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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. is there a list out that i can look at for candy??
  3. Wow thats really tough, to not let your child help decided what they are going to eat. I am not saying to let them tell you what they want or not want but my 4 year old helps me. We talk about it together about what is a safe and healthy choice and ones that are. He helps my mom and i both cook and he helps pick out the veggies we eat. This helps children grow in all ways. Is funny i was reading this and my son said the same thing "when i grow up i can eat gluten just like ____________" it hard to remind him that it will never be like that.
  4. Its funny that you wont this because our son was tested right after his 4 birthday and everything back neg. But we told the doctor after doing my own seaching that i wanted to try gluten-free anyways and she said ok. I ask about it maybe being false and she said it was very slim and guess up he is gluten-free and doing so much better. I still believe he has celiacs and there is no way i am putting him back on it to be tested again.
  5. My son loves cheese it, and the other day at school his teacher came and told me that at snack time he was snicking them off the napkins of his friends. She told him to go spit them out but still dont know how many he really did eat. So my question is has any one found or had a gluten-free cheese it? He is only 4 and we have been doing this for about 12 weeks now he understands but at the same time he doesn't understand. Whats a mommy to do?
  6. thank you, i wanted to check before I gave his teacher green flag, i will check today when we go into which brand and call the company. Thanks again
  7. Does anyone know if finger paints are safe. And if not are there any that are? Thanks
  8. They say rice and veggies first. Its been 4 years but that is what i remember. Now my question is for you whats the difference in the nutrition between your own and say Gerber fruits and Veggies. They say that the only thing in there?
  9. Most of the hot dogs and bacon are fine. A lot of time Vince will only eat a hot dog and mac & cheese. I am able to buy the cheep ones from Aldis when money is tight and it be safe
  10. I didn't know about the IEP or 504 Plan for food allergies. I mean I have an IEP but not because of food because of a Leaning disability, but what is a 504 Plan? I am starting to go though the same thing but at my sons preschool where I work. I thinks with that its just hard for these ladies to change over from my son being "fine" to 6 months ago me going in and having him tested and them just not understand that he looks fine on the outside but is sick on the inside. I want to be ready for Kindergarten next year, we are only 10 weeks in and we are still learning and teaching him is hard, when he wants to do it and he's just not understanding 100% that he cant.
  11. Preschool

    Ok so my 4 year old just went into a new class at his preschool. I am right there with him (down the hall) but his teacher is wanting to make things safe for him So here is my question, does anyone have a really good gluten-free/peanut free recipe for play-dough they can make. We do not know how sensitive he is. His test results all came back neg. but is doing better since we have went gluten-free. Also he is not a mouthier so how much should I worry about playing in noodles and using finger paints. We are into this for the 9th week and but my husband and I are getting over whelmed with everything we have to watch. Let alone our son is over whelmed. Hope some one can help. Thanks
  12. Here is my thought, Nanny's are great your child will get one on one care, but will this person be up to taking her to play groups, are you up to putting her into other groups to give her the social interaction with other children. Will this person teach your child the foundations she needs? These are the question I would ask your self. I am a preschool teacher and my son is 4 and has been gluten-free for now 9 weeks and the entire staff works hard to keep him safe. They know not to give him anything unless calling me (if im not there) or i send it. He is getting ready to go into a new classroom and i have been very open with this teacher. He has not had any problems with CC and he takes his own snacks and lunches. Its up to you in the end, the other thing is you can do the nanny thing for a bit and then when she is a little older and she has learned what she can and can not have then put her back in. I have kept him in school one bc i dont have a choose but two because he only has a year before Kindergarten and I can not be there holding his hand. He has to be able to handle a bit of this on his own when my husband and i are not there. Again its all up to you in the end. Hope you find your answer god bless
  13. does anyone know if you can have a late reaction to gluten. Vincent has broken out in hives starting friday afternoon. I didn't know if this could be from Cross contamination or something he ate on thursday afternoon when he went out for lunch with a cousin. We have not seen this reaction before with him. We are also thinking it might be the sunscreen but i check the ing. and everything looks ok and he has never had a problem with any before. I just dont know. With it only being about 5 weeks in to this diet and his celiac test being neg i dont know how much cross contamination i need to worry about or is it better to say away as much as i can?
  14. thats a good question and i wish i could answer you but we are dealing with the same thing with our 4 year old son. We have been gluten free for 3 weeks and its funny how kids pick up on it so fast. We went out of town for the 4th and my niece who is 6 asked him if he was allergic to cake (he was not eating any and had something different) and he told her yes. But then i found out after picking him up from my dad that he was given chips (saw a change that night) but all the in between are hard. My husband has not gone gluten free but our son knows that its daddy's food and he cant have it. But again how do you know if something has been Cross Contaminated? Thanks for asking.
  15. Here is the deal, you will not know unless you try. A little back ground on my 4 year old, he was never feed a lot of carbs and stuff until about 26 weeks ago when i went to the doc and said something is not right. When we tried a high fiber diet and some of the foods i found were gluten free his mood changed a little then they said let do a scoop due to other reasons and we will go from there. So we went 100% gluten that same weekend we let him have pasta twice and other all flour products we had a monster on our hands. They went on and tested for Celiac everything came back neg on blood and scoop but after talking more with his doc and telling her what had been going on, we went gluten free with him. It has been 3 weeks and it so amazon the change in him. We do go to bed on time with out crying and throwing fits for 2 hours. I have not had any major melt downs and he wants to play again. When i talked to his doctor on Monday she was amazed in the fact we have our son back. So anyways i am just saying try it, you never know.
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