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  1. I checked with my hubby abou the SSI assistance, and he mentioned that if you or your hubby are military veterans there are VA benifits that may help you. Also state funded energy assistance and/or housing assistance that may halp pay for your other bills so that you can save more money for your...
  2. My husband works for social security and says that this kind of disability, if biopsy diagnosed, may be covered by SSI, because it's also covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, especially if your husband has other disabilities and cannot work, and you are going to school to better yourself...
  3. I was also told to stay away from all pre-shredded cheeses because they are tossed in flour to prevent tham from sticking together. I just buy blocks and shred my own, and my celiac disease baby has no problems. Also, the seasongs could be an issue too, I tend to stay away from any pre-seasoned meats...