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  1. A-Swiss

    Any Athletes With A Similar Experience?

    Aside from the much needed energy boost after I was diagnosed (I was falling asleep at work at 2 pm - after 3 Red Bulls), I also found that I had a much more positive attitude to working out. I have always been an athlete, but my moods went from negative/shakey/lathargic to actually feeling the need to get in shape. I still have days where I could take a pass on hitting the gym, but it's been over a year and I almost feel bad if I don't go.
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. I grab some Pepto and some pain killers and wait it out. Sadly, it is a trial and error deal for a while.
  4. A-Swiss

    Does A Hot Dog Have Gluten?

    Agreed on the coating part. That is why I avoid places that have a serving line or prep line. People dip their hands/spoons/knives into multiple things and once it is done - you are out. Frankly, that has been the hardest part. Places may have gluten free menues, but they may grab something or cut something in an area that has gluten. I stick to grilled meats that are uncut and steamed veggies as best as possible. Stuff that gets stirred tends to have a higher risk of "spoon switching". Aside from that, hot dogs are a 50/50 in my book. I bought Hebrew National (great taste by the way) and Omaha Steak hot dogs and both were ok. However, I ran into 2 brands that used wheat as a filler. You just have to read to find out.
  5. Though it seems you got a good mix of answers, my take is a little different. I was diagnosed 3 months ago and went 100% gluten free right away (didn't wait, just jumped in - the pain was way too strong). When I get glutened, it usually takes about 6 hours and I feel heavy pressure in my gut and needle like pain for about 3-4 days. I think we all have it differently. Frankly, I have been stabbed twice and didn't go the hostipital on the second one - so I really don't get bothered by pain. However, I notice the gluten reaction and I would rather take a knife!
  6. Love your signature!!!! LOL!

  7. A-Swiss

    Kansas City, Anyone?

    Just curious. I'd love some other people that I can bounce ideas off of. I have a dietician and a doctor who help, but I am always up for meeting people who deal with it on a regular basis. Say hey!
  8. A-Swiss

    Glutened By Cc!

    From what I hear, it is different for everybody. It took me about 1 week to get to normal when I ate some soup that had it. I have read that the longer you are off gluten, the longer it takes to recover. I have been gluten free for 3 months. Hope that helps.
  9. A-Swiss

    Wheat Flour In Ice Cream!?!?!

    Yeah, I saw that sour cream too. It was the one that is usually in those packets. And add this to the WTF file for wheat - peanuts and mixed nuts. What? Planters is fine, but the off brands all say they contain milk and wheat products. I thought for sure that peanuts and salt would be as far as I would need to read on a can of roasted nuts. Jerks!
  10. One thing I would check is your pantry. I did even further research on some common things and found out my continued pain was due to a few random items. Land O Lakes butter spread has modified food starch (but not the stick version), and it was in my fruit snacks and mixed nuts (really? why add wheat to mixed nuts?). I was in pain for about 2 weeks and thought I was going crazy (didn't even tell my wife). I cut those out and felt a lot better.
  11. A-Swiss

    Is Life Over..?

    Honestly, it took about 2 months to really get into the swing of things. You will be AMAZED at what you actually can eat if you just check it first. I can still go to Chinese (Pei Wei, their spicy chicken is awesome!), and do Pizza (make your own or Waldo Pizza in KC is better than most pizza places anyway) and all the other things. I just usually have to make sure I check online or go with the simple things when I order. Eating at home was a change, but most everything I normally ate has a gluten free alternative that is about the same - and most of the time better. I lost 26 pounds during these last few months, but I am in shape and have a ton of energy. Sadly, I actually am not too upset about finding out so late in life (age 30, March of this year I found out).
  12. I would bathe in Sweet Baby Rays if given the chance - awesome sauce. Have you had a major issue in finding gluten free BBQ sauces? Teriyaki has been an issue for me (most have some sort of soy sauce in them), but I have not really seen BBQ sauces with gluten in them.
  13. A-Swiss

    Lunch Ideas

    And make some more of those apricot pork-chops!
  14. Well, I just wanted to share this because this is the first time in 2 weeks that I have not felt like I want to punch someone or hide in a corner over this stuff: I have tried to venture to 2 restaurants and fully expected to just give up when ordering and stick with a salad. My experience, however, was well more than I expected - The first (Waldo Pizza in Kansas City) was my primary attempt to get something out of the house. They were advertised to have a gluten free menu. I ordered what I thought was a good pizza (half sliced steak, half meatball) on the gluten free crust. The lady seemed to be a bit snotty and just wrote it down. I figured "hey, it's a pizza place, not the Ritz" and waited to see what concoction they came up with. After about 2 minutes the waitress comes back and says "I wasn't quite sure, so I asked the cook about what you ordered. He agreed that the meatballs are a wildcard for you, so you should just do hamburger - not the meatballs". Wow! someone actually thought far enough down the line to make sure the order itself was good for me. She got a big tip! The second (Pei Wei) is a chain chinese/thia place. They also had a gluten free menu, though it wasn't posted. When I went to the counter to ask, the guy had it on a magnet by the ordering desk and handed it to me. I had 5 choices with no descriptions, so I picked the name that sounded decent (Pei Wei Spicy). They guy at the desk (not the guy I ordered it from) hand delivered it to me and it looked like generals chicken. Before I could open my mouth, he said "I wanted to make sure you knew the breading was potato flour, so you are OK". Way cool. So that is my long winded attempt at being excited. Finally some normacy and better service than I have had in years.
  15. Good option - toaster oven. What I do is just put foil over the tray each time I use it and it is like having a fresh toaster. They cook and toast, so it works for most things. Buying a new toaster obviously works, but if you have a family - someone may be using regular bread in it. If you just cover the tray, you won't have to lose the crispness that the toasting gives (vs covering the roll itself with foil).