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  1. just found this. i eat paleo and i cook all of my meals, so i know when i have a gluten reaction. i also eat fruits, vegetables and nuts all day and everyday with no reaction. so, it has nothing to do with insoluble fiber or raw ingredients. i eat raw nuts, vegetables and fruit with every meal. with that said, i have had two moderate reactions from eating larabars.

    this is very disappointing because i thought i had found a dependable gluten free/grain free snack bar. once again, i have obviously been proven wrong. as mentioned in a previous response, it is not with all of the flavors and i cannot be for sure if both reactions came from bars with cashews, although, one did. a lemon flavored bar. however, i think the second reaction was from eating the pecan pie bar. as i said, this is extremely disappointing. the packaging even certifies gluten free status. downright scary!

    i think this validates independent testing. there are several labs that would do this at a fee, but it would be well worth it in order to find out the truth. it could be that some of the nuts are roasted, not dry roasted or not properly cleaned before production. i always wash dry nuts before eating and have never had a problem. of course i always buy raw or dry roasted only as i have been glutened on roasted nuts and raw nuts packaged in a facility with wheat in the past.

    anyway, i think as a society, we are getting close to a wave of law suits, which sadly might be needed to introduce proper legislation. this is insanity and obvious negligence on behalf of the manufacturer, if found guilty. is larabar claiming they are below the minimum parts per million level to be legally gluten free? because from my experience, zero parts per million is the only gluten free status that i care about. i will contact larabar for answers asap on this. once again, truly sad, considering they seem to care enough about making a healthy and safe gluten-free product. :angry:

  2. Hello all-

    So, I have been having symptoms again...like I have been eating gluten...I get dizzy and woozy and a whole bunch of other symptoms. The only new things I have added to my diet/regimen are Wobenzym N and HLC Mindlinx by Pharmax. Now I searched and searched and asked questions and they both state that they are gluten free. And, besides, why would a product like HLC Mindlinx have gluten in it, when its main objective is to help gluten intolerant people re-populate the gut with the bacteria to break down gluten?

    I did more research (it is maddening) and the ingredient "apricot powder" listed on the bottle is dried by being sprayed with maltodextrin. Now neither maltodexrin or its derivative are even listed on the bottle, I had to dig for that and other ingredients, by the way that were not on the label (I guess UK's labeling laws are different).

    I did more research and learned that in the UK one can assume that maltodextrin is derived from WHEAT!!!

    I do not know how to contact Pharmax in the UK. Does anyone have any info to help me?

    I can't take this hidden gluten mine field much longer. :huh::angry::(

    Thanks for ANY HELP about anything in this post.



    have you had any luck with info from from pharmax? i was researching the probiotic and came across your post. i can't believe this product would contain gluten(actually i can). if it does, well, that's criminal. the uk's gluten free guidelines are stricter than what we have in place, in the u.s. even gluten free products manufactured in facilities that produce wheat/rye or barley have to be labeled as containing gluten. anyway, i have had problems trusting probiotics in the past and have recently had a gripe with the makers of vsl#3. another probiotic from the u.k and now being manufactured here. they claim that it is gluten free(flavored and unflavored. i used the unflavored powder) but i have developed symptoms caused by gluten exposure twice within a few days of taking it. i say twice because i stopped taking it for two weeks and tried it again just to see if i could have had a reaction to something else. however, the same symptoms resurfaced after a few days. there is a lab in florida that can test for gluten in products if you send them a sample. i can give you the info. they can test down to less than 10ppm for $150. i plan on sending a few things for verification. in the meantime the probiotics i have had good luck with have been flora-q, culturella and florastor. culturella has actually made a real difference in a short period of time. flora-q has similar strains to vsl(strains proven to destroy gliadin in vitro) but in far less amounts. however, still an effective blend. i will look into other probiotics which contain the strains in mindlinx because those strains could be very valuable in protecting from cross contamination if you do ever eat out.