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  1. I also had IBS for years, as did two of my sisters. My older sister suffered terribily eventually she has multipul myloma and 5 years after she had a bone marrow transplant she died. I really wish I knew then what I know now as he might still be alive. Have your read Dangerous Grains? I discovered I was gluten intolerant when trying to loose weight. I stopped eating bread and cakes an my stomach felt so much better. When I had lost the weight I started eaten more gluten foods and the syptoms of bloating and stomach cramps returned with avengence. I then went gluten free completely. My doctor did a test of some kind which was negative and he didnt want to see me. He sent a message via the admin staff saying I would basically eat what I wanted if I liked and was not bothered about diagnosing me for anything. My other sister has since become gluten free and has got rid of her stomach problem, migraine headaches and achne! We both also had problems with heavy periods which seem to have resolved themselves, however this took a year to take effect. I was close to having also sorts of horrid treatment, but refused to have a hysterectomy. Syptoms did get worse before they go better. My immune systen has also improved. Warts which I had went with in 3 months! Other things can also cause IBS, dairy products especailly, but I seem to be OK with small amounts of these. Best of luck. Stay healthy. Kathy B
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    Many thanks for your comments. I did try to go dairy free for 4 days and it did not seem to make any difference. In fact I found that soya milk, which I was having intead of cows milk, gave me headaches. I did get rid of my feather pillows and that helped no end with my night time sneezing. I will have to try some grapeseed and quercitin. I assume a health stores would have them. Kathy B
  3. I have been gluten free for nearly a year, although not diagnosed. My doctor is uninterested as I am too well! My health has steadily improved over the last year and all sorts of problems have gradually got better apart from my hayfever. I am taking anti histamine for this, but I wondered if any one has any experience of curing this problem through diet? One bonus of being gluten free is the great reduction in the amount of toilet paper I now consume! This is a bit crude I know, but often I hardly need to wipe at all! Your views much appreciated. Thanks. Kathy B
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    Bitter Metalic Taste

    I have lots of mercury filling and am reasonably healthy on a gluten-free diet. I have had metallic kind of tastes in my mouth before. Once when I was pregnant and when I had tooth decay.
  5. Hi Everyone I have been reading your messages with great interest and have learnt no end of useful informtion. I do not have a diagnosis, but suspect I am gluten intolerance and have been on a gluten free diet for nearly a year now. I suffered from IBS for as long as I can remember and would frequently get aneamic, although by doctor always put this down to my heavy periods. My doctor did a test for celiac disease and it came back negative but by then I was gluten free. My sister has also been gluten free and has rid herself of migraines and spots as well as stomach problems. I believe, from what I have read, that my Dad was a celiac and my Mum was possibly gluten intolerant, though both were undiagnosed. A few months ago I had some really heavy episodes of bleeding, however this has stopped and my periods have been very light the last few months. I cannot find anything on the internet about the effect of gluten on the menstral cycle other than it can effect fertility. This has not been a problem for me as I had no problem conceiving my two sons. I would be interested to know if anyone else has had problems with periods which have improved on a gluten-free diet. Incidentally I also suffered terribly in the past from restless legs, which I still occasionally get but cannot pin it down to having had gluten in particular. My iron levels are now back to normal so it could be something else. Many thanks Kathy B