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  1. Interesting.....wheat in the mascara!!! I don't use Clinique mascara, but I do use the waterproof Cover Girl brand. I'd better check the ingredients. Maybe this is why my eyes hurt after I wear it for a few hours. All this time I thought it was because of my dry eyes (due to Sjogren's - yes...lucky me....I have several autoimmune diseases).
  2. Yes!!! I've gone a little crazy with all my phone calls and emails to various companies just trying to get a handle on the products I've been using. To exfoliate, I now use a warm wash cloth and gently scrub my face ..... and it does not cost anything (-:
  3. This is what I've learned (by contacting Clingue) about their cosmetics: 7 Day Scrub Cream contains wheat germ. Blushwear contains corn and soy. Moisture Surge Extra contains soy and corn Facial Soap Extra Mild contains corn. All About Eyes contains barley and wheat bran extract. Clarifying Lotion 2 contains soy. Facial Soap Mild contains soy. Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream contains soy, barley, wheat germ extract, corn and soy. Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser contains soy. Superbalanced Makeup contains soy. Superdefense Triple Action Moisturizer Normal to Dry Skin contains barley, soy, corn, and wheat. Naturally Gentle Makeup Remover contains corn and soy. Hope this helps anyone out there who uses these products. If you have questions about other products, you can contact them through their website.
  4. I was given a bag of Ghirardelli Chocolate Hazelnut coffee. I've contacted Ghirardelli via email, but I'm not getting a response (and I can't find a phone number on the packaging). Does anyone know if this is gluten free? Thanks!!
  5. Thanks, Rice Guy! I just order the B12 from Source Naturals. By the way, I also noticed that I can get Digestive enzymes (which my doctor has recommended) several dollars cheaper from this website. Thanks for pointing me to it.
  6. Thanks, Rachel! This makes sense. So being gluten free may not be enough, is that correct?
  7. I recently told my doctor that my sense of smell of very, very keen. He just looked at me strangely and said that hopefully it will get better as my body heals. But....I'm like you......I can smell everything and it seems as though it stays in my nose to the point of irritation. Can that be possible (??).
  8. I keep hearing about Celiacs needing to use a separate toaster from the rest of the family. If you use a toaster OVEN, and make sure that the rack is clean, isn't that sufficient?
  9. Thanks again! I'm looking for a Sublingual tablet. The one you suggested looks like a regular tablet (that I probably won't completely digest). Do you know anything about this one: http://www.Lame Advertisement.com/ProductDetails.aspx?c...d=2521&at=0
  10. I just bought a gluten-free hair color (Ecocolor). The instructions mention that you can develop allergies to things after repeated use, so they recommend a skin test before each use. Perhaps that is what has happened to you, and you may need to change brands (??).
  11. Dear Rice Guy: WOW! Where do you find the cyanide warnings! I just did a search under Source Naturals, but did not find any liquid B12 or sublingual B12.
  12. Dear Dessa: Thanks so much! What brand of liquid B complex do you use?
  13. I found this on the internet when doing a search on Celiac and Neurological problems. It is on thefooddoc.com site: Some admit to "bug crawling" sensation on their skin, something called vermiculation in medical terms but rarely asked about or given much thought by most doctors. Odd muscle movements under the skin that some call a "bag of worms" medically known as fasiculations are also very common but dismissed by many doctors.
  14. Can you tell me please where you get your B12? I found something on the internet called TriVita Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid tablet, and it sounds pretty good.
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