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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I am currently reading Gluten free Girl and I love it! I tell all my family members (who Don't have celiacs) to read it. It is completely inspirational.
  3. Thanks everyone, I'll need to check both of those out.
  4. Hi All! Can anyone recommend a chicken broth or bouillon cubes that doesn't have gluten hidden in it? All I have come across has the mystery 'natural flavor' and I'm scared to try it. Thanks! Amanda
  5. Amanda C.


    Yes! It's great to finally find the problem with my acne.
  6. Hi everyone! I read other posts saying Hellmans mayonnaise is safe but what about Kraft real mayonnaise? The label looks safe but now I'm worried because no one has mentioned it. Thanks! Amanda