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  1. I am allergic to Ragweed and it says not to use the one brand. I also have Chemicle Sensitivity Syndrom. I did try one brand but it stinks the high heavens and I had to take Benedryl to stop a seriouse allergic reaction. Thank you any way, I might have to try a nother brand I am on the Mayo naise...
  2. Thank you all very much , If any one out there has more ideas that would be great. I am already going crazy with extreme abdominal pain and all the Holiday stuff is very stressful. I wonder if it is true if you get a buzz cut Jamie Lee Curtis or Halle Barry would be a solution. Someone told...
  3. Does anyone know of a Gluten free, non-toxic, remedy for Head lice. they are everywhere... help
  4. I FOUND IT It is # 20. Best Wishes My Doctor ( Neurologist said that My Nubbness in half my face is not STROKE related and it is not related to the Stuffy Ear and that he only has one other patient with the numbness in half face and it unexplainable, and that Celiac has a lot of STUFF!
  5. I am trying to find the lyme thread it was 3/4 down the list I will keep looking, if you find it then please let me know.
  6. I just noticed it is pinned under Lyme Thread as one of the symptoms
  7. I wonder if there is swelling sometimes and that is pushing on a nerve that is causing the tingeling at the one side of my face?
  8. I would like to add that this seems like a very strange coincidance, Celiac and ear problems.
  9. I have had a stuffy ear for about 6 years now . It all started with one ear infection then I had 3 more all in the same ear ( I feel numbness in half my face on the same side). My Neurologist said it was TMG the Dentist sent me to the ENT he said that it is not TMG . Then back to the ENT, Then...
  10. Interesting , My Doc. told me that my problem was hyper mobility, I am double jointed and have sensitive skin. I also heard that many Crohn's patients have lower back pain. Before I went on the diet ( not too long ago) I had the feeling as if my knees were shifting and my back was killing me. ...