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    Portland State Viking, Gluten-free, mostly vegan, perfectionist with no motivation, bike rider, book worm, fun loving introvert, slightly redneck, good cook, video gamer, public defender, music liker, yoga lover, killer(!) green thumb, health sciences major - and that's all you need to know.
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    Austin, Tx

About Me

Self diagnosed in January of 2008 with a Papa John's order on the way to my house. I cried about it, ate the pizza, and walked away from gluten for life.

I went dairy free in November of 2008, but I occasionally have a bite of cheese - really just a bite is all. Also, due to my Duhring's (AKA Dermatitis Herpetiformis) Disease I have decreased the amount of salt in my diet to around 600mg per day or less to alleviate the constant itching that Duhring's brings along.

I joined this site shortly after I was diagnosed and learned so much. Because of the great community here and all that I have learned, I have decided to become a Dietitian so that I may help others better deal with the disease.

  1. is moving to Portland, Oregon!

  2. I love Sabra Hummus and have never had any problems with it! I made a blog post where I used it in a recipe and got an email from a reader saying some people have had reactions to it. While Sabra is my preferred brand and I have not yet read definitively about others having a reaction to the hummus...
  3. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!