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  1. I am allergic to Ragweed and it says not to use the one brand. I also have Chemicle Sensitivity Syndrom. I did try one brand but it stinks the high heavens and I had to take Benedryl...
  2. Thank you all very much , If any one out there has more ideas that would be great. I am already going crazy with extreme abdominal pain and all the Holiday stuff is very stressful...
  3. Does anyone know of a Gluten free, non-toxic, remedy for Head lice. they are everywhere... help
  4. I FOUND IT It is # 20. Best Wishes My Doctor ( Neurologist said that My Nubbness in half my face is not STROKE related and it is not related to the Stuffy Ear and that he...
  5. I am trying to find the lyme thread it was 3/4 down the list I will keep looking, if you find it then please let me know.
  6. I just noticed it is pinned under Lyme Thread as one of the symptoms
  7. I wonder if there is swelling sometimes and that is pushing on a nerve that is causing the tingeling at the one side of my face?
  8. I would like to add that this seems like a very strange coincidance, Celiac and ear problems.
  9. I have had a stuffy ear for about 6 years now . It all started with one ear infection then I had 3 more all in the same ear ( I feel numbness in half my face on the same side)...
  10. Interesting , My Doc. told me that my problem was hyper mobility, I am double jointed and have sensitive skin. I also heard that many Crohn's patients have lower back pain. Before...