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  1. I have been running for president. (and running to the bathroom) You may want to listen to my campaign song. BTW who voted 4 me? -LL I'm BAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!1!!
  2. it's llama lady again! I have been running from doctor to doctor and I have been told I had somatization disorder (after I told them about the llamas in my head) me llamas BTW i am not yoko, but I have a feeling that you will see me on the Oprah show soon I also like to vacation in kenya! imagine gluten free version Imagine there's no Gluten It's easy if you try No wheat below us Above us there's no rye Imagine all the people Eating Gluten-free Imagine there's no barley It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill villi for And no celiac sprue Imagine all the people Living life w/out wheat You may say that I'm a psilly But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us And the world will be more phun Imagine no gluten I wonder if you can No need for bread or A brotherhood of sans-gluten pan Imagine all the people Sharing all the rice You may say that I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us And the world will live as LLAMAS!!! ps that is sleeping, and ruining doctors lives
  3. the llamas are im me head psillie! me doctor said I must live in the present, but to me the past present and future are all the same. any other guesses? my docters want to treat me 4 me psillys
  4. Is any one going to guess my identity any more? have given up? heres a hint... im a lady (a llama lady) I live in a... house (i think) and another hint: llamas are in finanshal ruin im allergic to cats and taxes now im scared...
  5. Hello! my llamas have been hibernating they are magical!.html they also have been eating too much macaroni and cheese and so I had to send fuzzy to the store in gnu mexico to airdrop more mac n cheez in to our island lol I always gnu I would wind up in a sanatarium 1 day i wuv me llamas
  6. i was wondering which whipped dreams were gluten free (preferebally the ones in a can). I need some for my llama's ice cream!
  7. Happy Gnu Year!!!
  8. to all of you 8 members reading now, I haven't found what I am looking for. i'm looking for a reliepf from this bl0ating... i really care about your tooth bunnie, but i care about these things first: 1:Llamas 2:myself 3:explosions (of my belly) 4:Fritos 5:COKE (the soda you nimrods!) 6:the mercury I swallowed... or at least I think I did...? 7:Psillies 8:new year resolutions 9:finding the perfect gluten-free, nut free cookie (or pie or cake!) 10:bunnie's teeth ... ... ... ... 99999999999: Patrick Swazye Llama Llady Ps. psawer, or another mod out there, can you add a llama smiley to the smiley list?
  9. dollamasgetceliac?

    Head Lice!

    I am allergic to Ragweed and it says not to use the one brand. I also have Chemicle Sensitivity Syndrom. I did try one brand but it stinks the high heavens and I had to take Benedryl to stop a seriouse allergic reaction. Thank you any way, I might have to try a nother brand I am on the Mayo naise thing now but I can not catch up with bagging all the clothes.
  10. i make sure I heve dental insurance for all of my llamas, especially fluffy. on thanksgiving I swallowed half my tooth and filling and didn't even notice. I just chewed my thanksgiving dinner on the other side. This tooth thing is very common among psillies, due to our situation, and deterioration of the enamel. If you are in your golden (or silver) years, I suggest gold caps. it may be expensive, but if you ever need to pay for anything expensive and are short on cash ( like gluten-free foods!) you can simply offer your teeth as payment. Marlene Dietrich actually pulled out all her molars so she could have a beautiful jawline. Then when she got a double chin she put a silver chain around it to lift it up. So Chins up! BTW whats this thing about me ahving an identity crisis? I know exactly who i am I am who I am , I only have one question: Do Llamas get celiac?????
  11. dollamasgetceliac?

    Head Lice!

    Thank you all very much , If any one out there has more ideas that would be great. I am already going crazy with extreme abdominal pain and all the Holiday stuff is very stressful. I wonder if it is true if you get a buzz cut Jamie Lee Curtis or Halle Barry would be a solution. Someone told me that lice can not grow on very short hair ( I think he made it up) because they are everywhere I even think they arein my comfy wooly slippers! I am laughing and crying at the same time Gotta go LL
  12. O.K so if you rather talk about history then phuny stuph, I would say in the words of The Llama Llady eat gluten-free Cake and have the cream too. Happy Holidays.
  13. Hello, I am allergic to: Laytex (and its family ex: kiwis, celery, pears, etc.) Tree nuts Peanuts Fish Shellfish Honey Sesame Dairy (intolerance) Gluten (intolerance and allergy) I also am gluten-free, casein free, and Lactose intolerant (although I am wondering if I should be eating yogurt) I am also thinking of going on the Specific Carb Diet. (SCD) The problem I am facing now is that a lot of the foods are contaminated with nuts, pecans, etc. I feel extremely bloated and I have been craving alot of sugar and carbs. I have suffered from severe celiac problems for 2 yrs and I have been experiencing severe excruciating abdominal pain. Are there any other folks out there who have food allergies (i know you're out there! ). By the way shopping is a science and if you are sick, takes a lot of time and energy to cook from scratch, even though I manage but I wish that there would be more awareness as to how serious food allergies can be. I am aware of the food allergy organizations etc. also if anyone has any recipies for cooking with these kind of conditions, please, do tell! Also about testing for allergies seems to be a very mysterious science. - The Llama Llady
  14. dollamasgetceliac?

    Soy Intolerance

    Thank you so much. Problem is I am allergic to so many things. That is also the Cross contamination issue. So i need to find people whom also have all these food allergies and are on this diet. thnx ll
  15. I think your dream means that you might have been injesting phermeted cranberries or grapes. Another explanitation is what ever you are on, I want some too... although maybe not, because I do not like the fear and anxiety of a 9 to 5 job especially when I am on a boat. The creatures you described are very similar to creatures serounding llama land. (llary the sea serpent) The fact that you were so close to llama land in your dream , remember the map that i drew for you? perhaps you are stalking me. now about the shakspear stuff you guys want to trip on ( oh sorry i am one of you and i am not allowed to say yous guys any more synce i posted so many times.) That may komplikate things sins we cant spell... and that Henry the 8th stuff gets a bit confysing, iam confused enoughf Now about the Amputee thing I don't know ?...... (altough my pheelings are hurting"] -LL Oh and if you guys reallllly llike me that much then I will tell you this, Thank you soooo much and have a jolly holiday HINT BELOW!!!!