    The first time you have to let it set for 3 days. I did add acidophilus to the first batch, but I later realized my acidophilus is now no good (it won't make yogurt). The recipe says you don't have to add any starter, as cabbage naturally has acidophilus.

    Bea, I have been increasingly sensitive (not sure why) but I am tolerating this quite well. No fiber is one reason, I think.

    Thanks Sherry! I think i see the recipe you use on pecanbread - i used Aquaman's recipe, well i think someone had posted an SCD version of his recipe on there. I used carrots and the juice didn't taste bad! I forgot to dilute it with water my first time drinking it though but i didn't drink that much. I'm diluting it now and drink some after breakfast and after dinner. I've been having gas and pain but having more bm's! After i have a bm the gas and pain seems to subside so i wonder if it's just my gut flora adjusting? The improved bm's may be also partly from stopping the goat yogurt - sorry tmi, but my bm's are less in volume and are firmer after stopping the yogurt. If i remember correctly the SCD goat yogurt still has some casein in it but it's changed after the 24 hr fermenting and if i'm intolerant to it and it still has some in it then that's probably my problem with it - i'm guessing. Oh and no brain fog with the fermented carrots like i got with the goat yogurt.

    I'm going to try and find some organic cabbage and hopefully make it with that soon to see if that'll cause less gas but hopefully it's just the killing of the bad beasties going on and will settle down soon! :)

  20. I've been thinking that my system needs a break also. I haven't felt real well this week and my stomach has been sore when i wake up most days and i've had some gas pain throughout the day (possibly from stopping the yogurt 3 times a day). I took a probiotic capsule 3 times yesterday but my stomach felt the same this morning.

    I agree with you Jan, i feel like i need to take a day or 1/2 a day and just drink water. I was going to maybe try it today or at least just juice but i got really hungry. I have a juicer so maybe tomorrow i'll try just juicing. Next weekend would be a good time to try it for Sat. and then Sun. i'll be only on clear liquids for my colonoscopy and endoscopy on Monday. I've read it's easier on you if you can do the liquid diet for 2 days before the procedure instead of 1 day before. I don't know that i'll be able to go that long though without eating solid food. I get a headache if i don't eat but maybe if i juice enough and make enough veggie smoothies i'll be ok.

    Ali - i think i'll make some of the veggie smoothies that you've mentioned - maybe i'll try a banana, some avocado, romaine lettuce and water.

  21. Hi Sherry,

    How much cabbage do you use and is your water at room temperature? Also, how much probiotic did you use - 1/8th tsp for 1 quart jar? I followed the recipe on pecanbread last night and shredded up some carrots and filled up a quart mason jar about 3/4 full with them and dissolved about an 1/8th of a tsp of GI prohealth probiotic powder that i use for my yogurt into about a cup of water (the water wasn't room temp. - it came out of my refrigerator which is not real cold but cool and it's filtered). I didn't think about it needing to maybe be room temp. until after i'd made it. I then poured the 1 cup of water w/probiotic into the jar and then filled it with more filtered water to the top. It says to let it sit for 2-3 days and then strain the juice off and drink and then add more water. It says i can do that for up to 2 wks. I hope it's correct! :P Thanks!


    I corrected the 1/8th tsp of probiotic above, sorry about that!

  22. I've cut way back on dairy since starting to use the fermented cabbage juice for probiotic food.

    Unfortunately I still have enough various symptoms from various causes that it is truly hard to discern a mild reaction from something. I haven't noticed improvement cutting back dairy or problems adding it back in except once or twice mild bloating after the yogurt. But even that is suspect because I bloated on safe foods earlier that day too. So for now I'll keep using small amounts. I was 10 months totally DF when I first went gluten-free, so its not like I haven't tried it. ;)

    By the way everyone, the cabbage juice is easier to make than the yogurt. No temps to monitor. Just wash the cabbage, tear up into the blender add the water and blend, add a little of your previous batch of juice, and let it sit. 24 hours later, strain it, throw away the cabbage and make your new batch.

    Hi Sherry,

    How much cabbage do you use and is your water at room temperature? Also, how much probiotic did you use - 1/th tsp for 1 quart jar? I followed the recipe on pecanbread last night and shredded up some carrots and filled up a quart mason jar about 3/4 full with them and dissolved about an 1/8th of a tsp of GI prohealth probiotic powder that i use for my yogurt into about a cup of water (the water wasn't room temp. - it came out of my refrigerator which is not real cold but cool and it's filtered). I didn't think about it needing to maybe be room temp. until after i'd made it. I then poured the 1 cup of water w/probiotic into the jar and then filled it with more filtered water to the top. It says to let it sit for 2-3 days and then strain the juice off and drink and then add more water. It says i can do that for up to 2 wks. I hope it's correct! :P Thanks!


  23. Hi Fig Girl,

    Wonderful - yes, these small discoveries of progress are so encouraging. :D

    I tried the SCD yoghurt only once, like two months ago. Loved it, but got the worst brainfog in a long time. So I haven't ventured into it again. Same when I have tried to taste any of the SCD legal cheeses. Think dairy is often the culprit for non-gluten brainfogs. I therefore stay away from dairy altogether. (Hope that it'll change one day as I particularly miss the cheeses!). Maybe if you do the yoghurt from cocnut milk, it won't give you brainfog.

    I think I need to increase my intake of probiotics, and will do so when I get back to the US in a month and can order the SCD legal ones. Are you taking any probiotic capsules, or relying solely on probiotic foods?


    Hi Jan,

    I think i need to increase my intake of probiotics also. I'm taking probiotic capsules (pure encapsulations lactobacillus acidophilus) and i take one in the morning about 30 min. before breakfast and one before bed. I think i'm getting more gas pain and bloating though since stopping the yogurt because i used to eat some yogurt at every meal. I haven't made any probiotic foods yet but plan to use carrots first....hopefully this weekend. Maybe i need to take another probiotic capsule before lunch. I want to try the yogurt w/coconut milk but i tried coconut flour a while back and it didn't agree. Maybe i'll try coconut oil first to test because Ali had mentioned that should be easiest to digest. I love coconut so it'd be great if i can eat it in the future. I miss cheese too . :(


  24. Looks tempting, Pele. But unfortunately I can do neither honey nor vinegar. But yesterday I had raw carrots for the second time in one week - and no problems :D . It's the first time in several years that I can eat carrots, I used to have a strong intolerance to them (even tested positive by bloodtest). So this must mean that the SCD is truly starting to heal my guts :)

    Hi Jan,

    I tried a few raw carrots yesterday in my salad also and so far so good! So glad they were ok for you too...that's wonderful! Yay for us! :)

    Hi Pele,

    The pickles sound really good but i can't do honey or vinegar either (although i may be trying honey soon in the electrolyte drink). I had seen a picture of some pickles yesterday on no more chrone's and they looked so good. And Sherry to be able to put them on a hamburger patty....yum! One day! :)

    Oh and forgot to mention i went a week without the goat yogurt and did feel better (less brain fog). I tried a little again last week and the brain fog was back and i just felt not as good overall so i think i need to omit it for a while. Darn, i sure love the yogurt. When i try it again i'll get some raw goat milk to make it with - i've been using the store bought so the addiitives could be part of it maybe. I'm going to ferment some carrots soon to eat to get more of the probiotics. Then i'll try the cabbage.

  25. Can you guys help me? I am interested in this diet but it seems really complicated to me. All this stuff about making your own yogurt and this "dry curd" cottage cheese really confuses me. I don't know where to get this cottage cheese and I've never even heard of it. One of the websites says you can find it at wal mart but I looked everywhere and couldn't find anything. Where do you get it? What brand is it? Also I don't understand how to make the yogurt. Is there no way to make it without some fancy yogurt maker? I don't have money for anything like that so can I just skip the yogurt part of the diet?


    Hi mysecretcurse and welcome!

    I was overwhelmed with the diet at first also but loved the fact that you use very little ingredients for recipes (i have a lot of intolerances so i really use very little ingred.) so it's really not that hard....just time consuming since you make everything but after a while it isn't bad at all. I had so much more energy and that helps a great deal in having to prepare all of your food. The food is really good and healthy. Do you tolerate dairy? If not, maybe hold off on the yogurt and just do other intro foods for a while and just take probiotics in pill form. Or you can try making the non-dairy yogurt using coconut milk or almond milk...instructions for them are also on the breakingtheviciouscycle website and the pecanbread.com website i believe. As chatycady said though the yogurt /probiotics are important. You've come to a great place - everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful and we all share our experiences with the diet. Good luck and i hope it helps you like it helped me! It's been a slow progress for me but i've never felt better! :)