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  1. Rondar2001

    I Don't Know What To Expect

    I know its scary right now, but take some comfort that you are working to find out what is wrong. The GI will likely...
  2. Rondar2001

    My Poor Son's Teeth

    We had the same issue with our daughter. At age 6 she had to have caps put on her back teeth and another pulled with...
  3. Rondar2001

    Any Good Recipe Books?

    My latest favourite cookbook is Deceptively Delicious. Although not a gluten free book, I have found most receipes work...
  4. I wish it were that simple. You have to claim the incremental cost on your income tax forms as a medical type deduction...
  5. Rondar2001

    Excessive Weight Gain Since Starting Diet

    We are going throught pretty much the same thing. My daughter's BMI jumped 3% in 3 months. I would go back to the doctor...
  6. Rondar2001

    Anyone Here Done The Atkins Diet?

    I followed a plan similar to Atkins (reduced carbs but not as low as Atkins) and lost 60 lbs. I have know kept it off...
  7. Rondar2001

    Sleeping Issues?

    I have wondered about this myself. My 9 year old doesn't have the problem with sleeping, but is very sensitive to anything...
  8. Rondar2001

    Is Smarties Candy On The "safe" List?

    In Canada I belive they contain gluten, we usually go with M&Ms. Check the ingredients and look for wheat, rye...
  9. Rondar2001

    Seeing Spots--Brief Flashes Of Light

    I have this occassionaly lasting up to 2 hours. After a clean MRI, my doctor said it is probably a migrane, I just don...
  10. I buy the gluten free rice tortilla shells (the sell them in the freezer section at Superstore in Canada). They are...
  11. I have found wheat listed as an ingredient on some of the no-name brands of instant puddings. Just be sure to check...
  12. Rondar2001

    How About Some Positive Stories?

    I think the best part of my daughter being diagnosed is she is finally not in pain all the time. I thank my lucky...
  13. Rondar2001

    Does Bacon Have Gluten?

    I haven't run across bacon that contains gluten, although watch out in restaraunts for bacon bits. I know Tony Roma...
  14. Rondar2001

    Behaviour Suggestions

    There is no such thing as a little celiac. My daughter doesn't always have symptoms and it is hard for us to tell when...
  15. Rondar2001

    Behaviour Suggestions

    No silly questions here. We don't purposly let them have gluten. All of my daughter's issues come from cross-contamination...