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  1. Yes, Gluten Free Girl has been writing lately about Xanthan gum and others. I may try the white bread, but I always feel guilty for eating white bread. I didn't grow up on it, and to me, it's like Wonderbread - yuck!
  2. I have been struggling for the past several months with celiac-like symptoms. I could not figure out what my problem was. I *know* I am not eating gluten. I was having awful gas and incredibly painful, mucousy D BM's. Most people would go to the Dr, but experience has taught me that Dr's really...
  3. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  4. I contact companies all the time. It makes me feel better knowing what is safe and what is not. There are a lot of foods that I thought I couldn't eat, but I can! Lots of companies have allergy information on their websites, others I email. There are very few companies that I have had to call...
  5. My reaction to gluten is extreme gas, pain and I feel like I should make a BM. but nothing happens. After 3 days of agony, I get D. I find that taking a laxative helps things move along. I don't always have 6-12 hours with nothing to do but wait for the pills to kick in. If I pop the pills early...