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  1. Since I've posted this message on here i have got alot of responces. All of them have made good points to thier story. However not fighting for my children rights and giving up and packing a lunch is not an option for me. I have 4 children rangeing from 12 -4. All of them are in school except my 4yrs old. She will be starting head start this year. They are all on a gluten free diet and my 4 yrs old is allergic to milk, egg and whey. If I don't stand up for their rights then who will! I do admitt this has been a long hard battle but my children desever it. However it is not just for my children that I am doing this for. Gluten free diet is becoming more and more out there in out schools. I have gotton some good advice from my childs advacate. I have been keeping a diary of what my children eat at school along with all the phone conversation i have had with the staff at school. I have also found out that my 504 plan was never written up unil about a week ago. My css case worker is helping my find information that might be helpful in presenting my case. I have also been email local stores and they are findly getting ener-g breads so the school can purchase them. I have also found out that I can request that the lunch room staff have 2 meeting a year on learning how to read labels for gluten, hidden source of gluten and how to avoid crosscontamination. You have to make this request in your 504 plan. As far as the 504 plan you have to be specific about what you want. Like having the cafeteria staff calling to conferm every food that they recieve to make sure it is gluten free and not made on a wheat line. having pots,pans and utincels that are used only for gluten free children and stored seperiatly to avoid cc. Have the cafeteria staff wash their hands and change their gloves before preparing gluten-free meals. having the cafeteria staff cover the tray with seran wrap to avoid cc. These are just some of the thing that I will be putting in my 504 plan. The main one is verifying with the company that the food is gluten free and not made on a wheat line. The school was feeding my daughter cocoa puff because the label didn't show any gluten. And they were correct it didn't. No malt wheat or anything. However the cocoa puffs in the store are not gluten free. So I called the company. The bowls of cocoa puffs are gluten free but they are made in the same factory as the others so they are contaminated. She had been eating them for 2 months before I found out. No wonder why she was hurting so bad. This isn't just a mother fighting for my kids I am doing this for all the allergies kids. The school is peanut and tree nut friendly. So this make things a little harder for every one. Right now I'm calling all the manufactures to find out if the foods the school has is gluten free. Even thou this is not my job I don't mind helping the schools because this is not easy to deal with. I do not expect them to do all the work but if this was thier children with gluten free diet they would be doing the same. This needs to be a two way street. Help on all 4 courners. Maybe in the future I will be some help to other children or parents with this problem. Keep the advise come good or bad I can use all the help i can get. I will try to keep you informed with the out come.
  2. My 6yrs old is being served lunch meats at school. I'm not sure how to tell if they are gluten free. I've tried to call the usda who they recieved the meat from to find out. All they told me is they offer gluten free flours. They couldn't tell me anything else. I know she has been exposed to gluten some how. I think it is in the lunch meat but i dont know how to prove it. They were giving her cocoa puffs until i found out and told them it was not gluten free. I did read the label and it didn't state malt was in it. However I knew the ones at the store are not gluten free. The school is trying to accomadate for a gluten free meal. I do send most of there hot meals for my children to eat. However there are some days that they change the menu on me without notice. If I send pasta and spegetti sauce and they change the menu my children get lunch meat. Lunch meat is their gluten free meal. I tried sending lunch meats to the school to serve just in case but they dont give it to them. What are some of the key words to look for in lunch meat that might contain gluten hidden or not. I buy the wal-mart brand so i know or the ones that state no fillers added. Some one told me i needed to get the dr. to write a Rx in detail of what she can or can't have with reguard to her school menu. Has anyone out there even done this before for a gluten free diet? Any advise on this matter would be most helpful! Can you tell me if there are lunch meats that are also milk, milk protein and gluten free. My other daughter is allergic to milk, eggs and whey along with gluten free.
  3. I tried the gluten free flax bread. The first time it didnt rise but it tasted great! I just got thru making a batch. This time i heated my liquids to 110* then sprinkled my yeast on top and let it set for about 3-5 min. Then added it to the dry ingredents and put it into a warm, greased muffin pan. They risen up just find a little doughy but they taste great. My first rolls or even bread from scratch that we could actually eat. Thank you so much for these recipes. I'm still tring to figure out how to convert grams to cups for the other recipe. I'll let you know once I figure it out. Thanks again.
  4. I'm needing help finding bread recipes. My family is on a gluten, egg, milk and whey free diet. Here is a list of flours and starches i have. Tapioca flour White rice flour Gourment flour blend Corn starch potato starch sweet sorghum flour garbanzo and fava flour potato starch flour xantham gum For egg replacer ener-g egg replacer knox unflavored gelatine applesause For milk I use soy and rice milk I also have a breadman ultimate plus bread maker with gluten free setting that I can use. So far none of my recipes I have tried have came out right. They either fall with it cools or to rubbery in the middle. Or just dosen't rise right. I've tried different yeast. I've tried recipe without yeast. Nothing is working right. Can some one please help me find a recipe that will work.
  5. I am really needing help with coming up with some recipes. My family of 6 has been on a gluten free diet for about 1 1/2 now. We recently found out that are 3 yrs old is allergic to milk, eggs and whey. Fixing foods has been a problem. Shopping is as hard as fixing foods. There are not alot of places that even sale gluten free items much less milk free. I have always been a plane jane cook. Meats, veg, fruit and bread. With all of these allergies I'm having to learn how to cook and not doing to well at it. My family love fresh veg. and fruits. However getting children to try new foods have been a chore. ages range from 12 to 3. I've tried new spices on the meats to give it a different flavor. That only goes so far. If any one has any recipes that will work for our diet it would be most helpful. I also need a good recipe for bread. Biscuits, rolls, light breads. We use soy milk or rice milk. I do have ener-g egg replacer. However my bread just dont turn out right. I dont know what I'm doing wrong. I have a bread machine but my bread still dosen't work out right. I haven't found any mixing around where I live that are milk and eggs free. There are alot that are gluten free. I need a recipe from scratch that will work in the oven or bread maker.
  6. I am new to this but I make my cakes from scratch. I have four kids and we all love this cake. We use Bob's Red Mill All-Purpose gluten-free Baking Flour. It makes a great chocolate cake! 1 1/2 cups Bob's red mill all-purpose gluten-free baking flour 1 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder "hershey's Dark" 1 tsp. baking soda 1 tsp xanthan gun 3/4 tsp salt 1/2 cup milk 1/3 cup butter 1 large egg 1 tsp vanilla 3/4 cup warm (110*) brewed coffee Preheat oven to 350. grease11x7inch nonstick pan. set aside. place all ingedients, except coffee, in large bowl and blend with electric mixer. add coffee and mix until thoroughly blended. pour into preparedpan and bake for 30-35minutes or until toothpick inserted in center of cake comes out clean. serves 12. I usually double this recipe myself. There is not any left by the end of the party. even the Adult and Kids cann't tell its gluten free. You can find more recipes at www.bobsredmill.com. I hope this helps. P.S. Don't lick the spoon or the bowl. The batter taste nasty before its cooked but the cake is wonderful! That is the hardest thing for my kids to get use to. Not being able to lick the spoon or bowl. I hope you have a great birthday party!!!!!Best of luck to you!
  7. I have 4 kids and my 6 yr old has been tested postive for gluten intollarance. She has had a scope for celiac disease and it was negative. Her blood work states that she has the DNA that makes up celiac so the Dr. put her on a gluten free diet. My 3yrs old started having systems so we got her tested too. DNA was the same and we found out that she is allergic to milk, eggs and whey. The Dr. did not want to do a scope on her but did put her on a gluten free diet. My other 2 kids she didn't want to see because they have no systems. I took them to there regular Dr. along with myself and had us do a DNA test to see if we were positive for the DNA to celiac disease. My 2 kids came back positive for the DNA and I didn't. I'm having other problems with gaining wieght so my dr. is doing a scope on me just to make sure there is nothing going on. Since I've been eating gluten free I've lost 10 lbs and currantly weigh 94lbs. Just to be sure his is testing me for celic. My question is. If they have the DNA to celiac disease do they need to be on a gluten free diet to prevent it turning into celiac or even having complacations later on in life. Do I need to have them tested for food allergies when they have no signs of any problems with food. We all follow the diet at home but with the other 2 kids they eat what ever at school and at friends house. I don't know much about this so I'm a little confused. Since my DNA test was negitive could I still have Celiac disease?
  8. My daughter is 6yrs old and on a gluten free diet. I have set up a 504 last year with the school and everything went well. This year is different. I had our dietition make up a menu that goes with the regular menue. Just like last year. The lunch room said that they couldn't find the food at the store so they couldn't buy them. So i went to the local store and found replacement that they could find. Talk to the dietition and explaned and she changed the menue for me. I thought all was going to be fine now. The only thing they could not get in town is the bread and pizza. I informed them that I would supply them for her. I took up the hotdog buns,dinner rolls, hamburger buns and on pizza day I fix it and sent it to school. Now instead of fixing what is on the menu they give her lunch meat all the time. So I've complaned and now they dont even give her her breads. She has to ask for them. I have tried every way to make it easy on them because there are only 2 gluten free children they have to fix for. But the more I make it easy on them the less they want to do. Can anyone help me in advising me on what to do. I know they can get the foods its just that they either dont want to fix them, they are not understaff, or it is just too much work to take time out to fix speghetti for 2. Under the 504 they are not suppose to change the perscription diet"menu"but they are. Are they in the right or am I just being picky when it comes to my child eating healthy. the board of education dosen't know the answer so they are contacting state for the rule on this. As far as everything else with crosscontamation they are doing great. They have there own pot to cook out of. Washing down the table before she eats. They are doing everything right except for her menue. How hard is it to buy chicken legs and bake 2 of them in the oven before everyone else meal. Her class is the first class to eat lunch. Can any one help me out because i knot want to back down from this. If i do what are they going to do when more gluten free diet arise later on. Need help fighting for my daughts rights!!!
  9. My family is new to gluten free foods. I am having problems finding a recipe for pecan pie. All the recipes have egg in them. I am affraid to use my ener-g egg replacer in it. Does anyone know if that will work or not. Maybe you have another recipe that uses pecan's. I'm am still not use to all the flours and getting it to work for me right. My family uses soy milk in all the baking. Any help would be great. There are six in my family 4 on a gluten free diet and one is allergic to milk,eggs and whey. Thank you again for all the help and I hope you have a GREAT HOLIDAY!
  10. Hi Everyone, I dont know if this will help anyone or not. I have found out thru the health department that i can get help buying gluten-free foods. Since my daughter has been put on a gluten free diet. The WIC office said that i could get up to 200.00 a month in help buying her special foods. There is a process to go thru but any help would be greatly needed. It is almost like food stamps but you order the foods you want from a catalog and pick it up at the health department. This program is based on how many his in your home and how much gross income you make. For a family of 6 like mine the limit is 4000.00 gross a month. My daughter no longer get WIC because she is 6 but they are still going to help me. I didn't know how many people knew about this so I hope I was able to help. If there is anyone who is getting foods already can you let me know what kind of foods are in the book. I haven't got approved just yet. I should know something by the end of may to the 1st of june.
  11. hi everyone again, I just wanted to know if anyone else out there is trying to get help buying there food thru WIC office. I talked to a lady today and she said she might be able to help me with around 200.00 a month worth of food since my daughter was on a gluten free diet. The process is long and it might take a while. I just thought i would spread the word on to everyone else. If you are like my family of 6 everylittle bit helps. All i was told was i look at a book and pick out up to 200.00 worth of food and the WIC department orders it for me and i pick it up there when it comes in. The lady i talk to is thru CHILDREN SPECIAL SERVICES. It is based on you income for the house hold but it seems like it is worth checking in to. If there is anyone getting this help can you please let me know what kind of foods that i might be getting. Thanks everyone so much and for all the help.. God Bless and Keep The Faith!!!!
  12. Anyone From Tennessee?

    Hello everyone!!! My family live around the knoxville tn area. My 6 yr old has been gluten free for about 3 months.. still new to all of this...Could us all the help and support that i can get. There are 6 people in my family. Hope to hear from you..
  13. hi everyone, I am very new to all of this. My daughter who is 6 has been gluten free for about 2 to 3 months now. I am having problems coming up with new snacks for her to take to school. I hate sending the same things week after week. I afraid she will get burnt out on eating them all the time. She takes her gluten-free bar, chips,roll ups,fruit, and pudding. If some else came give me some more advice it would really help. We do most of our shopping at Food City. There is a Nature's Pantry but is takes 40 minutes to get to. So name brand foods would help alot.
  14. i know that milk it gluten free but what about the glue that they use on the little cartons that are kids drink out of at school. can anyone tell me if they would be gluten free concidering your mouth touches the glued part...
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