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  1. Funny, I just posted this in my first question on this forum. Look below! I have been diagnosed with anemia only two weeks ago, with a folic acid deficiency. I don't know if I have been anemic all my life. I do remember being told once in school to put on foundation because I looked so pale and sick. That was quite a few years back I am 24 now. I am not sure if I am celiac, I want a test done but I'm not sure how. I did ask my doctor, but I don't think she listened. The test only confirmed I had anemia. And now I look back, the blood test form didn't mention celiac test. ugh...

    Celiac Blood testing is an entirely different form, I forget the name of it but others have posted the name here on the board. It cost with insurance about 700.00 so make sure if you have it done your insurance covers it. My parents got approved for the testing and the next thing you know they received a 700.00 bill fore each of them. Ouch!!! after fighting with the insurance company, it got paid because they had the approval from the insurance company prior to the test.

  2. Thanks for all the replies--I have to go in for my yearly physical anyway so I will ask then for a copy of my blood work and I will also ask them to check for anemia. If I am then I have definitely been my whole life, I have always been unable to run without having a shortness of breath, I used to pass out when I had my menstrual cycle, thank goodness that stopped. The dr's never could tell me why--kept saying it was hormonal and that it would pass one day. Well guess what I don't faint dead away but I still get very light headed and dizzy at times. If I get a flu bug --watchout I will faint quickly, and I will shake, and I get so cold. It's a sight especially if it hits at work. It's not unusual for the boss to find me curled up on the office floor if I get sick.--I try to prevent that.

    At least I know now that my hunches are probably correct. Do any of you find eating foods with iron helpful? I am trying to get foods with iron in me daily, because I know by absorption capabilities are very poor to not at all.

  3. My accupuncturist used to tell me that corn adds alot of weight around the middle of women and I never really believed her until recently. Since being gluten-free, corn free--basicly grain free, I have lost a ton of bloat around the midsection and I feel soooooooooooo much better. I use nut meal and nut flour along with arrowroot root when coating anything I bake. I put the broiler on to crisp it up a bit.--Its a great low carb and very healthy--If you can eat nuts--I use blanched almonds and walnuts.

    I thought it would be hard, but I am finding going grain free easy!!!! thats coming from someone who loves carbs.

  4. he's gone so i guess the problem is solved :(

    Be grateful you are seeing his true colors now, just think how it would have been if you married him. It's going to be tough, I have some family members that just don't get it. They don't even try to understand it, or care about what it does to me, so to those family members I say-SEE YA--I won't eat at any function they hold at there house.--Lately I don't even associate with them because they are totally disrespecting me and I don't need it. You will soon learn who your true friends and family are.

  5. Serologic equivalent: HLA-DQ 3,1 (Subtype 7,5)

    I looked up the serologic subtype information (Subtype 7.5) and found things that told me that DQ7.5 does not have to worry about gluten in the diet, but is that the *0505 phenotype or the *0501 phenotype? And what is the difference? I don't have any of the DQ2 or DQ8 stuff, but I think I read that *0501 is half of the DQ2.5, so am I 1/2 gluten sensitive, and what would that mean? I thought the genetic test would give me a "yes" or "no" answer, but it seems like everything is still cloudy to me.

    I'll take a stab at commenting on the gene interpretation. I'm just trying to sort mine out as well. I am a DQ7.5, but my understanding is that this is due to the *05 being an alpha unit (of DQ2). I found out the *05 through testing through Kimball that tested for the alpha units for DQ2 and DQ8.

    So, DQ7 can possess the alpha *05 of DQ2, but without getting tested for it specifically, I don't know how you would know. I have found out my risk is elevated for celiac disease with 1/2 the DQ2 and DQ7.5.

    The beta unit *05 on the DQ5 is different than the alpha unit *05 on the DQ2. (Not sure if you were interpreting them to be the same). I think you would read yours as DQ7,DQ5 (not DQ 7.5).

    Hopefully one of the posters up on celiac disease genes will give you a more definitive answer on the gene thing.

    I don't know what all that means but I have to ask, where you eating Gluten prior to the test or had you stopped? If you had stopped that will effect the outcome of the test. You can test negative even though you are postive or vise versa. Secondly, not all test are conclusive to if you are or aren't celiac, the important thing is to see how you feel after being Gluten free for a week or so. I would also advise that you try being giving your digestive system a break by not eating any form of pasta, or processed foods that have gluten in them. Keep in mind that if your intestines are damaged(inflammed) from years of Gluten that dairy, and some fresh fruits and vegetables may bother you as well. If you have not had an endoscopy done then it might be your best shot at getting a difinite answer if your intestines have been damaged.

    My father is the carrier of Celiac in my family and I have 4 other siblings and I am the only one with symptoms. It took me years to find out what was wrong. So now I am telling people what I know and what has helped me since being gluten-free.

    Hope it helps

    Keep us posted.

  6. When I first started in my gluten-free eating I tried many different pasta sources, brown rice, and corn ended up being the only two that I found that I liked. I wasn't feeling any better though, so recently I thought I would go AI--Let me tell you--A world of difference has occurred. I swear I feel like I have lost about 15 lbs in my stomach, my allergies are so minimal now, I can breathe finally. These results have been over the past 4 days, but I saw improvements after 24 hours. I strongly suggest anyone new to gluten-free diets should give themselves a break by:1) going Dairy free, 2) going anti-Inflammatory, 3) eliminate completely any forms of pasta/ carbs (only eat fruit and vegetables for carbs. 4) watch how Nightshade vegetables affect you. If you can eat nuts and have a blender or food processor blend up some blanched almonds and use that to coat food with, bake with etc. It's wonderful tasting--You can spice it up anyway you want. I truly have found a new love--that is nut flour. I use arrowroot for bread if I make any. Do yourself a favor and try to eliminate the inflammation in your intestines, I truly think that is a key. We have damaged our intestines so much they need a good break.

    Good luck to you

  7. Anemia is a very common symptom of Celiac. I was severly anemic at the time I was diagnosed with a hemocrit number of under 8. After about 6 months on the gluten-free diet, the number went to 14.6.

    Is is possible to be slightly anemic? I find it hard to believe with all the blood work and surgeries I have had that no dr has clinically said I am anemic, so is it possible that my blood levels can fluctuate from one test to another to where it doesnt register?

  8. Has anyone touched on this topic--I searched past posts and didn't see anything. I am curious to know how many have been told they are or were anemic before finding out they had Celiac and if they have gotten better since being Gluten free? There is a good article on it at www.gluten.net.

    I myself have always been told that I had low blood pressure, I have always had cold feet and hands, and I have always told the dr's that I don't absorb nutrients like I should--especially vitamin B's. But not one dr has ever tested me for anemia. When I go back to the dr I am going to have them check --I definitely have symptoms that say I do. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Or if there have been previous posts--point me to them.


  9. I have to chime in here and say that even though it's gluten free doesn't mean your daughter will be able to tolerate it. She may have sensitivities to even gluten-free foods due to other ingredients that you may not realize she could be sensitive to. I would keep a food diary and see what bothers her and what doesn't. Keep in mind that certain combination foods might bother her because of how the body digest food. It's going to be a hit and miss game for a while, but it will be worth notating and try the food that bothers her again in a month or so, because she may not be able to eat it now but can later on. Not only that but you may need to ask how she was feeling when she ate the meal, stress and anxiety can play a major role in how she will be able to handle her mea, we all know school can cause stress on kids.

    Good luck to you.

  10. I have suffered from foot pain for many years and I was diagnosed with Tendonitis in both my feet. GEE tendonitis--Inflammatory condition. I do believe it's connected with all the other inflammatory issues I have. Everything I have tried so far hasn't helped, I wear rubber soled shoes, I have found earth shoes to be the best, the ones from Walmart are pretty good as well. The selection stinks though. Planet earth has some nice soft soled shoes. I am hoping this new anti-inflammatory lifestyle I am adventuring into will help. Everyone tells you to exercise--I wish I could, but no matter what I try my feet kill me, even walking is a challenge, I am glad I have a desk job. I have a wonderful husband who massages me feet everynight before I shower or bath--He's the greatest!!!! :D

  11. a friend of mine is a naturalpath and when we found out I was Celiac and highly allergic to gluten he recommended I do a 30 day intestinal cleansing before I started my full blown gluten-free diet. In doing this you have to refrain from eating grain, some fruits, and meat. I primarily lived on an alkaline diet with little acid forming foods. I drank alot of water and herbal teas. It was tough, but it made it easier to convert. In doing the cleansing I found I had alot more energy and didn't have all the joint pain I was experiencing. Once I went back to eating carbs and some processed I foods I found the energy level decreasing and the joint pain returned. I am now going to follow an anti-inflammatory diet, with no carbs, not grains, not lentils or beans, unless the bean is in it's orginal state. See my thread on Anti-Inflammatory diet within this section, it might interest you in trying some other things. Trust me I have tried alot of different things in my life and I am still seeking out what will be right for me. It's been a long journey for me and I hope I figure it out before I leave this world, so my son will grow up understanding how what he eats can affect his health. He's only 4 right now, and he needs to be tested for Celiac when he is 5, I have already seen symptoms in him so I limit his Gluten intake. He may be like my father who has it, and never have the problems I have had. But we keep a close vigil on him and how he responds to food.

    Good luck with you and keep us posted on how you are doing.

  12. Hi Beth, Okay, I will go back to the other website, I started to check that out the other day and somehow I fell upon the one and it just didn't make sense to what I have been reading on Cordain and Hoggan.

    Thanks Beth, I am checking online to see if our library has those books in stock, I hope so, every Celiac book they have is always out. More and more people in my area are going wheat free even if they don't have celiac. I found that interesting!!! I just wish they would get some decent eateries to open so my husbaand and I could enjoy a night out. We have one rest. by us and we talked to the chef and he wont alter the food to make it eatible for celiacs, Well needless to say they wont get our business. It's something as simple as a baked chicken--he wont bake it without the flour seasoned coating---CRAZY!!!!

    Two days on AI diet--going on the 3rd and my nasal allergy issues are getting much better. Not so much mucus as before. I had a flair up with my stomach last night because I ate some peas, so I think I am going to be avoiding them, but if I combine paleo and AI I wont be eating them anyway.

  13. I have been looking into the Paleo Diet online and I see a website http://paleofood.com/ can you tell me if this information is accurate, to Cordains Paleo, I see salt being used in the recipes and I didn't think he advises using salt? Have you used Nut flour or made arrowroot bread? If so how do you like the results? I found a recipe I want to try, with arrowroot, I use arrowroot already for sauces but I never tried to make bread or crackers from it.

    I think I can merge the AI with the paleo just by leaving out the nightshade vegetables. I am going to give it a whirl and see how I feel. So far 2nd day of no carbs, no processed anything, I feel pretty good.

  14. When first diagnosed I tried to go with the celiac almost like normal western diet foods and started to feeel less worse...just not really better. I then switched overnight to Cordain's Paleo diet and within 49 hours my celiac started to feel better... and so did my rheumatoid arthritis.

    I now eat nothing but fresh fruit, fresh vegetables with no beans, peas or other legumes and no nightshades whatsover.

    I eat meat and fish and my one concession to economy is that I eat eggs.. and lots of them. My cholesterol has never been better as well as my BP and overall healing and fitness.

    This is my new diet for life and I don't plan to try to work stuff in.

    If I would have accidentally gone on this type of diet 40 years ago.... ah well. I am feeling 30 years younger as it is as a result and the RA, which was so severe I could barely walk nine months ago, is almost non-existent now!


  15. I went about 80% anti-inflammatory right after going 100% gluten free to help speed he healing of gluten symptoms. I've been gluten free for 7 months and I think it helped especially when I see where I am in comparison to some of the folks who have been gluten free for much longer.

    I almost never eat processed foods. I don't eat any night shade plant except for the occasional slice of tomato, I reduced dairy to cheese and yogurt and the occasional serving of milk, the only potatoes I eat are sweet potatoes or yams as they are in the morning glory family and not nightshade. I only eat the eggs of free range hens which are low in omega-6 oils and high in soothing anti-inflammatory omega-3'. I take mega doses of vitamin D 10,000 IU per day, 2 tbls of flax meal per day, as well as 1 daily serving of blueberries,cherries and 1 serving crucieferous vergetable daily plus plenty of other fruits and vegetables.

    I definitely recommend at least a short term anti-imflammatory diet to help speed recovery as well as the addition supplements to lend neuro-transmitter support and life-style changes to help reduce stress.

  16. Hi Beth--Wow someone else who is doing anti inflammatory--I have not read those books I will check them out at the local library--thank you for the resource info. I have done anti-inflammatory Herbs for years but I am now diving into diet. What I have been reading is to eliminate corn and since being diagnosed gluten-free my pasta if I eat it is corn, because I find the rice expensive and disgusting. I can do spaghetti noodle but that is it. I don't eat alot of pasta but for me to give up the corn pasta--that will be a challenge. It took alot just to switch to the the corn and rice. I love potatoes--my diet since gluten-free is potatoes and beans--I swear I am going to turn into a bean or a potatoe. I am also eliminating some of the nightshade vegetables, I will keep you posted. Eggplant has always given my a headache, but tomatoes--that will be very very difficult. I love my tom's.

    I like dr. weils pyramid have you seen it or followed it?

    I have so many unanswered questions about anti-inflammatory dieting my head is spinning, but i want to look into those authors.

    Keep me posted on how you are doing.

  17. Hi everyone I don't post to often but I read alot of other posts and I don't recall every seeing one that mentions Anti-Inflammatory diets. I was raised in a SAD environment--Standard American Diet-Fried this, processed that, etc. When I was a teen ager and noticed how my digestive system wasn't right I figured it was the foods I was accustomed to eating, so I went to college for fitness and nutrition and became a bonafide vegan--which was a huge switch. Little did I know the whole grain foods I was eating could have killed me. But at the time I did not know about Celiac or Gluten intolerance. This was many years ago, so when I went vegan and noticed my digestive problems did not get any better, they actually got worse, I went to a dr. , went back to my old diet without the fried foods and I was diagnosed as many with IBS. I did what the doc said--no improvements, but during that time I had a terrible allergy attack and was told I had "environmental allergies." Ok, so I found out I was allergic to benadryl and could only take Child doses or Rynatan(sp). I did this for many years, with no reprieve(sp). In my late 20's early 30's I noticed my digestive disorders were getting worse and I was experiencing many other conditions.

    It wasn't until I was 40 I seeked an immunologist that would do some allergy testing and one of the test I wanted her to do was Gluten. Well little did I know, I was not only very allergic to Wheat, Rye, Oats, Barley, and Soy but I carry the genetic marker for Celiac. I had my suspicions before the testing so I stopped eating Gluten I felt better prior to the test so dr was concerned that I wouldn't show true, but boy was she wrong. I had the largest hives she had ever seen and was concerned I would need the epi pen. I didn't--

    Anyway--even being off Gluten I still suffer terrible immune issues, as well as digestive issues, I strongly feel its due to inflammation in my intestinal and digestive tract. This leads me to my topic--Anti inflammatory Diets. I am interested to hear back from anyone who follows an anti inflammatory diet and if they can share their experiences--good and bad I would truly be grateful.

    Thank You


  18. I have to ask if you were diganosed with Celiac or not. Myself, I am not a "common celiac". I have been tested to where myself and my father carry the genetic marker but we show no signs of other celiac indicators. However, I have been skin tested to where I am highly allergic to wheat, oats, barley and rye. I tried an accupuncture and she gave up because I showing no signs of over coming the allergy. s I do have scarring on my intestines which is a sign of damage from Gluten. I get extremely bloated with intense abdominal pain. I do not vomit, havent since I was a baby, so I remain ill for days after eating anything with gluten. When I first started on this trek, I experimented with different wheat products, and I found that I thought I could eat some things with wheat however everytime I would experience a different symptom, sometimes different from what I was used to, so I wouldn't think it was related. After going to a gastrointestinal dr and I told him of this, he told me to never eat gluten again because even though I may not feel the same symptoms the end result is damage to my internal organs. He did do the endoscopy and that is where we found the damage. I also believe that due to the fact I have an auto immune deficiency I don't absorb nutrients properly which doesn't help. My father suffers from abdominal pain, bloat and gas but he continues to eat wheat. So I have to say it's what you are willing to do for yourself. Just keep in mind that you could be damaging your organs with every bite you take. I dont want to scare you but I feel being honest is what you are looking for.

  19. What are you drinking? If soda, that will make you gain weight. You have to watch your liquid calories too. All I drink is water and iced tea and occasionally 100% juice. I have lost weight. I also eat mainly vegetarian with only meat at dinner. Sometimes I even eat vegetarian at dinner. I eat things like spaghetti with zuchinni and no meat, vegetable lasagna, and beans and rice dishes. I also have tried quinoa. The brown rice pasta is good. When I do eat meat, it is usually chicken or turkey. Hamburger on occasion as a treat. You have to let yourself have things you like to eat or you won't stick with it. I let myself have candy bar. I eat 3 Muskateers cause its lower in fat and calories. Chocolate covered fruit. Think of it as a lifestyle change not a diet. Cause you will gain the weight back if you go back to your old eating habits.

    I drink a ton of water and herbal tea's, I don't drink soda too often, I do drink some flavored seltzer on occasion. I eat alot like you, vegetarian meals during the day and a meat meal at night. Unless I take leftovers to work from the day befores suppper. I make zucchini bakes with rice, now that the zucchini is ready for picking. I eat pasta maybe 1-2 times a week. I do not eat fried foods alot unless it's my infamous fried potatoes but even those are pretty healthy. I find myself eating alot of beans-refried beans, garbonzo beans, green beans, etc. My weakness is potato chips. I really think I have a metabolism problem and that is my next step with the dr. Unfortunately my current dr just left town and so I am in search of a new dr and I am rather frustrated seeings how this will be my 5th dr in the past 3 yrs. I am tired of rehashing everything and having the new dr do all the same test I have already been through. I have done that and I am not going through it again. I am lucky in the aspect of having insurance that allows me to see whoever I want without referrals. At least for now, I think that will change come next year. Who knows it could be due to my age, I am in my 40's and I know my mother and sister ballooned when they hit 40. Maybe it's genetics. Whatever the reason is I am not liking it and I am going to fight it every step of the way.

    Thank you for responding I truly appreciate the feedback

  20. Most celiacs do NOT lose weight on a gluten free diet, in fact many gain as their body is able to digest stuff that used to go straight through...

    Losing weight is a matter of getting your metabolic rate up and not eating too many fatty foods (as these are higher in calories, a measure of the energy content).

    The easiest way to get your metabolic rate up is to do 45 minutes of heartbeat raising exercise every 72 hours. You don't need to do it more often, as the rise in metabolism lasts that long.

    You can eat steak at restaurants. That is my fall-back. A steak, a few fries and whatever veg goes with it (hold the battered onion rings). I could also have an omelette, but I make those at home when I'm in a rush, so I don't eat them when I'm out.

    thanks for your reply back, however I don't eat steak, never could get myself to eat red meat other then hamburger as long as it's freshly ground from the butcher, I pretty much only treat myself to shrimp scampi over rice, at least that I know is safe. I truly believe I have a metabolism problem, and I think that is my next step. As for exercise of any kind that is out right now due to dr's orders, because I have achilles tendonitis as well as something else going on with my feet. I am waiting for more test results to come back.