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  1. Did you get your gallbladder out?

    I did not have my gall bladder out. My surgeon still wanted to proceed of course but my GI doc thought it would only make things worse. And the refraction scale is debateable too. Mine works 33%. My surgeon said it should be 65% or more and my GI said 30% or more. After going gluten free the pain went away so I thought best to keep all my body parts. =)

  2. I have been gluten free for 3 months now. 3 or 4 times that I know I've had gluten since. I didn't have any symptoms of Celiacs Disease other than stomach pain. I now have chronic diarrhea that I've had for about 3 weeks now. I just can't figure it out. I have an apple with peanut/cashew/almond butter for breakfast, a salad for lunch and some sort of meat with veggies for dinner. It seems I should have had this problem before not now. Has this happened to anyone else and if so did you figure out the reason. I have eliminated most obvious dairy from my diet such as milk in cereal, yogurt and cheese (I do have a tiny bit of cheese on my salads). Any questions, comments, concerns would be greatly appreciated. :D

  3. So.... Before a GI Dr. finally diagnosed me with Celiacs, my family Dr. sent me for a HIDA scan to check the contractions of my gall bladder as she felt this was the cause of my horrible pains, gas, boating etc. She also sent me for a scope to check for ulcers, acid reflux etc. The HIDA scan determined that my gall bladder is only working at 30% and you sould be 60% so she wanted me to see a surgeon. Well, in between the results of the HIDA scan and meeting with the surgeon, I had the scope done. The scope revealed nothing immediately. I met with the surgeon and he advised we take out my gall bladder as there is no other apparent reason for the pains but this. Just shortly after this, my GI Dr. called and said that I have Celiacs and does not feel removing my gall bladder will help. The results from my scope were sent to the surgeon and I am still on for surgery. The surgeon is going to reevalute in a few weeks as I'm not scheduled for the surgery until August 19th. I have been reading online that Celiacs Disease causes gall bladder malfunction and most gall bladders are removed prematurely and before being checked for Celiacs. I have not found anything that talks about the gall bladder being removed after being diagnosed with Celiacs. Of course, it's possible that the surgeon will change his mind and not proceed, but if he does I have one Dr. who thinks it should come out and one who thinks it shouldn't. I want to be prepared to get a 3rd opinion if I have to, but since they will call me only a few weeks before surgery I want to have some stuff lined up and be better educated about this whole situation. It seems most Dr.'s are really not familiar with Celiacs and I'm a little leary about trusting either one. Between the GI Dr, my family Dr. and the Surgeon, I'm totally confused. All I know is to be gluten free. Can anyone provide any suggestions or know of any Dr.'s in the Detroit area (maybe I'll travel if I have to) that can clear this up for me. I would sincerely appreciate it. :D GO RED WINGS!!!!! Sorry, had to throw that in. :P

  4. I've recently come across "sprouted" breads and of course not being too familiar and new to Celiac's I asked the lady at the health food store if spruted bread would be OK for me. She said because the grains are new they have not yet developed the gluten and are therefore safe to eat. She really doesn't have me sold based on her vague explanation and unconfident tone. Does anyone know if these "sprouted" grains are OK for me to eat?

  5. I've made sure to have grilled chicken on my salads and stir fry hoping that would help. I've been eating organic brown rice with the stir fry too. I've been expreimenting with different spices to change things up as well. I just don't feel like I have time to deal with this but I have to. I work 40 hours and go to school at night so it's become very trying to grab something and go as you all can surely understand. I know it takes some time to figure things out but I don't feel like I"m going to make it. Dramatic yes but pasta has always been my favorite. :D

  6. I'm 26 and have just been diagnosed with Celiacs Disease just short of having my gall bladder removed. I am completely freaked out and shocked by all the foods that I can't have. My question is how long does it take for the small intestine to heal? And say I eat something on accident, hopefully not by choice, that has gluten in it, will it put me at square one with recovery or possible pass through the system with minimal effect?